First Chapters Week: Lila

Here’s the first chapter from my newest release, Undone Dom


Alton is the ultimate Master. An expert Dom, he believes BDSM is a lifestyle and trains women to serve in every way. He recognizes Lulu’s submissive nature but his instant attraction is unexpected and unnerving. He vows to take and train her.

Lulu has been curious about BDSM since her friend met and fell in love with a Dom. When Alton comes looking for her, Lulu indulges her greatest fantasy. In Alton’s BDSM training rooms she’s bound, disciplined and above all pleasured, experiences wilder than even her fantasies. But when she goes home at night, she dreams of Alton, not the whips.

Alton’s whole life has been turned upside down. A Master must live by his rules, but with Lulu he’s breaking every one. The Dom who swore that romance had no place in BDSM has to take a crash course in wooing if he’s going to keep the sub who’s got him in knots.

Reader Advisory: Contains very light female/female sensuality and a brief ménage encounter.

Undone Dom, Chapter 1

(c) Lila Dubois, 2012

Alton watched her swallow, her breasts rising firm and tempting above the top of her dress as she took quick breaths. She was wearing a dress, a proper dress with a big skirt, little sleeves and a tight-fitting top.

Alton kept women naked, but that dress, or her in that dress, was strangely appealing.


“Alton.” Her voice was husky, her blue eyes wide.“Yes.” The word came out as a growl. He hadn’t meant it to, but everything about her was calling out to him.




“I said I’d come back.” It had been a stupid thing to say. It had been stupid for him to come looking for Lane’s sub, but he’d wanted to understand her choice to be with Lane. Lately he’d been feeling as though he didn’t understand what subs wanted, which went against his fundamental world view. His conversation with Lane’s black- haired sub had only increased the unease he’d felt. But the trip hadn’t been a waste because he’d seen the redhead. Lulu.

She was perfect, like the old-fashioned Barbies his sister collected. Strong, poised, confident and intensely feminine. Nothing about her said hidden submissive—she wasn’t overly aggressive nor did she immediately bow to his male authority. She didn’t seem like the kind of woman who needed a Master to unlock her sexuality. Yet he sensed it. Submissive. The woman was submissive.

And so he’d said he’d come back for her, and in that moment he’d meant it. He’d return and make her his.

After he’d walked out he’d barely restrained himself from banging his head on a wall. What had he said? He was too deep in the BDSM culture if he was wandering around telling people he was going to kidnap them, all because he sensed she might make a beautiful sex slave.

He’d tried to dismiss her from his mind. She was a normal, not a part of his world. He couldn’t have her.

But Alton’s world was off-kilter. For the past year the life he’d built felt gray and uninteresting. He didn’t like it, and it seemed endless days training pretty little sex slaves were not enough. He felt out of control. That did not happen. He did not allow it. He’d decided he needed a new challenge.

Lulu. “You came back for…” She lowered her lids, watching him from under her lashes.

Alton’s hands twitched with the need to touch her, to master her. “For you.”

Lulu didn’t know what to say.

She’d convinced herself Alton’s parting words had been to save face, nothing more. Addie and Lane had assured her that while Alton was “hard-core” he wouldn’t really come back to the shop looking for her. Lane said he’d talked to him, and Alton’s response—utter silence—had led them all to believe he’d been joking, or just trying to scare Lulu and Addie.

But here he was.

Butterflies in her stomach had her pressing her hand against her belly. He watched her movement, dark eyes intense.

“Why?” she asked.

He shook his head. “I won’t answer that.”

Lulu jerked in surprise. “What do you mean you won’t answer?”

He tipped his head forward, eyes scanning her face. “What are you asking me? Why I said I would come back? Or,” he stepped away from the display table, his bulk making her store seem small and cramped as his arms brushed against racks and displays, “did you want to ask ‘Why me?’”

Lulu waited for him to come to her. She wondered if she should back up, if she should run for a phone or the pepper spray in the cute leopard-print carrier under the counter. He stopped two feet away, just close enough for his size to be intimidating, but not so close that he’d crossed the personal space barrier.

“What did you want to ask me?” His voice rumbled pleasantly and he smelled good, like spice and earth.

Lulu though why me? but asked “Why tonight?” Now it was his turn to jerk in surprise. That wasn’t the question he’d thought she’d ask.


“It’s been months. I started to wonder if you said it only to save face after Addie took you down a few.”

“I… You… She…” The Heathcliff-worthy brooding Master was sputtering and it was seriously cute.

Lulu bit down on the grin, managing to turn it into a closed-lip smile. She checked the slim silver watch she wore. “Would you excuse me for a moment? I need to lock up.”

Lulu locked the front doors and turned off the lights above the front window displays, but left the main lights on, just in case. She was behind the counter, crouched down to reach the controls for the music system. Taking a moment, she braced her hands on one of the under-counter shelves, looking at her fingers, at the costume pearl ring she wore. What was she doing? Why didn’t she just call Addie and Lane?

They’d rush over here and get Alton out of the shop.

That was exactly why she hadn’t called them.

She’d been waiting for him to come back. She was curious. She was intrigued by the sexual world Addie blushingly described. She wanted to know why Alton had said he’d come back for her.

Lulu rose from behind the counter, smoothing her skirt. “Please accept my apologies. The store closed at nine tonight.”


“Of course.” He’d taken a seat in one of the wing-backed chairs they had in the center of the store in a small seating area meant to remind buyers of their living room. On a low table in the center of the chairs were artistically messy stacks of books and CDs—all for sale.


He sat with a straight back, knees spread, forearms resting on the arms of the chair. “I’m going to ask you a question,” he said.


“All right.” Lulu took a seat in the chair across from him, crossing her legs at the ankle and tucking them under one side of the chair. He raised a brow at her response, and she realized he hadn’t actually asked if he could ask her a question, he’d told he her was going to.


“What you said implied that you were,” he leaned forward, bracing his elbows on his spread knees, “waiting for me to come back.”


Lulu took a breath. “I was.” A smile cracked the stone mask of his face.




Until that moment she wouldn’t have said he was handsome. His face was too severe, his features heavy and dark, his whole bearing almost military. But that smile highlighted his chiseled lips, made lines at the corners of his eyes crinkle, and he had a dimple.


“Well, hey there, good looking,” Lulu blurted out, an answering smile on her face. The smile disappeared. He frowned. “Has no one ever told you how sexy your smile is? You should really smile more.”


He tipped his head to the side and examined her. “If you were any other woman I’d think you were being flippant or sarcastic, or trying to get a punishment, but you seem…genuine.”


Lulu’s breath caught at the mention of punishment. “I’m being honest. You have a really nice smile. You must not smile much if I’m the first girl to tell you that.”


“Women do not dare to make comments about my appearance.”


His words thudded down between them as if a block of stone had dropped. Lulu swallowed, pressing her hand to her stomach again.


“You mean because you’re a…Dom.”


His gaze was so intense that Lulu looked away, focusing instead on the hollow of his throat revealed by the unfastened buttons at the top of his shirt.


“Your employee told you what I am, what she is?”


“Addie, my friend, told me about the modeling job, about how she was supposed to model with all three of you but she never did with you. Lane stopped her.”


“Lane claimed her for his own. Once he did that it was his choice.”


Lulu’s hackles rose at his comment. “No, it was Addie’s.”


“No. Once she became Lane’s submissive she turned over control of her sexual life to him.”


Lulu felt her mouth drop open slightly. “But, but that’s…” She couldn’t decide between barbaric, horrific or sexy.


When she didn’t finish Alton said “Domination.”


“She should still have a choice.”


“She had a choice—Lane. She must trust that he will make decisions pleasing to both of them, assuming her goal is greater sexual pleasure and freedom and not sexual servitude.”


Lulu shook her head. “I don’t really understand.”


“BDSM is complex. If you’re not trained as a master or slave there is no reason you should understand.” He stood and crossed the space between them. “But I think you’d like to.”


He touched her, one thick finger under her chin. Lulu gasped as a shiver raced down her whole body. She stared straight ahead—at his belt buckle. Her hands—one on her stomach, the other on the arm of her chair—curled into fists.


“Why?” she asked again.


“Be more specific.” He traced his finger from her chin along the line of her ear and back.


“Why me?”


“You’re sexually submissive.”


Lulu took a breath and closed her eyes. His touch and words aroused her. Her nipples were tight buds inside the cups of her bra and she could feel the slick moisture of her arousal in her sex.


If he’d tried to tell her she was submissive she would have denied it. She’d been down that road with so-called “strong” men she’d dated in the past who thought that they could control everything in her life once they were with her. But a sexual submissive, that sounded decadent, naughty and very, very sexy.


“I’ve never…” She didn’t know what to say so she let the statement trail off.


“You’ve never been in a formal BDSM scene or relationship.”


She nodded.


“But you’re curious. You’re interested.” He cupped her chin, tilted her face up until their gazes met. “And you’re aroused.”


She licked her lips and whispered, “Yes.”


She hoped he would smile again, but the stern mask was firmly in place. He dipped his head in a slow nod, then took a step back so her neck was not craned at an uncomfortable angle in order to see him.


“I will train you.”


“Train me? To do what?” Lulu’s fingers were starting to shake with a combination of nerves and fear.


“Train you to be a sex slave.”


Lulu jerked back at his words, the contact broken. His hand hovered in the air for a moment before dropping to his side.


“No.” The word came out shaky so she said it again. “No. I don’t want that.”


“You don’t know what it means.”


“I know a bit. From Addie, and from the internet.”


He raised his eyebrows but Lulu held her ground. Disappointment was settling like a stone in her gut. Story of her life—she admits to finding him arousing and the next thing she knows he’s talking about making her his sex slave. According to Addie “slaves” as opposed to “subs” were men and women who lived the lifestyle full time. They slept in cages and ate out of dog bowls and never wore clothes. Lulu petted her dress nervously.


“The term frightens you.”


“Sex slave?” She had to force the words out. “Yes, it does. I’m not that. If that’s why you came back, I’m sorry.”


Alton considered her for a moment. “I don’t know what you’ve been told about BDSM, or me. When you train with me you will put aside all that and see what I show you. Experience what I do to you.”

Damn. A fresh shiver of fear-flavored arousal shook her. “I’m not going to be a sex slave.” Alton inclined his head. “Perhaps not.”


Tension slipped from Lulu’s shoulders but she was no longer blinded by her desire. She had to remember what they’d said about him. Lane had told Addie that at any given time, Alton kept five women naked in his house, serving him or being trained. He was like a sultan with a harem.


Lulu had always thought she’d make a rather good concubine—she was sexy and savvy .


But that was a fantasy, one she’d been playing with since he’d first come to the shop. This was reality.

Alton retreated to his chair and took a seat. He braced his elbows on his knees, leaned forward. “You would like to know more about BDSM.”


She nodded.


“You are submissive, and would like to experience sexual submission.”


She gave half a nod, then stopped. “Do you know how to do things besides the submission? Addie told me that BDSM stands for Bondage, Domination and Sadism and Masochism. Do you know how to do stuff besides the domination?”


His brows started to climb his forehead.


“No sadism or anything like that,” Lulu hurried to say. “But the…toys and, um, well, you mentioned punishment, but I didn’t know.”


Alton looked away from her. His gaze scanned her store from the paintings on the walls to the books on the table in front of her. He pulled one from the stack, a collection of racy and nude pin-up photos, including several of girls getting spanked. She held her breath as he opened the book and flipped through the pages.


When he reached the end he carefully closed the book and set it on top of the stack before looking at her.


He smiled. “Yes, I know about more than just domination.”

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