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Jambrea Jo Jones talks Girl Bits and Bad-Guy sex

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Unless there are just no females left on the planet, it is kinda hard not to include at least one or two once your standalone blossoms into a series. But as author Jambrea Jo Jones points out, not all m/m readers like their m/m with a side of f. Here she is to talk about how she included an important character without losing any steam. She had me at “Bad-Guy sex.”

The start of a series.

So…you write the first book and think—woohoo! Done. But are you really? Hmmm… you start to think about the secondary characters and you kind of like the world you just built…should you…then one person says they want to know more and that’s the clincher. You have to write another one. How can you not. People are requesting it. (ummm because in your mind one person is actually millions all clamoring for your story because you totally rock and must get that masterpiece done – oh, wait—is that just me? heehee)

For me that happened with my Alliance series. I wrote the first book never intending to write more. But I introduced a character that intrigued me. His name was Rock. I also had a female character I thought was kick ass that I wanted to know more about. But the first book was m/m and Rock and Se where both head strong warriors. What was a writer to do? I’ll tell you, write my first ménage. Lol Talk about interesting. For me, it was the perfect answer. I know not everyone will read a female character in an m/m series so I was trying to come up with a way to make it so m/m readers would like it. I told the story in three different points of views and none of them were Se’s. I mean—she is TOTALLY there and you get the girl bits, but you only see her through Rock and Zander’s eyes. The other point of view was the bad guy. I love a good bad guy and bad guy sex rocks!

So, was I done after book two? Nope, I introduced more characters than I thought of an idea for a prequel and that is why I am getting ready to write book six in the Alliance series. Lol

The stories in order:
Retribution – Characters: Rave and Kain
Salvation – Characters: Rock, Se and Zander
Freedom – Characters: Voss and Maverick
Reward – Characters: James and Al
Annihilation – Characters: Gill and Rico
Avenger – the one I’m currently writing. Characters: Angel and ????

Now all of the stories in my Alliance universe are m/m with the exception of book two being m/m/f. I plan on keeping the series m/m from here on out. And I did say…planning on keeping because…well…this universe is big. There are so many stories that could be told. I’m not sure if there will be more after Avenger. I guess it just depends on who shows up.

For more information you can go to my website:
The Alliance series is at Total e Bound and you can get all, but Annihilation at Amazon and other third party sites. This series is also in print. Retribution and Salvation are in the print version together and Freedom and Reward are as well. Alliance Vol. 1 & Alliance Vol. 2. The last two will also go to print. WOOHOO!

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