Build it and they will come.

Yes I’m stealing the line from the movie Field of Dreams but hey, it works. 🙂 A few months ago Mr.C started a DIY project that the rest of the tribe were very interested in. In fact the extended family were quite keen to see the outcome. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you’ll have heard all about the pizza oven. I thought I’d share some pix of before, during and after construction.



The base was our old wood BBQ.


The white is a layer of insulation bricks to help keep the oven hot once it’s fired.


Then the ‘cooking’ tiles (orange section). These are what you put the pizza on to cook.


The building of the tunnel required some tricky form work but it turned out great.


Now for the dome.



Once the sand dome is built the cement ‘roof’ goes on. When this layer dries the sand dome is removed via the tunnel.


Then there are more layers on the outside of the dome starting with insulation.


Then the final cement layer.


We’ll skip forward a bit to the finished oven. As you can see Mr.C also did some rendering, tiling and installed the chimney to finish off and now he gets to light the fire. 🙂


The oven had to be ‘fired’ for 10 hours to cure the cement work and remove all moisture.



And of course I can’t leave out the pizza!








First out of the oven was a garlic pizza. Mr.C makes his own dough from scratch and everyone agreed it was the best pizza they’d eaten. The oven has been fired-up all but one weekend since it was ready back at the beginning of September and even though it’s currently pouring with rain here it’ll be fired again tonight. 🙂 I have to admit, in the months it took Mr.C to build it I was skeptical he’d end up with a working oven but I’m so glad he proved me wrong. 😆



Rhian Cahill

2 Responses to “Build it and they will come.”

  1. Yum….Does Mr. C deliver? LOL
    I would love to have a pizza oven, I love pizza!

  2. Man. That is truly impressive! Good work, Mr. C! And Rhian, you are so fortunate! Woodfired pizza any ol’ time! Woohoo!

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