Guest blogger Sami Lee

Please join all the IH members in welcoming today’s special blogger SAMI LEE!

Hi everyone! I want to say a big thank you to all the International Heat girls for having me aboard today to talk about my latest release, Erica’s Choice. It’s an MMF erotic romance available from Samhain Publishing and wherever good e books are sold.


One three-alarm night ignites a firestorm of complications…

High school teacher Erica Shannon isn’t a one-night stand kind of girl. Pair that with an aversion to relationships, and she’s resigned to no love life at all. Then one horrifying discovery propels her off her take-no-risks path, and into the arms of the stars of her midnight fantasies.

When his friend and fellow firefighter threatens to make a move on Erica, Corey figures he’d better get over the notion that she’s way out of his league—fast—before he has to stand in line.

Griff never thought he’d get the chance to introduce Corey to the combustible delights of multi-partner play, until he senses the sheer volume of sexual energy surging beneath Erica’s repressed exterior.

A blazing night of passion has unexpected consequences. Corey is surprised to discover the woman of his dreams, and that he doesn’t mind sharing her—or himself—with Griff. But Griff finds his heart pulled down a romantic path he vowed he’d never venture again.

Erica? She’s got a problem on her hands. Hold two hardwired-to-rescue firemen at arm’s length—and away from her heart—until she’s fought and won a battle that may well destroy her.

Product Warnings

One tortured woman and two hunky Aussie firemen indulging in three-way love. Scenes of the male/female, male/male, male/male/female and male/female/male variety (whew!). Also includes anal sex, mild spanking, cussing, phone sex, fire trucks and tearjerker moments.

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Sami’s Big Comeback Blog Tour: instructions

There aren’t many instructions because this will be as easy as pie. All you need to do is follow my five stop blog tour (locations at the end of the post), where I’ll be showcasing a little slice of the book each time. Follow the excerpt trail, answer one simple question about the excerpt in a comment, and each comment will go in the draw to win the grand prize of a $25 gift voucher to spend on any book you want at the Samhain store, a copy of Erica’s Choice AND an ebook from my backlist. I’ll also choose two more winners at random from all the comments received, and they will win a copy of Erica’s Choice as well (the more posts you comment on, the better your chance of winning BUT your name will only be counted once per post eg. One comment on each post=five entries. Five comments on one post=one entry).

Easy, yeah? So let’s do it.

Erica’s Blog Tour Excerpt 4

“Touch me, Corey.”

Corey could have kicked himself for making her ask it in that heartrending voice. He was holding back to keep from making a fool of himself, not because he didn’t want to put his hands all over her. How could she not know that?

Stupid professor dude.

He dipped his head and kissed her again, until she melted against him. Then he gently cupped a breast in his hand and squeezed. She was full and round, a bounty of soft womanly flesh. Through the filmy blouse she wore, her nipple thrust against his palm.

Corey rubbed his hand back and forth until her breath caught. “Is that how you want to be touched?”

“Yes, please.”

Erica’s hand flexed, lightly squeezing his cock. Corey couldn’t prevent his hips from rocking into her grip. The thick denim was the only thing saving him from losing it completely. That’d be great, unloading prematurely while Griff was driving them home. Corey would never hear the end of it.

Glancing across the space that separated them, Corey thought he saw the ghost of a smirk on the other man’s face and knew he was right. He also wondered if Griff’s silence wasn’t a tacit invitation for he and Erica to continue what they were doing as though he wasn’t there.

Corey murmured, “Erica, how far away is your place?”

“I’m not sure.” Erica blinked dazedly and glanced beyond him to the cityscape whizzing by.

“Five more minutes.” Griff’s voice was a thick husk, tinged with impatience rather than the amusement Corey would have expected. He gestured to the car in front. “Ten if this guy doesn’t get a wriggle on.”

Corey wondered if Griff was pissed off at him. “Are we bugging you, Griff?”

Griff flicked a glance his way. In the red-tinged glow from the traffic light, his eyes burned like lava. His jaw was set in a tense line that belied the lopsided grin he offered. “Not bothering me at all.”

Something hot and prickly chased itself over Corey’s already sensitive flesh. Griff was tense, but anger wasn’t the cause. Was it possible…?

Erica settled her face into the curve of Corey’s neck and swirled her tongue over his skin. As the car eased through the suburbs, Corey was now peripherally aware of his friend’s presence. Of his friend’s interest. He wondered if Erica was. If so, it did nothing to subdue her wild responses to his kisses. Neither did she stop him touching her breasts. And if Griff wasn’t forced to concentrate on driving, he’d be able to see everything they were doing to each other.

Sure as anything, he could hear it.

“Corey, I want your hands on my skin.”

God, he wanted that too. Corey wondered if she’d let him undo her blouse. If she’d let him part the fabric and unhook her bra right here in the car with Griff beside them.

The idea didn’t horrify Corey. He could barely speak over the shock constricting his throat. “Now, Erica?”

“Yes, now.”

The ugly sound of grinding gears punctuated Erica’s plea. Griff was always so careful with his precious car that realization hit Corey. He wanted this. Griff wanted Erica too, so much so he was driving like someone on their learner’s permit.

After Griff maneuvered into the correct gear he moved his hand off the shift…and settled it on Erica’s leg.

Question: On what part of Erica does Griff put his hand? (the naughty, naughty boy!)

I’ll announce the winners at the end of the weekend on my blog, but don’t forget to leave your email address so I can contact you direct.

Here’s the blog tour schedule:

  1. Sami Lee
  2. Down Under Divas
  3. Daydrmz
  4. International Heat
  5. Smutketeers

Good luck!




A big thank you to Sami for stopping in today! And a huge CONGRATS on her latest release.

17 Responses to “Guest blogger Sami Lee”

  1. Griff put his hand on Erica’s leg. Having a great time reading excerpts for this contest 🙂

  2. I have Erica’s Choice on my to-read-asap list and judging by these excerpts I need to get to it soon!

    Answer: Erica’s leg 😉

  3. Griff put his hand on Erica’s leg. Talk about a potential car accident in the making.

  4. Griff removed his hand from the gear-shift and put it on Erica’s leg.

    I really must read this book, these excerpts are making me very eager to read more.

    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  5. Griff put his hand on Erica’s leg, and dang that was a great excerpt. It left me wanting more. lol Sounds like a great book.

  6. Laurel Skoog Says:

    These excerpts just keep getting hotter….and Griff puts his hand on Erica’s leg.

  7. Another great excerpt.
    Answer:Erica’s leg


  8. Griff put his hand on Erica’s leg.
    *fans self* These excerpts just keep getting hotter and hotter.


  9. He puts it on her leg, the saucy little brat!


  10. caitymack Says:

    Really looking forward to reading this whole story.

    answer- her leg
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  11. Griff sliiped off the gear shift onto Erica’s leg-oops! Love this so far- can’t wait til tommorow.

  12. Forgot my email suzyrph@ I’m thinking about that gearshift and the work out it is getting; pop that clutch honey:)))

  13. Naughty boy put his hand on her leg.

  14. He put it on Erica’s leg


  15. He settled his hand on Erica’s leg. This is so good-I need a copy for myself, the excerpts are not enough

    nancyg5997 at

  16. Brandi S. Says:

    Answer:Griff put his hand on Erica’s leg.

  17. Griff puts his hand on Erica’s leg.

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