What a difference a year makes

Normally people reflect on the past year around New Years. This year, for me, it’s Thanksgiving that’s bringing on the reflection. A year and three days ago my mother broke her ankle and both feet in an accident.

Nothing has been the same since.


She barely remembers last thanksgiving, because she was high as a kite on painkillers with 12 screws and a bolt holding her ankle together. I remember it all too well. The holidays are extremely important to my family, and so I did everything I could to make it perfect. I’d like to once again thank the fabulous members of Heat Wave Readers for jumping in with answers to questions about thanksgiving cooking, when I could deal with any more lectures or advice from my aunts.

It wasn’t quite a disaster, but half the food was cold and people gamely smothered the Turkey in gravy because it was overcooked.

A year later my mom is still recovering, now wearing a walking boot, with the largest bolt removed because it was sticking out of the side if her ankle in a truly nasty way.

I realized that I’ve been getting tense this last week, and that though I’m not actively thinking about it I’m stressed out about Thanksgiving, about wanting to make the holiday perfect for my mother, for all my family.

My “Fuck Thanksgiving” Face


But it can’t be perfect, because there’s no such thing, and being worried about maintaining holiday traditions last year make it harder on all of us.

Having reached this amazing realization I’ve started preparing for Thanksgiving in a different way.

Step 1: Guilt my Uncle into hosting
Step 2: Guilt my Mom into going to Uncle’s, even though as the oldest sibling she’s been hosting for 20 years
Step 3: Offer to bring 2 Buck Chuck ($2 wine)
Step 4: Be thankful
Step 5: Leave before it’s time to do dishes

For those of you in the US pulling out cookbooks and making grocery lists I wish you the best of luck, and promise to regale you with tales that have nothing to do with Turkey Day for the rest of my blog week.


Cat cake for dessert!

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