Saturday–oh Saturday

Our last full day in New Mexico. The first thing we did was have French toast at the breakfast Loose Id set up. Oh. My. YUM!! After breakfast it was on to the Samhain Publisher spot light. I did enjoy the spotlights!

Next was Fiction with Friction Fiesta. I LOVE the Fiction with Friction blog. LOVE it. They weren’t expecting as many of us that showed, but they totally should have. Their blog is very popular and I love how they do holiday stories. So fun. And all the ladies on the blog are AWESOME writers. I fan girl them all the time. lol I ended up winning some glasses and mixers…just need the alcohol now and I’m good to go. lol

Lunch was next…and guess what? I won a gift card for some books. Go me!!  🙂 It was a barbecue at the hotel. More yummy food!!!

After that was the MLR spotlight…yes, they made me talk. I was not prepared AT ALL. lol I sat there the whole time waiting for my turn to go trying to think of what I was going to say. Ugh. lol It was nice through. 🙂

I had to go change after that because it was…book signing time. Ive went around and got my books signed for me. THANK YOU, Ive. Rhonda had her picture taken with some GREAT authors. That’s the only thing I miss being behind the table. But…man what fun is it to sign things. Very surreal.

For dinner we went to the steak house. We figured it was the last night…go for it. Yes, more yummy food.

Next was the Southwestern Social from Total-e-bound and one of the highlights of my week. They had a Native American family come in. They talked and told us a bit about their culture and danced for us. It was so awe inspiring. It gave me chills. At the end they had us come and dance in a circle with them to become part of their family. Something I’ll never forget.

The end of the night was Dreamspinners Cosmos Cabaret Lounge which was pretty neat. We sat with Mercy and Kendall again, but didn’t stay too long because we wanted to pack. Ugh…pack… lol


Tomorrow I have a special treat for you and then Saturday I’ll wrap up my GRL experience. Until then–here are Friday’s pictures to enjoy.


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