Wish I were here –


It’s the middle of winter down under and I’m feeling it. I’d give anything to be in that photo. The day I took the pic was gorgeous and I’d love to go back or anywhere warm right now. *shiver* Being the weekend I though I might just stay in bed all day with my electric blanket on and read. Um…yeah, Mr.C had other ideas. He dragged me out to the shops but I’m not going to complain too much cause he made dinner. 🙂

And as I need a little warming up I decided to share a hot snippet from Bondi Beach Boys. Two guys, one girl, hot summer…….


“God, you’re gorgeous.” Nate traced a finger along the lace edge of her bra, the gentle caress a contradiction to the frantic needs of moments before.
“I want you naked on a bed. Stretched out so I can look at you, touch every part of you.” Sam’s words drew tantalizing images in her head.
Her whispered agreement had both men moving quickly. Piper found herself cradled in Sam’s arms as he followed Nate to the stairs. They ascended them two at a time, and she marveled at the effortless way Sam carried her to the bed he’d spoken of. There was no time to take in the room they entered. Sam lowered her to her feet and while he held her in the cradle of his arms, Nate went to work on her skirt. In no time she stood in the glow of moonlight in nothing more than two strips of lace.
“Jesus Christ, you’re wearing a G-string.”
Nate’s strangled words had Sam pushing her to arm’s length and spinning her around.
“Fuck.” Sam’s curse stabbed into the room, into her core.
The thin strap between her legs quickly became saturated with her essence, the scent wafting up to her nostrils. Embarrassed by how wet she was, Piper curled in on herself, and wrapped her arms around her middle.
“Don’t.” Nate gripped her wrist, pulled them out and away from her body. “You’re the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen.”
Sam’s fingers trailed over the slope of her arse and she started at the hot contact on her bare skin. “You have a beautiful arse.” He palmed each cheek. “Firm but soft. It’s going to feel fantastic against my hips when I drive my cock between these sweet cheeks and fuck your tight hole.”
Her arse clenched and unclenched, Sam’s dark promise something she never expected to want, but she couldn’t deny the ache his words brought. Piper’s hips bucked, driving her bottom back into his hands. He squeezed her hard, pulled and pushed her quivering behind. A moan slipped from her throat, and Nate caught it with his lips. His mouth took hers, his tongue stoking and caressing until she melted into him. Sam continued to ply her backside, his actions driving the thin material of her undies between her pussy lips. The strip of cloth rode her clit, rubbed and pressed, sparking the first waves of her orgasm.
Piper felt her body clench then explode like molten steel. Spasm after spasm rocked her. Sam’s teeth nipped her shoulder, and Nate’s bit at her jaw. Tongues licked out to soothe and she jerked with the final waves of her release. Cream gushed from her core, and slid down her thighs in a hot bath of satisfaction. She sagged, Nate and Sam the only
things stopping her from dissolving on the floor at their feet.


Available from – AMAZONBARNES & NOBLE

Find more details on Bondi Beach Boys HERE!

Rhian Cahill


One Response to “Wish I were here –”

  1. It’s summer here and I’m at our Rhode Island home but I havena been to the beach yet….parking is expensive. Loved that wee snippet, that’s for the late night snack!

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