I’m Back! A Day Late, But I’m Back.

Sorry guys I was very tired yesterday by the time I was done so I promised pictures of all the tins I did for Jayne, now there is a surprise in her for Jayne so we will have to see how well she pays attention 🙂 Lets see if she figures it out…
Oops, I’m back did you miss me??? Accidentally erased all the pictures had to unload Jayne’s box and take pictures again *sigh* some days it just doesn’t pay 😉 lol
Enjoy the slide show… Which one is your favorite the Compass Brothers are mine.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember Jayne is giving away one tin to a lucky winner chosen tomorrow – All you have to do is have left a comment on Wednesday and Today’s post (Friday) to be entered to win and on Saturday I will choose one person from all the comments and that winner will choose one of the tins pictured and I’ll make one special for you.

18 Responses to “I’m Back! A Day Late, But I’m Back.”

  1. These are all so great!!! 🙂 I like Eastern because that is one of my fav covers and it’s purple!! 🙂 I am def going to have to get a set of these form you sometime. Maybe I’ll have you make a special set for my blog to giveaway!


    • Thank you Kitty, I’m taking orders – I have lots of Hello Kitty too 🙂 lol Loved HK as kid her and Strawberry Shortcake and friends. The good ole days when we played with dolls, because we didn’t know what a computer was let alone a computer game.

  2. I love Kate’s Crew yummy!!! Y’all have done such a great job on these they are wonderful! Thanks for giving us a chance to win one. Carin
    mawmom at gmail dot com

  3. What an interesting idea!

  4. They all are so great. I like the Compass Brothers, enjoyed reading those books.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  5. Oh, these are GREAT T!! I especially love the Kate’s Crew one.

  6. I love the men in blue ones. They all came out great. I can’t wait to start giving them away as prizes! Of course I’m going to have to keep one or two for myself 🙂

  7. I like them all.But if I have to pick 😉 The Compass Brothers ones..You did a great job.

  8. Those are so pretty!!! I love them all!!!

  9. Cherie Clark Says:

    I loved all her books but i think i would choose Hammer it Home. It shows that family truly comes in all shapes and sizes. Also that you can be at your strongest when you let go and let others take control for a time.

  10. Love all of them. The Compass Bros and the Powertools would be my fav.

  11. Oh my–T, those are ALL kinds of awesome! You are amazing!!!

    And well, Jayne, her books are pretty incredible and offer all kinds of inspiration 😉 I’m not sure I could choose one favorite–you did such a terrific job of capturing the spirit of each series!

  12. Love the Men in Blue especially Mistress’s Master. Although Night is Darkest is really great too – they all are. And Can’t Buy Love is beautiful. Red Light is my favorite solo series of Jayne’s next to Men in Blue – I LOVE Star!

  13. These are just amazing!!

  14. I love the power tools crew any one would be so cool.

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