Five for Friday

Some of us from International Heat are doing a new thing on Fridays on our personal blogs called Five for Friday where we post the first 5 pages of our story. Um…you know to get you hooked. lol I thought I’d post mine here as well as my personal blog so here you go. Links will follow.

Book 3 is up this week. This is my first story with eXtasy books. Again–it’s a short one so I can’t do the full 5 pages. lol It took a while before I started writing longer stories. This one is important to me. Someone passed away and I had to get this story out. It was gripping me and it flowed. It’s called Heart Song. The story is based on the colors and meanings of roses. These are the two I used for the book. This is also my first m/m book with sex in it. lol

Black Roses – Death, Farewell, Loss. The promise that soon you will know something you did not know before. Some see it as a bad omen. Signifies rejuvenation on the horizon. Sometimes a beautiful deep red rose will bloom from a blackened bud.

White Roses—I am worthy of you, I miss you, Innocence, New beginnings, Purity, Reverence, Spiritual love, Truth.

And here it is…a bit of Heart Song:

I laid the rose on the coffin, not sure how I’d get over his passing. He’d loved me in his own way, but now he was gone. I glanced away and that’s when I saw him. I should have been ashamed to be checking out a man at my lover’s funeral, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop. Charlie would have understood. Hell, if things were the other way around, Charlie would already have the guy naked in a car.

I smiled at the thought and the man across the way gave a sad smile back. I stepped forward, ready to go to him, the sadness didn’t look right on the man’s face. I wondered who he was, but Charlie’s sister stepped in front of me, stopping me from making a fool of myself. When I looked back, the mystery man had disappeared.

“Rafe, you ready to get out of here?”

I nodded. My thoughts jumbled together. I really shouldn’t be here right now, but I didn’t dwell on it as I let Sheila lead me to the car. The only one who knew of my deception lay in the box and he wasn’t talking.

Our fight wasn’t something new. I wanted things he couldn’t—or wouldn’t—give me. We argued and broke up every few months, but for some reason, I always went back. This last time, I left for good. I didn’t want to be the young man he paraded around town. I wanted his love, to be his only. He wanted more. Charlie always wanted more. I couldn’t be enough for him.

The tears rolled down my face and I couldn’t stop them if I wanted to. All I saw was Charlie, clutching his chest and falling to the floor. They told me he had a heart attack caused by some illness he didn’t tell me he had. I’ll never forget the look of horror on his face as he reached a hand out for me to help. I tried, but there was nothing I could do. It would haunt my memories and dreams.

He’d come to try to talk to me. Maybe he even hoped to win me back, I’ll never really be sure. I wasn’t going to let it work. I finally understood he would never be who I needed him to be. I’d finally realized that after all these years I couldn’t force the man to change.

I saw the stranger by the casket again, the mystery guy with the sad smile and had to know who he was. “Sheila, who’s that?”

“You don’t know?” She looked over at me.

I gave her a look. Did she really think I would ask if I knew?

“That’s Charlie’s son, Stewart.”

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