No, not actual insects.  LOL 

Songs!  I have several songs on my iPhone that I listen to on a rotation.  The first is probably the most popular song this summer.  The first is Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson.  I love this song!  And the other videos that go with it, are just too funny.  I do love the original though too:

And I really love P!nk’s Blow Me One Last Kiss:



What other songs have you all heard that keep getting stuck in your head?


2 Responses to “Earworms”

  1. michelleboone Says:

    I’m absolutely loving Maroon 5’s One More Night and Flo Rida’s Blow My Whistle. They get me in a booty shaking mood. But whenever I hear Carrie Underwoods Blown Away, I crank up the volume and sing along. Anything Adele is also a favorite.

    Psst. My daughter says I can’t sing. But I’m sure I sound just like Carrie and Adele. Rofl


  2. Whew!! I am so glad you are referring to music getting stuck in your head. When I saw the title, I thought of Wrath of Kahn *shivers*. That gets me everytime.

    But I like this topic….My 20 year old just introduced me to Kpop and I LOVE it!! I have had Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” stuck in my head for 2 weeks now. Too catchy! http://youtu.be/AAbokV76tkU

    It replaced “Call Me Maybe”. I have also been stuck on Luke Bryan’s song “Drunk on you” since the middle of summer.

    Thanks for a great topic.

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