The Truth about Rhian

It’s Rhian’s week to man the “IH store”, but at the moment she is away for a long weekend with Mr. C. and *gasp* without the Internet. I thought in the tradition of quick fill-in bloggers, I’d take a page from the stupendous, the creative, the most amazing Lila Dubois and tell you all where Rhian REALLY is and what she’s REALLY doing. A few weeks ago, Lila told the story of “Jayne’s Adventures in the South Pacific”. So…today…I give you “The Truth about Rhian Cahill.”

Dear Readers,

I’m about to reveal a secret I’ve discovered. Oh…I’ve tried to overlook the facts for years, but I simply can’t deny it any longer. In light of recent events, I feel I must come clean and tell you what I know. Most of you know Rhian Cahill as a steamy erotic romance writer and wonderful mom of four. But the truth is…I’ve learned there’s another side to her. One she keeps hidden from the world. Rhian and her beloved Mr. C. are actually…wait for it…gypsies!

I know! I was shocked too, but how can it be denied when she is constantly (and I mean constantly) spending time at this so-called “caravan”. Now maybe the Aussies will try to cover up for their comrade and say that caravan is merely another word for camper, but come on, how long are we supposed to suck that story up? I’ve received too many drunk texts from Rhian (texts she probably doesn’t remember sending) of her and her gypsy family dancing wildly around campfires in brightly colored clothing. They are very fond of passing the bottles of wine around in this particular caravan.

And let’s face it, gypsies are typically nomadic people. How many times has Rhian moved in the past few years. She started in Australian, then headed Singapore, then back to Oz. What’s next? A stint in Indonesia? Ireland? Morocco?

To you, Rhian, I ask…how long did you really think you could keep this secret? Try to fool the silly Americans with your “camping” stories. Enough, I say! Enough! Embrace your heritage and step into the light, my gypsy sister. Oh…and keep those drunk texts coming!


Mari Carr

6 Responses to “The Truth about Rhian”

  1. ROFL!!

  2. *GASP!!!* Is THAT why she’s so hard to pin down? Because she’s traveling the world in the tradition of her peoples?? Ah HA! Thanks for blowing the news wide open here, Mari!

  3. I KNEW IT.

  4. Mari, you gave up RC’s gypsy secret?
    That’s all?
    I thought you were going to mention the OTHER truth. You know. The BIG ONE.

  5. aren’t gypsies moths? what did I miss? huh?


    very naughty Mari darlin….

    hugs y’all,

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