Do What You Love

Do what you love. Nothing else matters. That’s what Ray Bradbury told me. He was famous for saying that, but the few times I met him, and the few more times I saw him speak he said it in a way I didn’t expect–joyously. Somehow I’d always thought that a rather grim statement, as if it were a call to treading a cold rocky path, but you would do it because it was the way to be true to yourself.

I was blessed to have met him several times, and discussed writing with him. He was an amazing man–brilliant, funny and kind to myself and the other aspiring writers in my masters class. He didn’t hid the emotion within him that was so evident in his books. He wasn’t afraid, and I was and am. It was humbling to see.

He couldn’t teach me to be brilliant writer–the kind who changes culture and creates worlds that live on long beyond the books as he did.

He wasn’t there to teach me to be a good writer–though I did meet him with others in my masters level writing class, and our instructor was endeavoring to make sure we could competently tell the story.

But he did teach me how to live as a writer.

Do what you love.

I’m trying.

Thank you, Mr. Bradbury, for the advice and the inspiration.

“Love what you do, and do what you love.” – Ray Bradbury

“I dare say there’s lots on every planet that’ll show you God’s infinite ways.”

-from The Third Expedition


One Response to “Do What You Love”

  1. What a great man. You’re lucky to have met him. Thank you for sharing!

    billi jean

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