Sneak Peek at Sand, Surf and Sunni

Sorry about that. Those boys had me soooo……..relaxed 🙂 I just couldn’t find the energy to blog before now. To make up for it I thought I’d give you all a sneak peek at Sand, Surf and Sunni. Enjoy.

“Why…?” She brought her hand up and covered her lips with trembling fingers. “You kissed me. Like you wanted to.”

Rand laughed. “Don’t sound so surprised, Sunshine. I want to do a hell of a lot more than kiss you.”


Her disbelief made him laugh harder. “Shit, Sunni, you have no idea how much.”

She studied him a moment before glancing over her shoulder at the door where he could hear Z in the other room talking on the phone. Her gaze returned to meet Rand’s. “What about Z?”

“Oh I’m pretty sure he’d give his left nut to go well beyond a kiss.”

“Who’s giving up a nut and to whom?” Z asked as he rejoined them.

“You are for more than a kiss with Sunni.” Rand watched Sunni’s cheeks turn a deeper red as he enlightened Z.

“No shit Sherlock. She can have both and any other body part she’s interested in for that matter.” Zeke sat on the other side of Sunni, sandwiching her between them.

Rand’s mind instantly thought of other ways to wedge her between their bodies. His nostrils flared as he dragged in a deep breath. The images flickering across his brain were ones he’d seen in numerous porn movies but he’d never entertained doing them in real life. Certainly never imagined Sunni, Z and himself in the starring roles. Only right now he wasn’t just thinking about it, he was trying to figure out the best way to suggest they turn Sunni’s earlier flippant comment about sharing her into reality. And the more he thought about it the more he wanted it with a bone deep urgency he struggled to control.

“What are you thinking, Rand?” Z eyed him from the other end of the couch.

“How well the three of us fit together.” He swallowed hard, took a breath and went for it. “How well that would translate to sex.”

Beer sprayed from Sunni’s mouth. “Sex?” She broke into a fit of coughing.

“Oh man.” Z thumped Sunni’s back. “Didn’t see that one coming but I have to admit I’m intrigued.”

“You are?” Sunni squeaked as she tried to catch her breath.

“Relax, Sunshine, we’re not going to pounce on you.” Rand rubbed his hand up and down her spine. “It’s not like either of us hasn’t thought about having sex with you before now.”

“You have?” Her gaze switched between them.

“Every damn day since our high school end of year picnic,” Z said.

“Yep, best and worst day of my life,” Rand added.

“Yeah, I’m with you on that,” Z agreed.

“What?” Sunni jumped up and turned to face them. “You’re not making any sense. What has this got to do with high school?”

“We’ve both wanted to get in your pants since then,” Rand explained.

“But you never said anything.” She began to pace. “Either of you.” More pacing. “Ever.”

“We made a pact not to,” Z said.

Sunni stopped and spun around, hands on her hips. “What? A pact? Jesus, is this one of those male bonding thingies?”

Rand cracked up. “You say that like you’re chewing on dirt.”

“Besides, it was nothing so elaborate. At the time we decided we valued our friendship more than having sex with you.”

She looked at Z. “I’m surprised either of you were mature enough to come up with that idea.”

“Hey!” Rand went to stand but she stopped him with a hard stare and a pointed finger.

“I remember what hound dogs you both were in high school and at university. Anything in a skirt was fair game.”

“Defense mechanism.” Z’s cryptic comment had them both turning to look at him.



“When you can’t have what you want surround yourself with what you can. And you know as well as we do that every one of those women were more than happy to be on the receiving end of our attention.” Z reached out and grabbed Sunni’s wrist. “Don’t turn the conversation away from what Rand brought up.”

Damn. Z was right. She’d used their past behavior to change the topic. He couldn’t blame her, they were all treading on some dangerous ground. Rand figured the best thing to do now would be to let it lie for a while. Let Sunni stew on it for a few days before bringing it up again.

“Look, forget I said anything. Let’s just watch the movie and enjoy a couple of beers.” He stood up and stretched. “I’ll grab us all a refill. Z, you clear away the boxes.”

“But…” Sunni stood still as they moved around her.

“Relax, Sunshine. It’s just three friends spending Friday night watching some daggy old movie,” Rand said.

Rand collected their empties and Sunni’s half full one. He strode from the room with Z right behind him. Neither of them spoke until they were in the kitchen, out of Sunni’s hearing.

They spoke in unison.

 “What brought that on?”

“I kissed her.”

There was a heartbeat of silence.

 “Wait. You kissed her? When?” Z asked.

“When you left the room to take your call.”


“Why?” Rand shook his head as he tipped the rest of Sunni’s beer down the sink. “I can’t believe you asked that. I don’t know how it happened. One second we were talking about her crummy date and the next my hand was cupping her face and my mouth was on hers.” He tossed the bottles in the recycle bin.


“What do you think?”

“I think it smashed the wall holding you back and that’s why you brought up sex.”

“No. You sandwiching her between us on the couch brought up images of a naked Sunni pinned between us.”

“A threesome?”

Rand stared at his best friend in disbelief. “What did you think I was talking about?”

“Sex.” Z rubbed a hand over his chin. “Then again, now that I think about it with a little more blood in my brain, you can’t be talking about much else when you put three friends and sex in the same sentence, can you?”


“Were you serious?”

“About sharing her? Yes.” Rand pulled open the fridge and grabbed three beers. “I’ve never thought about it before tonight. Don’t really know why I’m thinking that way now, other than that strange sharing comment she made earlier none of us have ever voiced our interest in a physical relationship, but the more the idea circles in my head the more I want to make it happen.”

“We’re walking on quicksand.”

“I know but I can’t say I’m sorry I mentioned it.” He passed a bottle to Z.

“Thanks.” Zeke cracked the top open. “What now?”

“Leave it. You know what she’s like. She’ll mull it over for a while before she decides anything.”

“Yeah, but she hasn’t dated anyone who hasn’t badgered her into it in years. You think this will be different?”

Rand thought about it for a moment. “Yeah, I do.”

“Why?” Z asked. “How can you be sure she won’t just forget about it like every other guy who’s asked her out once?”

“Because we’re different.”


Sand, Surf and Sunni will be available September 25, 2012 and you can find out more details on my website –

Rhian Cahill

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