Um…what day…

Oh, yeah…Day 4, better know as Friday. lol At this point I think I gave up trying to remember what day it was, I was just happy it wasn’t Sunday. lol Woke up and went to a great Build a Burrito Breakfast sponsored by Samhain and it was YUMMY! Plus…plus…James Buchanan sat with us! I’m such a fangirl. It made my day. lol

After breakfast I went to the Dreamspinner Spotlight. I wanted to be there because…yep, new Dreamspinner author too. lol What? I’ve been busy. heeheee They played bingo and it was really fun. I REALLY wanted to go to the Coffee &  Porn event because I LOVE that blog and Heidi Cullinan and and Marie Sexton. They are pretty awesome. I did go to the Total-e-Bound spotlight. 🙂 I had to sit in front of the room. OMG…I hate that. lol AND…they made me… *gasp* talk. lol I was in great company with the rest of the Unconventional At Best authors. Carol Lynne, Amber Kell, TA Chase, Devon Rhodes and Stephani Hecht. After that was the Romantic Comedy hour with some of my favorite authors. Loved listen to them talk about their craft. 🙂

After that it was time for lunch in Old Town. Torquere Press sponsored it. Lunch was really good. Then…then left us to walk around Old Town. Yeah…where was the first place we stopped? The naughty candy place. lol It was too hot to buy any to bring home, but I did taste a chocolate with some hot to it. It was YUMMY.

Yes, that is what you think it is sticking out of those pants… heehee

It led up to the MLR Press Day of the Dead Party. The place they picked was BEAUTIFUL. I totally loved it. As you can see with all the photos. 🙂 They paid tribute to Patric Michael, William Neale and Angelo. Yes, I cried.

Dinner was on our own so Rhonda, Ive and I headed back to the hotel. I think this is the night we ate at the deli in the casino. OMG…great.

Then it was Karaoke night. Rhonda kept telling EVERYONE that I was going to sing. Did I? NO. lol Well–I take that back. Our table (me, Rhonda, Ive, Mercy Celeste and Kendall McKenna) sang VERY loud…in the back…um…to a LOT of songs. heehee It was totally fun. (Oh…I forgot that at the Guys part…yeah, Ive and I totally rocked out the Gangnam Style. Ahh…I’m just happy no one thought to video record us. ROFL!)





Then it was bed time. But man–what I night. Loved hanging with my girls. 🙂

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