2 Hot New Romances Today!

Hi All!

I’m super excited! I have two brand spankin’ new releases out, can you
believe it?

The third book in my Blackwater
series, Breaking Brodix is here. If
you’ve read the first two books in the series then you know that
Brodix is the brainy one. He likes order and numbers. In his mind,
every problem has a solution—you just need to crunch the right figures. Then
Sarah comes along and throws his tidy life into chaos. Let the fun begin! 🙂

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Breaking-Brodix-ebook/dp/B00845FPVW/

Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/breaking-brodix-anne-rainey/1110951992


She wants to get all up in his business? She’ll have to get real

 Brodix Jennings has a head for business, but his skills are put to the test
when his brothers call on him to bring the family restaurant back into the
black. With the grand reopening only days away, it’ll damn near take a miracle
to keep the doors from closing for good.

Reporter Sarah Greer knows exactly what Brodix needs—free publicity on the
front page of the town’s only newspaper. All she wants in exchange is the
Jennings brothers’ rags-to-riches story. Except none of them are talking. And
Brodix, who cuts a blazing path through her body with just a smile, is the most
tight-lipped of the lot.

 Brodix wouldn’t think twice about seducing prissy, buttoned-up Sarah into his
bed, if her lousy profession didn’t leave him cold to the bone. A second look at
the bar’s books, though, makes him think twice about saying no. But if he’s
going to open the floodgates, it’ll be on his terms. When Brodix asks her out, Sarah
agrees, confident she can keep personal at arm’s length from professional. Until
physical attraction melts their emotional barriers…and Sarah gets way more than
she bargained for.

Read chapter one: http://annerainey.com/bookshelf/breaking-brodix

And Naked Games, book 3 in my Hard to Get series, is finally here!
This is Dean’s story, and the last in this series. I’m so sad to see the series
end, but I did enjoy watching the third sibling find his very own HEA. I hope
you all like reading it as much as I loved writing it.



When Catherine Michaels tracks down her long lost sister, Gracie, after a
desperate search, she’s thrilled to find her alive and well. But there’s also an
unexpected bonus—Gracie’s sexy and single friend, Dean.


Dean is every woman’s fantasy, ruggedly handsome, intense, and as Catherine
discovers, a passionately adventurous lover. But his all night appetite has a
dark side. For though Catherine longs to give up all control, Dean drives her
even further…demanding she learn the real art of submission.


Catherine is having the best sex of her life, opening herself to a surprising
new realm of pleasure. And Dean unexpectedly starts to feel he’s met his
match…maybe even his soul mate. When they both want more, it gets complicated.
Is it game over—or are things just heating up…?

the prologue

Happy reading,


One Response to “2 Hot New Romances Today!”

  1. Read the first chapter of Breaking Brodix, and I am hooked! Carin

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