Happy Sunday

It’s hard to follow all the fun posts of last week.  T’s very crafty!

I have cute pictures of my cat!  LOL  Here’s my Callico right before our trip to Colorado.  She really enjoys the suitcase. 

And then my other cat, always likes to ‘help’ me when I’m trying to work:


I love my furbabies.  🙂


Anyone else with pets they love?


2 Responses to “Happy Sunday”

  1. I’ll take your cute furbabies any day I absolutely ADORE the one with his chin on your keyboard!!

    “Are you done yet” LOL

  2. Yes, Have 2 babies: Golfball, we rescued him at a golf course. Sunday, we got her from a shelter, she was puppy breeder for Pit Bulls, They threw her over the fence at the shelter, and sliced her neck, luckily the owner came in to feed all the dogs,She took her the vet and got her fixed up. The 2 played together, when we boarded Golfball and Sweetheart, we had her put to sleep after 15 years. We rescued her on our country property, she was a dump off. suzyrph@charter.net

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