Ancient Aliens

Since I mentioned it yesterday, I do have to admit that I watch a lot of the History Channel shows about UFOs, particularly Ancient Aliens. It started as “research” and has spawned a few ideas for facets of my books, but now that they’ve begun stretching the TV series out to include such things as bigfoot and vampires (*sigh*), I take it a little less seriously. Still, I do watch most of the episodes. I like what Erich von Daniken has to say. If you don’t remember, he wrote the big hit book “Chariots of the Gods?”

I also admit to watching what Georgio Tsoukalos might come up with. I first became fascinated by his hair during the initial run of the show and it’s gotten progressively more outlandish as time goes on, it seems. It’s become his signature thing. Hair that my brother first compared to the alien ambassador Londo Mollari from Babylon 5 several years ago. (Yes, my brother watches the show too.) Apparently other people have noticed the similarity – note the Photoshopped image I found on the Web at left…

Searching for more information on this guy, I found his facebook page, which had some rather candid photos of him on the water, shirtless. It was at that point that I realized he was actually a pretty nice looking guy without all the hair gel. What do you think?

Hubba hubba. I believe he’s Greek, and he’s got the guns to prove it! LOL. Okay, sorry. I can’t help it. I am a romance writer, after all. 😉 But you have to admit, he is kinda hot.

A lot of what he has to say about UFOs and Ancient Aliens is very interesting. Interesting enough that I’m seriously considering making the trek into Manhattan to see him and Erich von Daniken speak in a couple of weeks. The tickets are a bit pricey and I hate going into the city since I stopped being a commuter, but it might just be worth it to hear these two guys live.

I’m sure on TV they’re edited heavily. It would be cool to see what they have to say when the editors can’t clip out the interesting bits. 😉

So I guess that brings my week as blogmom to an end. I hope you’ll all keep an eye out for the re-release of my Dragon Knights novels later this month and at the end of every month until the new book comes out in February 2013. Also keep an eye out for new releases in my paranormal and sci fi romance series. I have lots in the works! I’ll be sure to post here and on my own blog and site when I have news. Until next time…

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