Oh my! Who is this guy?


Let me introduce Lucas Wilhelm, head of McDermott Security. He works for McDermott Media Corp which is mine and Lexxie’s fictional media empire in the Party Games series. He makes an appearance in both Book 3, Twister & Book 4, Spin The Bottle. He’s big, menacing and totally untouchable. Unless your name is Cassandra Moreland, then you can touch all you want. Okay, so you can touch even when you don’t want to want to touch. 😆 Poor Cassie. She’s not into men who like to take charge. Hell, she’s in charge, what would she want with a giant smoldering mass of testosterone? Oh wait, never mind that question. 😆

Anyway, Lucas is the hero of Party Games Book 5 which I’m working on now. I’m having fun with this pair. When they’re not steaming up the room with super-hot make-out sessions they’re heating it by being at each others throats. 🙂 To say their chemistry is volatile is an understatement. You could bring down a building with this pair! Their story is just getting started and already I’m in-love with both of them. Which is a good thing, right? Cause if I love them then it stands to reason that you guys will too. *crosses fingers*

And because I’m being generous with snippets this week I thought I’d share a scene from Spin The Bottle where Mac is on the phone with Lucas. Enjoy.



“Lucas. Get me everything you can on a company called Lilli Pond and what Lillian McDermott has to do with it.”
“I can give you what information we have right now, sir.”
“Well?” Mac stuck a finger in his ear and headed for the back deck, hoping to find the yard less noisy.
“Ms. McDermott has owned and operated the company for three years. This year the business made more than its overheads and she no longer has to supplement the bank accounts with her personal funds.”
“That’s it?”
“Pretty much, sir.”
“Why is that all we have on it?” Mac couldn’t believe McDermott Security had so little information. Either Lucas wasn’t giving him everything or he hadn’t done his job properly.
“Ms. McDermott came to me before she started the company. She gives me the barest of information every three months, with a full report every year, on the condition that I don’t dig any further into the financials or make the information common knowledge,” Lucas said.
“So you have no idea who works for her?” Mac asked.
“Oh, no, I have all that information. It’s the same staff since she opened the doors. She allowed me to run full background checks on each of them, Mr. Harris.”
“And you’ve never thought to mention this to me or Lachlan?”
“No, sir. She first came to me when you and Mr. McDermott were struggling with the fallout of the takeover from the senior McDermott. You can be assured that I would have come to either of you at any stage if I felt it was necessary. Excuse my frankness, sir, but Ms. McDermott has earned the right to my confidence. She’s worked hard and never gone against anything I or a member of my team has asked her to do in all the years I’ve worked for McDermott Media Corp.”
Mac wanted to argue, but he knew Lucas well, and he could hear the admiration and respect in the other man’s voice. “Is there anything else I should know?”
“There is other information I could give, but unless I’m given the all clear from Ms. McDermott, or you give me information that leads me to believe you’ve found out something else, I won’t be divulging it at this time.”
“Damn. I’d like to demand you do, Lucas, but I respect you and your judgment, and if you tell me I shouldn’t be worried, then I won’t be.” Mac stared out at the water that lapped onto the beach at the bottom of the backyard. “So, do I need to be worried, Lucas?”
“No, Mac.”
Mac breathed a sigh of relief. He could trust Lucas Wilhelm with his life, so he certainly could accept the man’s word about this. Plus, the fact he’d used Mac’s first name spoke volumes. “You’d let me know if there was something to be concerned about?”
“In a heartbeat,” Lucas assured him.
“Don’t go to bed early tonight. I may need you later if this shindig Lillian has put on gets out of hand.”
“I already have two men inside, sir.”
Mac laughed. “Why am I not surprised? Guest or worker?”
“Worker.” Mac could hear the smile in the other man’s voice. “And don’t bother looking, they’re new on the payroll and employed just for this sort of occasion. No one knows them, including Mr. McDermott.”
“Does Lilli know you have men staking the place out?” Mac asked with a smile.
The sound that blasted his eardrum could only be described as a snort.
“I’m still alive, aren’t I?” Lucas replied through laughter.
Mac glanced over his shoulder and into the house. “Well, I’m not going to be the one to tell her they’re here.”
“If you call me and a team in, they’ll remain catering staff. I don’t want these men’s identities compromised at all.” Lucas’s voice was stern and Mac could picture the man puffing up his chest as he gave the subtle order.
“No issue on my end, Lucas. I’ll let you know if you’re needed.”
“No problem.”
Silence met Mac’s ear and he realised Lucas had hung up.

Spin The Bottle releases September 25. Get all the info HERE!

You can find all the info on the Party Games series HERE!


Rhian Cahill


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