Jayne’s Adventures, Part 2

Here are the continued adventures of Jayne in the Cook Islands. Totally factual.

Mr. Jet Ski led me out to the reef. We didn’t stop and the nice island side, where the water was calm, but went to the ocean side, where it was choppier. “What did you drop?” I asked, as I pulled on my diver’s mask.

“It’s a metal box. It’s got an orange strap around it, so you should be able to see it.” He held up his hands motioning that it was about bread box size.

A metal box would be heavy, especially if it was filled with water. “Is it water tight?”

“No, but what’s inside is waterproof.”

If it was water proof why was it in a metal box. My spidey senses were tingling. This was probably bad news, but the same impulse that led my characters to do plot-advancing dumb stuff kept me from being smart and just paddling away. Mr. Jet Ski had to move away as the current was pushing him over the reef. With him safely in my way I put that mouth thingy in my mouth (yes, I’m too lazy to google it–Lila) and dove.

There weren’t many fishes on this side because the current was too strong. The reef itself was beautiful, with shades of red and pink. I started scanning for a gray and orange metal box. I saw a flash of gray and headed towards it. I swam around a boney outcropping of coral and saw–holy mutha fucking shit it’s a big ass shark aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The shark gave me an alarmed “the fuck is wrong with you?” look and swam away, giving me a wide berth. Who new freaking out was shark deterrent? Take that Anderson Cooper. I patted myself down to make sure all my bodyparts were still there.

I didn’t care how much he was going to pay me, if this was shark territory I was out of here. I started for the surface.

When I was ten feet away another spot of gray caught my eye. I held up my hands, ninja style, to fend off the shark, my warrior scream escaping as bubbles. But this time it wasn’t a shark. It was a metal box…with an orange strap around it.

To Be Continued

One Response to “Jayne’s Adventures, Part 2”

  1. Ah… the plot thickens… At least Jayne hasn’t been eaten alive yet 😉

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