Distracted by another man!

It’s not what you think! I’ve been distracted by another man, yes, but it’s this guy –


This is the newest member to our family. He’s my nephew and the first baby we’ve had around in 10 years so you can imagine how spoiled the little guy is going to be. 🙂

Anyway, I found out today that Spin The Bottle is up for pre-order on Amazon. Yay! You can find it HERE! and if you wouldn’t mind agreeing with the tags and liking the page……. 🙂 I know, rude of me to ask but hey, what the hell, I’m all gushy inside over this new guy in my life so I figure it couldn’t hurt to ask. 😆

Want another snippet of something? How about some more Spin The Bottle


Available September 25 or pre-order from AMAZON

“Friends? You call those people downstairs friends?” Mac couldn’t believe she thought of that shallow bunch of celebrities as friends. “I hate to break it to you, Lillian, but your group of so-called friends are here for one reason and one reason only.”
“Oh, and what might that be, Mackenzie?” One eyebrow arched and she crossed her arms, stretching the skin-tight dress over her breasts and sending a spike of arousal through his balls.
“What you can give them.” He pushed off the wall and walked towards her, hoping the movement would focus his brain on something other than his throbbing groin. “You don’t think they actually want to spend time with you, do you? They’re here to be seen. To hopefully get their photo in the Sunday paper, or even better, be photographed with either of the McDermott siblings.”
“That’s a very shallow view of the world I live in, Mac. But then perhaps you have intimate knowledge of the attitude.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” he spoke through clenched teeth. If she was implying he was one of those vultures who preyed on others for what they could give him, he’d strangle her. Or better yet, turn her over his knee and spank her arse.
“Let’s face it, Mackenzie, you wouldn’t be where you are today without tying yourself to Lachlan like you have all these years.”
“Why you fucking little…” Mac moved before he thought. He had no clue of his intention when he grabbed her upper arms, but the second he touched her all thought fled except one. Tasting her.
He dragged her against him and crushed her mouth beneath his, squashing any further protest. Filled with a volatile mix of frustration and arousal, the kiss was rough—hard. Lilli remained rigid in his arms, but she didn’t try to push him away. She let him take, and her lack of resistance dissolved any lingering anger he had.
Mac broke the kiss and stepped back. Lilli wobbled a little before lowering herself to the floor as he sank to the bed behind him.
“I’m sorry.” He stared at the woman before him. “I don’t…I didn’t mean…” Mac shook his head. He had no idea what he was trying to say, what he should say other than sorry.
Lilli sat in front of him. She’d bent her knees and rested her chin on top of them. Her beautiful baby blues looked at him with an understanding that obviously eluded him.
“Will it always be this way, Mac?”
Her question only added to his confusion. “What way?”
“Like a battle ground between us. It seems like we’re always at odds with each other.”
“All’s fair in love and war.” He tried to make a joke but it fell flat even to him.
Lilli laughed, the sound harsh and grating. “There’s never been any love where you’re concerned, only war.”
“Maybe that’s the problem.”
“What is?”
“We’ve been too busy concentrating on the war part.”
Lillian pushed to her feet and looked down at him with pity in her eyes. “I’ve never had that problem, Mackenzie.”

Rhian Cahill


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