Vegas Baby! and Tea

That’s right, I’m in Vegas.

As an erotic romance author I feel I should say I’m here to see Chippendales, or the Thunder from Down Under, but I’m not. I’m Vegas for the World Tea Expo.

I love tea. I may not be willing to fight to the death over the loose leaf versus bagged issue (I’m looking at you, RC and Jayne) but I love the social constructs that surround tea, the fact that people all over the world drink tea, but each in unique ways, and that there are so many varieties of tea.

I wish I had pictures, but the expo is actually where many people preview new tea inventions and so there was no photo or video allowed. Some of the cool things I saw were awesome non-bag disposable tea steepers, cool loose-leaf for one tea canisters, iced tea brewing systems, and innovative pots.

I learned a lot too. I went to a session about how to determine steeping time for different teas just by looking at the leaves. I planned the imaginary tea shop empire I now want to have. I played penny slots.

Okay the penny slots have nothing to do with anything.

What I really liked about going to the tea expo was so see all these people who are so passionate about what they do, and this thing they love. For many of the people there tea wasn’t just a beverage, but an experience and a true life-need that they wanted to share with the rest of America.

With the release of Undone Dom I’ve been talking a lot about getting a glimpse into another world. With Undone Dom I’m talking about the world of rockabilly. This weekend I got a glimpse into the world of tea.

2 Responses to “Vegas Baby! and Tea”

  1. Heh 🙂 I can’t believe they wouldn’t let you take photos of tea!! So… what’d you learn??? or do you have to kill me after?

  2. I learned that I know nothing about how to brew tea.

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