Inspiration Comes From The Strangest of Places…

So I’m watching the third Transformers film while editing my November Samhain release (Suspicious Ways) and I find myself thinking (not for the first time) just how damn noble and strangely attractive Optimus Prime is. There is something about his strength and control that I find appealing. Anyways, this gets me thinking about the kind of heroes I’ve been writing of late. Most of them are arrogant, a tad cocky, quick with a sarcastic quip. I haven’t written a strong, noble hero for a while (I think my last was Torrin Kerridon from The Sun Sword). So as I’m watching Optimus do his thing (ie, beating up the Decepticons in his noble, honorable way) I get an idea…a new idea…about a hero who everyone thinks is just the guy.

But he’s not.

He’s a cyborg. Yeah, that’s it. A cyborg.

And he’s been watching over a young woman without anyone knowing for years.

To protect her.

Just like his creator–her conspiracy-obsessed, paranoid, gifted scientist father–asked him to.

But his creator never expected him to fall in love with her…

…nor for the attack to come from such a terrifiying source….


So that’s what came into my head while watching Transformers 3.

This machine….

Gave me this hero…

Now, what do I call him?

4 Responses to “Inspiration Comes From The Strangest of Places…”

  1. Lexxie, I would be on that book like a fat kid on cake! As a child of the 80s and the original tv series, I have also found Optimus to be an excellent hero, noble, loyal and all that good stuff. Whatever you name your cyborg, I hope it conjures images of the strength and character within. Best of luck, I’m already on board and waiting eagerly!

  2. Don’t know his name yet, but the story idea is fan-fucking-tastic Lexxie 🙂

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