Jayne’s Adventures, Part 3

And now, the continuing saga of Jayne’s adventures.

I swam down to the metal box. It’s wasn’t very big, smaller even than the man had said. It was about the size of a double box of cereal. The orange strap around it was really a winching buckle, with a long lead coming off of it. The length of orange strap not tight around the box was tangled up in the sharp coral. Luckily, I was better equipped than a mermaid girl scout. I pulled out my hand knife and cut through the strap just above the point where it was tangled in the coral.

Once the box was free I grabbed it and heaved it out of its little cradle in the coral. All I needed to do was suface, pass over the box, take my cash and off I’d go.

And yet…

I really wanted to know what was in that box.

Instead of surfacing I stopped kicking and let the weight of the box let me sink. I picked a relatively flat spot on the coral. Appologizing to the coral I was killing, I set the box down. It took me a few minutes, but I was able to undo the metal piece that was holding the strap closed. I opened the box.


The box was full of pearls.

White pearls, black pearls, odd greenish pearls.

I touched one, then pulled my hand out and closed the box. This would make a great story to tell the other International Heat girls when I got back. Just as I was reattaching the strap around the box I had a vivid vision of how that conversation would go.

“Guess what? A shady guy asked for my help retrieving a box of pearls. He gave me cash–that he was for some reason carrying around on a jet ski–in exchange for my help.”-Me

“Where are they?”-Lila, Jess, Valerie

“Did you blackmail him for more money?”-Rhian, Joy, Jambrea

“That sounds dangerous! You should be careful.” – Mari, Bianca

“No I didn’t follow him, I scuba’d and looked at fishies. I was careful, and what do you mean ‘where are they?’ I gave them to the guy on the jet ski.”

“You have GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME. You find a box of clearly illegally obtained pearls you GRAB A HANDFUL, STUFF IT IN YOUR BATHING SUIT, and BRING ME SOME DAMNED PEARLS” – Lila

“No one is going to make the obvious pearl necklace joke?” – Jambrea

Hmm, my imaginary versions of my real friends had some good points. I unzipped my dive skin grabbed handfulls of pearls and stuffed them in the boob cups of my bathing suit.

Okay, Farm Boy is officially bitter that I’m writing Jayne’s blog posts here, but make him do my Five for Fridays. Here’s my Five for Friday’s and all the other participants.

Lila’s Five for Friday, Written by Farm Boy


Jambrea Jo Jones


Bianca D’Arc


Mari Carr


Rhian Cahill


Lexxie Couper


 I think

2 Responses to “Jayne’s Adventures, Part 3”

  1. j.r. patrick Says:

    You know us so well, Lila! hehe

  2. ROFL!!!! So, now Jayne’s wet suit is full of pearls, huh? Are those suits kind of skintight? So wouldn’t she be all weirdly… lumpy? 🙂

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