Another Sizzling Scene—and Hunks!

This time I have a sexy scene from Breaking Brodix.


Adult Excerpt:

Brodix savored the taste of Sarah. “Your lips are as addicting and intoxicating as any drug,” he whispered. Her only reply was the tightening of her arms around his shoulders. God, he was hungry for her sweet flavor. Brodix was moving too fast, and he knew it, but to hell with it. There was something between them, something he’d never experienced with any other woman.

He slid his hands down her body, touching and caressing every smooth inch of her through the silk of her dress. She felt so good beneath his palms, as if she belonged in his bed, belonged to him. Brodix moved his fingers downward and pushed under the hem of the black material. He encountered the soft skin of her inner thigh, and he bit back a groan of need. His blood heated and turned his lust into a sharp ache deep within his core. He had the craziest notion to possess Sarah. To watch as she surrendered completely to him. He wanted his scent on her so it was clear who she belonged to. He wanted other men to know beyond a doubt that she was off limits. But he had no rights to Sarah beyond this night. As much as he hated to admit it, she wasn’t his to keep.

The knowledge didn’t lessen the need to make her beg with pleasure, though.

“Do you want me here?” He cupped her hot little pussy through the satiny material of her panties. “Do you want to come all around my dick, Sarah?”

“Yes, Brodix, please,” she moaned, widening her legs to give his hand more room to play. “I need you so badly right now.”

“God, yeah,” he said against her mouth as he demanded her lips to part for him. She opened on a sigh, and his tongue swept inside the welcoming heat. Her hands shook as they grasped the back of his head. Brodix could feel her slim fingers biting into his scalp, and he reveled in the knowledge that he could make her so wild.

“I don’t have it in me to give you pretty words or slow, easy movements,” he warned her as he pulled away a bare inch. “This first time is going to be hot and fast. Later we’ll take our time, I promise.”

Brodix waited for her to decide for them both. Decide to give herself to him completely, explicitly. It was frightening how much she’d seeped into his heart already, blocking out all rational thought.

“I don’t care about easy,” she admitted in a thready voice. “I just need you inside of me.”

When Sarah slipped her hand between them and cupped his cock through his slacks, Brodix cursed. “Fuck, we have too many clothes on,” he bit out.

Within minutes, he had them both stripped bare. He covered her with his body, pressing her into the mattress. “Touch me,” Brodix urged her. Sarah slipped her hand between them and took his cock in her fingers, touching the tip and palming his hard length. “Harder,” he growled.

When she squeezed, Brodix pulsed and throbbed under her ministrations. She positioned him at her entrance and wrapped her legs around him, drawing him down with her heels on his buttocks, pulling him in, and Brodix groaned.

“Easy,” he warned her as he barely managed to regain control.


And because it’s Friday I have cuties for you. 😀



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  1. if it wasn’t hot enough around here already, whew!

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