Snacks and treats

I know I’m dieting – still trying to lose weight – but I just wanted to share the love of TimTams.  A couple years ago, the lovely Lexxie Couper sent me some from Australia as a prize.  What a treat.  Now they are made in the US, however they’re only seasonal here.

Thanks to the joy that is Amazon, you can get the actual Aussie brand sent to you directly.  Mmmmm…

The Aussies call them biscuits, even though here they’d be considered a cookie.  Chocolate covered crispy goodness with a chocolate layer inside.  Yummy…

I introduced Lexxie to Graham Crackers when she was in the US for RT a couple years ago.  I’m pretty sure she liked them.  And I know Jess Dee loves pumpkin pie, but can’t get that in Australia.

Other decadent treats I love:

  1. Cream puffs.  Especially chocolate filled ones.
  2. Cupcakes – chocolate, of course.  But really, I wouldn’t turn away any kind.
  3. Milky Way bars.  These are like crack – especially at Halloween.  We get the little fun size ones.  You forget exactly how many you’re eating… 

And this is one of the many reasons I struggle with weight.

What snacks do you all crave?

2 Responses to “Snacks and treats”

  1. Anything chocolate ,and as I am an Aussie, of course TimTams.

  2. I haven’t heard of TimTams before, but they look amazing! I love Peeps!! My husband even laughs at the way I eat them…yes there is a method to eating those yummy marshmallow peeps. My addiction is so bad, that I keep a pack in the Jeep as well.

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