The Dreaded Drive

So it was our last day in New Mexico. We were pretty much packed from the night before. Brunch was nice and we got to say goodbye to all the wonderful people we’d met that week.

And then the driving begins…and goes on and on and on…I stopped a LOT…I don’t think we were on the road for a few hours before I needed to pull over. lol I was expecting the drive to be a bit worse on the way home, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Kelli drove for a bit. Then I took back over. Along the way I was behind a semi and he kept trying to get over–no one would let him. There it was…a big tire from a blow out. Yep, my car went right over it. Messed up the little liners by the tire. Ripped them to shreds  So what did we do? Got duct tape and let me tell you–it is not high way approved, I don’t care what anyone says. lol We had to stop for the night, because, yeah, I wasn’t going to make it. lol I had to fix the tape. Then had to fix it again in the morning.

I did find a really cool BIG Rice Krispie’s treat at a gas station! It was AWESOME. lol PMan loved it. So did I…yummy!

Finally we drop Rhonda off and Kelli takes over the wheel for a bit so I can rest for the 3 hours I’ll have to drive after I drop her off. I was ready to be home. Got home around 1am Tuesday morning and had to go into work. lol Tuesday wasn’t too bad, but Wednesday I had to leave in the middle of the day to take a nap.

I can’t wait until next year in Atlanta!!! WOOHOO!! Hope to see you all there.


2 Responses to “The Dreaded Drive”

  1. Ah yes, Rice Krispe treat…school approved here.

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