Just a quickie for today

No, no. Get your minds out of the gutter.

I mean just a quickie blog post.

See, someone sent me an email the other day, containing a ‘must-see’ advert/commercial. Since T has done a blog post on her all time fave ads/commercials, I thought it would be cool to add this one. And though I am not a beer drinker by any means (I cannot stand the stuff), I could not have found a more appropriate ad/commercial for an erotic romance writer or reader.


(If you’re having difficulty viewing this, just click here, and it’ll take you to the YouTube Video directly.)



5 Responses to “Just a quickie for today”

  1. Lmao tHat was too funny. But seems like if she were enjoying it she wild be moving more. 😉


  2. oh Lord it look like it should be an erotic romance trailer LOL!

  3. Love it and I love Guiness beer, too. 🙂


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