RWAus 2012

Okay, so imagine this scenario. You’re at a cocktail party, you have a giant apple in your hand and you open your mouth and take a lovely, juicy bite. Mmm. It’s delicious. So you chew, you swallow and you wipe your  lips. And as you do that, you realise, well, darn. A little piece of the apple skin got caught between your teeth. Which usually wouldn’t be a problem… however right then, you are surrounded by, oh about 200 people, and a friend picks that exact moment to call you over and make a major introduction.

You getting the idea? You understand the dilemma?

Okay, so it wasn’t an apple. It was a fig marinaded with goat’s cheese. And it wasn’t the skin, it was a freakishly huge black pip wedged between my two front teeth, and the introduction wasn’t just being made by a friend, but a really fantastic author who wanted to introduce me to her editor/publisher. And there am I, wondering how the heck I’m gonna make a good impression.

Welcome to Jess’s version of RWAus 2012.

Nah, it hasn’t all been bad. In fact it’s been loads and loads of fun. Seriously, you try hanging out with my Aussie IH/Down Under Divas companions, and not have a ball.

(Sami, Lex, RC, Jess)

I’d like to say the highlights of the conference so far have been the brilliant workshops and the dazzling seminars, but really, it’s been catching up with everyone. We’ve laughed, we’ve chatted, we’ve plotted, we’ve bitched and we’ve eaten. A lot. Oh, and I’ll deny this forever if you repeat to her, but Sami Lee might have  drunk. A lot. (And may still be drinking, since I left her at the bar an hour ago, and haven’t heard from her since.)

(Catching up at the coffee shop)

This afternoon, The Australian Romance Readers Association organised a book signing – and did a bang up job too.  I would seriously love to post a pic from it, however, both my laptop and my iPad are in the process of throwing major hissy fits, and both refuse to upload the image.  Suffice it to say, I had a brilliant time, and thoroughly enjoyed sitting beside the  fabulously wonderful YA author, Kaz Delaney. (and now I can’t wait to down load her new book, Dead Actually.)

Ok, now I have to sign off and go to bed, coz I have an early morning breakfast meeting with my critique partners, Bev Eikli and Lexi Green.

G’night from the Gold Coast


One Response to “RWAus 2012”

  1. When you leave a perfectly good cocktail party to go blog, I’m not coming with you. Just sayin’.

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