When the cat’s away…

Bet you think I’m gonna follow that up with “the mice will play”. Well, sorry to disappoint. See in this instance, the cat was away, but this mouse did not play.

Confused? No worries, I’ll explain it in a sec. First let me welcome you to my week on the IH blog. It’s an exciting week indeed. Choc-a-bloc full with new releases. Lexxie will be chatting about her release on the 6th, JJJ and JR on the 7th and Mari on the 8th. So brace yourselves…and your purses. (It’ll be worth it.)

Okay, back to the whole cat being away business.

Well, this weekend, Mr Dee took the two boys camping. I deliberated going with them…for all of half a second. But let’s be honest. A silent house all to myself compared to a tent outdoors, with communal facilities and no hot water? Yeah. There really wasn’t any contest. The tomcat took the kittens, and there I was. Ms Mouse, all alone.

Did I play? Did I party it up every second they were away?

Hell, no.

I slept. A lot. And watched telly. A lot. And movies. Yeah…a lot.

I wish I could say I watched brilliant movies and brilliant TV, but I didn’t really. I watched what was on. Reruns of Pretty Woman And Jumping Jack Flash (that’s a really cool, funny movie) and for lack of any better choice, I Am Number Four. Er, hello? Can anyone tell me why I avoided watching this movie for so long? I freaking loved it. And the main two actors? Veeeeeery easy on the eyes:

The there was TV. I caught up on Criminal Minds and SVU. And, of course, Cupcake Wars. Am I the only person in the world who not only watches this program – but records it so I don’t miss any episodes?

It’s now Sunday evening. The tomcat and kittens are home – dirty, smelly and happy, and the peace is shattered. I’m on my third load of washing since they drove in.

Do I even need to say I am counting the days until the next camping trip?


4 Responses to “When the cat’s away…”

  1. LOL you know you miss those rugrats, Dad included ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love Cupcake Wars!!
    Er..when’s the next trip again..lol

  2. I love it when I can send the kids to Paps Sunday afternoons. Of course I now have quiet days since they are all in school.

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