Coming Soon: Colors Of Love

I can’t help it. Colors Of Love releases in two months, and I have to talk about it before I explode.

This is Book 2 in the Speed series, the sequel to See You In My Dreams, and although it’s classified as an erotic, contemporary romance, well, truth be told, it has a touch of something more. Maybe a hint of paranormal? You see, the heroine of this book has the rare ability to read people’s auras. And with this ability, she is about to change the lives of her two heroes forever.

Now, about those two heroes… while I wrote See you In My Dreams, I couldn’t get their story out of my mind. Luke, Speed’s band manager and Seth, the youngest Pace brother, are perfect for each other. Seth knows this. He’s always known it. And although Luke loves him too, he knows they can never be together. Which makes for one frustrated guitarist and one grumpy band manager. Their happy ever after haunted me, until Sophie from Dreams introduced me to her good buddy, Kaz. And that was when everything began to change…

So, here you go. A little sneak peek at the blurb and TWO excerpts.




Their true colors are hidden…until one woman turns everything upside down.

Speed, Book 2

Seth Pace, guitarist of the rock band Speed, is a born dreamer, and nothing stands in his way of making those dreams a reality. Except when it comes to band manager Luke Struthers. He’s everything Seth wants in a partner, but even after five years of perfectly explosive sex, Luke refuses to commit.

After a childhood ravaged by abuse, Luke knows he’s a potential danger to anyone foolish enough to love him. Seth is safer without him, but Luke has no idea how to cut him loose painlessly. Until he spots Seth’s kind of woman—pretty, smart, friendly. The plan: seduce her into a sexy threesome, then leave the two alone to fall in love. Problem solved.

A night of excitement with the two hottest men on the planet? Yeah, baby! Yet Kaz’s inborn ability to read auras tells her something isn’t right. It’s obvious Seth and Luke are madly in love, but subtle clues in Luke’s aura signal he’s up to something. She’s not sure what, but if she doesn’t do something quick, the two men she’s quickly come to adore will wind up without the happily ever after they both deserve.

Product Warnings: One man + one man + one woman = a whole lot of steamy two-way and three-way M/M & M/M/F sex, a hero or two to drool over, and a heroine who recognizes true love when she sees it.

COLORS OF LOVE: A Clean Excerpt

“I don’t see the world the same as everyone else does. I never have. I see it in a wash of color. When I look around, every living thing is surrounded by color. The more complex the organism, the more complex the shades that surround it. People have a…well, a rainbow surrounding them, each hue reflective of a different aspect of that person’s life. That’s how I knew you and Luke were in love. When you look at each other, or even when you’re close, it’s difficult to miss the pinks that glow from both of you.”

“Pinks?” Seth said, appalled. “Couldn’t you see reds or blues? Or maybe silvers and golds?”

“Pink,” she confirmed. “It tells me that you love each other. Passionately.”

Seth snorted, unconvinced. “I carry my heart on my sleeve when it comes to Luke. Anyone could pick up on that. Tell me more. Tell me what else you see when you look at me.”

She studied him for a long time. “You sure you wanna hear this?”

Seth nodded.

Kaz danced her hand over his head, as though touching something he couldn’t see. “You’re a dreamer, Seth Pace. You spend your time with your head lost in the clouds, thinking up wonderful, marvelous things that are usually impossible to achieve. Most people would stop there. Would dream the dreams and move on. But with you, it’s different.” Now her hand moved to his chest, and she laid it over his heart. “With you, when you dream big enough and when you want it bad enough, you find a way to make it happen.” She hesitated. “More?”

He nodded. “Definitely more.” How on earth could she know all that?

She ran her hand close to his cheek, but she didn’t touch him. “You have a crimson halo just here, all mixed up with a beautiful silvery grey glow, which tells me you’re creative.” She smiled. “And yes, the lyrics of your songs tell me the same thing. But they don’t give hints that you’re in touch with your feminine side. Uh-uh—” she shushed him when he would have objected, “—that’s not a bad thing. Not at all. It just means you understand your emotions better than most men do.” She waved her hand around his neck. “This royal blue tells me you’ve found your chosen path. You’re content with the way your life is going. And this carmine red hue over here?”

“There’s red around my stomach?”

She nodded. “Are you seeking a change of some sort? A life-altering kind of a change?”

He hesitated. “Damn, you’re astute.”


Okay, so that’s just a hint at Kaz’s world. Now, how about something a leetle bit hotter?


COLORS OF LOVE: A Dirty Excerpt

Seth sank into her creamy depths.

Her pussy was so well lubricated from his and Luke’s mouths, and from two orgasms, he slid all the way inside her with one firm thrust.

Ah, fuck.

Luke had been right. He’d chosen the perfect time for Seth to take her. Her walls clamped down around his shaft, clasping him in a hold so tight they almost wrenched an instant orgasm from him.

“Christ, Kaz, you feel so damn good.” Even through the condom her heat suffused his cock.

“Jordan.” She bit her lip and looked up at him blindly as he stretched over her, aligning his chest with her breasts and supporting himself on his arms, one placed on each side of her head.

“Right here, Kaz.” He stroked into her slowly, using all his strength to push through those grasping muscles.


“I got you. Just relax into it. Let me in.” He didn’t need to coax her. She was wide open to him, her hips already moving in time with his, inviting him back in every time he pulled out.

She let out a shuddery breath. “Wh-who’s Seth?”

He faltered midstroke, then caught himself and found his rhythm again. Luke. He’d forgotten to call him Jordan. In the heat of passion, he’d slipped and called him Seth.

What the…? Luke never slipped. Never.

“I am. Seth’s my real name. Seth Pace.” As soon as he said it, he knew he wanted Kaz to know it.

“Then Jordan…?”

“Just a stage name.”

She wrapped her legs around his waist, tilting her hips and giving him easier access. “Seth.”

“Yeah, sweet pea?” Luke’s name for her, but he liked it.

She shook her head sensually. “Nothing. Just tasting your name on my lips.”

“Rather taste me on your lips.” He dipped his head and kissed her.

She kissed him back ravenously, sucking on his tongue, running hers against it, groaning rapturously as he thrust into her.

“Mmmm, I taste Luke on your lips.”

“And?” Seth stared into her brown eyes. “How does he taste?”

“Delicious.” She smacked her lips together in appreciation. “Now taste me,” she instructed Seth.

Once again he dipped down to kiss her, but she stopped him by digging her feet into his back. “Taste me on Luke’s lips.”

Seth smiled and turned with expectation to look at the man he loved who lay beside them on the bed. It was only then he realized Kaz’s hand was wrapped around his cock.

Lucky Kaz. He wanted ownership of that cock. “Lucas?”

Luke looked at him with heavy-lidded eyes.

“Let me taste her on your lips.”

Luke edged forward, and then Seth was kissing him, or he was kissing Seth. Seth couldn’t really tell. He just knew that as he plunged into Kaz’s hot, tight channel, his mouth was consumed by Luke’s. They shared a kiss hot enough to blow the roof right off this hotel.


So,colorful enough for you?


Colors Of Love is available for pre-order at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble


4 Responses to “Coming Soon: Colors Of Love”

  1. Great excerpts! I read See You in my Dreams and I am stoked about reading Colours of Love. I love that Luke and Seth will get their HEA, adding Kaz just makes it yummier. 😀

  2. Oh, wow!!! That was one helluva HOT excerpt *fans self* I cannot wait to read it. Looks like it will be an all-nighter 😃

  3. I really like the cover! I should know better than to visit here before getting ready for work. Not I have to take a cold shower and rush out or be late. It is worth it!

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