Where did that weekend go?

I am home from Romanticon 2012–exhausted, but still smiling. I traveled to Canton, Ohio on Thursday and from the moment I stepped into that hotel until the time I left yesterday morning, I swear I was laughing. I think I have a laughing hangover. Okay, okay…maybe it’s a real hangover too, but you get the picture. LOL. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a reader event, I highly recommend this one. The red carpet is rolled out for all the attendees and the days are filled with fun, fun, fun stuff. Everything from Zumba with a sexy caveman to lap dancing lessons, red hot Pictionary to bingo in your pjs, zombie dances to an awards show. I won the “Friends who Share” award for my menage, Screwdriver–snort! Texted my hubby to tell him and his response was a very droll, “I’m so proud.” Bwahahahaha.

This year’s event was held in the McKinley Grand and it was a beautiful hotel! Best part was the entire place was booked with ONLY Romanticon attendees. I can’t tell you how cool it was having the entire place to ourselves! I will upload some pics to share tonight (I have to go back to work–sob).

In the meantime, anybody else do anything fun this weekend?

One Response to “Where did that weekend go?”

  1. A couple of friends and I had a girls day on Saturday and went to Six Flags. It was a blast! We actually managed to stay from open to close which (I proudly pointed out) is something our kids could not have have done! However I did pay for it the next day. Even my hands were a little sore from gripping handles so hard lol!

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