Retreat! Retreat!

No I’m not telling you all to run away. 🙂 I’m so excited about where I spent last weekend that I want to share. And no, it wasn’t dancing with gypsies as Mari suggested. Although that would have been fun too. 😆

Saturday I boarded a plane with a bunch of erotic romance authors….


We were headed for Queensland and hooking up with a bunch of other erotic romance authors….


There were 12 of us and the place we stayed slept 18 so there was plenty of room so that we weren’t getting underfoot or anything. 🙂

The highlight of the weekend was the conversations. OMG! If only you all could have been a fly on the wall. Oh, and I can’t forget the spanking position demonstration that I may or may not have been involved in. 🙂 Forced to prove one of her scenes was possible, Kaliana Cole had no issues bending her partners body to her will. Thank god nobody was quick enough to grab a camera for that particular event. 😆




And of course no good retreat would be without food and wine. Lots of food and wine. 🙂 There were margaritas too. Which lead to talk of writing books with tequila as a theme. Oh! And beer!

Honestly, there’s nothing better than hanging out with people who get you and not only understand the voices in your head but want to talk about them. The only bad part of the weekend was leaving. While four days might seem like enough time it isn’t. There was so much left unsaid even with all the talking that went on we barely scratched the surface and I for one am more than ready for the next retreat. 🙂

Rhian Cahill

4 Responses to “Retreat! Retreat!”

  1. I am from Queensland, glad you had a spanking good time.

  2. It was wonderful wasn’t it? 🙂

  3. I’ll spank you anytime, Rhian!

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