Four Green Fields

I’ve been thinking a lot about Ireland lately.

My husband is Irish. For those who’ve met him at conferences you know that he has wonderful manners, a cute accent, and is a huge geek (which has nothing to do with being Irish, but just adds to the cuteness factor.) He’s like and Irish edition of one of the guys from Big Bang theory.

I’ve spent more time than most in Ireland, and our plan is to one day have the flexibility and money to split our time between Ireland and California.

One thing I don’t do is write about Ireland.

Ireland as I know it isn’t the same magical Ireland that can commonly be found in romance. Nor is it the heavy-drinking party place that tourists in Dublin experience. I’ve never even been there as a tourist. Don’t get me wrong, my guy took me to all the touristy things, but the first time I went to Ireland was to meet my then-boyfriend’s family, and stay with them for a month.

My second anniversary is coming up, and my now husband and I have been together for over five years. I finally have enough emotional space that I’m ready to write about Ireland.

So that’s what I did.

Christmas day of this year The Harp and The Fiddle will release. A contemporary romance that takes place in Ireland will be out. The American hero makes all the stupid mistakes I made when I first visited the country (including calling the language Gaelic).

I am both excited and terrified about this book, because the subject matter, and the characters struggles, are painfully familiar.


3 Responses to “Four Green Fields”

  1. This sounds great Lila, congrats!

  2. OHHH I can’t wait to read this Lia!! as you know I have very close friends and family in Ireland as well and I have been back there 5 times over the past 8 years. I LOVE IT THERE!!

  3. Very much looking forward to this, Lila! I’ve only visited Ireland through books and photos–can’t wait to see it through your eyes, too 🙂

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