Friday Eve snippet

From this Day, my first collaboration with Jambrea, released last week. Here’s a random adult-rated snippet…


Roman held in a smile and hopped onto the bed. Spreading his legs, he lay back and stroked his cock. “So what are you waiting for?”
He almost laughed at how quickly Josh joined him, but he swallowed his mirth when Josh pushed his hand out of the way and circled the head of Roman’s shaft with his tongue.
He threw his head back and clutched the sheets in his fists. If cocksucking were a sport, Josh would be world champion. He loved feeling the wet heat of Josh’s mouth. The only thing better was Josh’s dick in his ass, claiming Roman as his own.
Josh hummed, bringing him close to the edge. “Fuck. Gonna come.” He tangled his fingers in Josh’s hair, tugging on the strands to halt the incredible suction provided by his lover’s mouth. He didn’t want to shoot until Josh was buried inside him.
“I want you in me, Josh. Please.” A sigh escaped him as Josh released his cock and started kissing his way up Roman’s body.
“You don’t have to beg,” Josh whispered before nipping Roman’s lip. He let Josh in.
“Need you.” Roman breathed the words into the kiss. He wrapped his arms and legs around Josh, trapping the man against him, rocking their cocks together.
Josh nuzzled his shoulder, peppering kisses along his neck.
“Open up for me,” Josh growled in his ear.
Roman released his hold on Josh and quickly spread his legs. He wanted that thick cock in him right now.

2 Responses to “Friday Eve snippet”

  1. Hi J.R. – I loved reading From This Day and I hope you and Jambrea write another story together soon 😊

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