Sprained Ankles, Visiting Brothers and Pixar Movies

So the end of my week went totally off the rails. It started with Peanut (my eldest daughter) falling down the stairs at school and spraining her ankle. This is the same ankle she broke last year so suffice to say, it was a trip to the hospital and lots and lots of tears. So Friday, when I’d planned to blog, I was being a caring mum of a very frightened, worried little eight year old who has a better imagination than her mum and therefore had decided that the doctor was going to do something hideous like cut her foot off.

Then, in amongst all that, my brother visited. My brother and his wife are awesomely awesome and I don’t to see them as often as I’d like (they live in a small country town on the fringe of the Outback) so of course, we spent the night and most of yesterday chatting and laughing and catching up. Then we did it all again last night (after I made the most delicious lasagne I’ve ever made.)

They left this morning (it’s Sunday Down Under) and as we were watching them drive away, Peanut asked if we could go see Brave. Now I’m never one to say no to a Pixar film (actually, that’s a lie. I wasn’t overly eager to see Cars 2) so instead of me coming in and writing my blog post, the family went to see Brave. Which is wonderful and fabulous and so damn brilliant I can’t say enough. And to have a strong female rolo-model for little girls at the movies is just as wonderful and fabulous and brilliant.

So, my last post of my week at International Heat is a lame one. My saying sorry for being slack, and filling up the rest of the post with piccies of sexy semi-naked men.


2 Responses to “Sprained Ankles, Visiting Brothers and Pixar Movies”

  1. The best picture was the last one for sure!! LOL :). Nice that you got to spend time with your brother and hopefully that took Peanut’s mind off her injury. I’m off to see Brave on Friday with my Princess. After adopting Rapunzel’s weapon of choice ( a frypan) to attack her enemies (her brother and the odd spider), I’m hoping Merida’s ammo isn’t as readily available!

  2. My 9 year old daughter has a fantastic imagination about doctors as well. Hope Peanut (mine is nicknamed Bunny) mends up right soon. My brother lives hours away, several states over. I haven’t seen him in a year and I hate that. We were always so close and then I went and got married and had a family. I have to say, the pics are a really nice way to start the morning. I think I dated one of those guys from the last picture in high school. 🙂

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