Up for a little man on man action?

I thought that title might catch your eye.

And I chose it because of JJJ and JR’s M/M release this week, From This Day.

I thought I’d find some similarities between their book and one of mine and post an appropriate excerpt. But when it got down to nitty gritties, well, there wasn’t so much in common.

For starters, I’ve never written a straight M/M, only M/M/Fs.

Next, I’ve never written an interracial romance. Nope, my characters all seem to be white. (Damn, how boring am I?)

But…at least I have a couple of M/M scenes, and I chose one of my faves to share with you.

It’s a scene between Max and Trev from Full House (Book 3 in the Three Of  A Kind Series)


A full house beats a pair any day.

Three of a Kind, Book 3

It’s been a long, lonely business trip for diamond dealer Max Ashberg. He’s missed his lover like crazy, and he’s come to the realization that he’s ready to take the next step: nominate himself to be Trev’s new housemate. Except when he gets to Trev’s place, there’s someone living in “his” room. A woman—with the face of an angel.

Six weeks shouldn’t make a huge difference in a man’s life, but in that time lawyer Trev Greenfield has realized two things: He wants much more than a standing Friday night “date” with Max. And he’s falling heart-over-head for his new housemate, potter Grace Miles.

Grace never meant to fall for Trev, but when a power failure turns their chemistry into live electricity, there’s no denying the spark. There’s also no denying the shock when Grace discovers a naked man in her new home.

With Grace poised to run and Max teetering between confusion and growing lust for the delicious possibilities, Trev has his hands full trying to hold the two loves of his life together…before they slip through his fingers. Leaving them all with shattered hearts.

Product Warnings: There’s a lot of sex in this book. I mean a lot! Hot sex. Sweaty sex. Gay sex. Straight sex. Ménage sex (M/M/F and M/F/M). Oh, and romantic sex. Lots of romantic sex. Hot romantic sex. Sweaty romantic sex. Gay romantic sex… You getting the picture?


Max grabbed his keys and made for the door, anxious to get out of the house, yet reluctant to walk away. He had to get away from Trev, and he never wanted to leave his fucking side.

Jesus, he was a mess.

He didn’t make it outside. An iron fist clamped around his shoulder, physically preventing him from leaving. To anyone watching, it probably looked like a friendly clap on the back.

It wasn’t.

Des, Alex and Megan left, followed by the terrible trips.

Trev sent them all on their way with happy farewells and a carefree grin. Then he slammed the door shut behind them, slammed Max into the door and kissed him until Max dropped his keys, gasped for air and burned for the man torturing him with his mouth.

“You don’t walk away from me,” Trev exploded. Without waiting for Max’s reply, he yanked his shirt over his head. “You don’t get to spend six weeks out the country, then come back and fuck with my mind. Or my body.” He grabbed Max’s shirt around the neckline and jerked it up, trying to get it off. “You understand me?”

The rasp of cotton ripping should have shocked Max, but it didn’t. It just aroused him more, which shouldn’t have been possible, since that one kiss from Trev had him full to bursting. “Who’s fucking with who?” he shot back. “You said we had to talk, not me. You told me you were out.”

Trev growled and tore the shirt in two so it hung like a rag from his shoulders. Then he was back, crushing his lips over Max’s and pressing his naked abs against Max’s stomach.

Holy fucking hell.

This was what he wanted. This was all he wanted. Trev, so hot for him he didn’t stop to think out the consequences of his actions.

Trev wrenched his mouth away. “I told Des I was out, you stupid dickhead. And so what if we need to talk? You don’t tell me you have wet dreams about me and then leave. Ever. Jesus, if I had my way, you’d never leave.”

Never? The word made him see stars, made the world spin.

“You think I’d rather have a wet dream than fuck you for real?” Max grabbed Trev’s ass and hauled him even closer, ramming their cocks together.

Trev kissed him, again and again, each kiss harder and more intimate than the last. They made Max’s heart soar and his dick ache.

Trev’s irritation and Max’s frustration gave way to sizzling passion as they rocked against each other. The heat between the two of them could have started a fire.

It did start a fire. Max was in flames, so hot, so ready, so fucking in love, he couldn’t stand it. He flattened his hands against Trev’s lower back and slid them under the waistband of his jeans and undies until he held his hot, hard buttocks.

Jesus fucking Christ. This was it. This was what he wanted. Trev’s nude flesh against his.

And then hands were moving, fingers were busy. Belts came off and jeans flew through the air.

“Bedroom! Now,” Max demanded. He would have taken Trev right there on the carpeted floor, would have claimed him forever, if not for the fact he’d arrived here empty-handed. No condoms or lube. And for what he had in mind, they needed both. In copious amounts.

“Bedroom,” Trev agreed and wrapped his hand around Max’s cock.

“Trev…” The breath exploded out of him, and then they were kissing again. Kissing and moving, racing through the house in their urgency to get to Trev’s bed. Trev knocked into a doorframe but didn’t seem to notice, and Max refused to release his lips long enough to ask if he was okay. He’d check later. With his mouth.



You can get your copy of Full House at Samhain, Amazon or B&N.


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  1. My mouth is watering Jess!

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