Sneak Peek Week

It’s my turn to take a spin on the IH blog this week and I’m declaring it SNEAK PEEK WEEK. I’ve got lots of irons in the fire right now and to be perfectly honest, I’m so excited about the stuff going on in my writing world, I need to tell someone or I’ll spontaneously combust! LOL

For the next few days…I’m going to give you an inside look at some of my books that will be coming out in the next few months. To kick it off, I thought I’d share a bit from Because It’s True. This short story releases on May 29. It’s the third–and final–book in my Just Because trilogy. Because of You and Because You Love Me are out now. Valerie made me the cover–she rocks, right?!!!

Sometimes there are only two choices. Love…or leave.

Jacob James falls for Rodney the moment the New York City cop crash lands into his far-too-predictable ranch life. The sexy city slicker is everything a lonely Wyoming cowboy could ever dream of. When Rodney is shot in the line of duty, however, their off-the-charts attraction turns unexpectedly cool. Jacob offers the only thing he has left—friendship.

All Rodney can think about—besides his cowboy lover—is getting back to his job. But what good is a cop who can’t fire a gun? While he’s grateful for Jacob’s support through months of grueling physical therapy, how can he offer anything more when his own future is so uncertain?

When he’s finally cleared to return to work in New York, Rodney thought it would be the happiest day of his life. Except reaching his goal means leaving Jacob behind…and a future he never thought he wanted. Until now…

Warning: New York City cop meets Wyoming cowboy. Come on. You know that’s going to be hot.

Sneak Peek:

“Can’t exactly blame your straight brother for putting a bar between him and all these gay guys. This place is more crowded than most of the gay bars in the city. I’ve been hit on half a dozen times already and handed three phone numbers.”

Jacob narrowed his eyes slightly. Rodney tried not to acknowledge how warm and fuzzy the jealous look made him feel.

“Anyone with potential?” Jacob asked.

He had to leave it to Jacob. He was a talented actor in the play it casual role. Rodney shook his head. “No. Not at all.”

“Good,” Jacob said so quietly Rodney wasn’t sure he heard it at all.

Caleb wiped up the counter in front of them. “By the way, Rodney, I ran into your PT, Joyce, this morning. Congratulations on the clean bill of health. Looks like all your hard work paid off.New York’s going to be getting back one hell of a cop.”

“What?” Jacob’s shocked tone went through Rodney like nails.

“Jake, listen—”

“I thought you said she just gave you more exercises to do.”

Caleb’s softly muttered “shit” proved he knew he’d just fucked up. Rodney couldn’t be angry. It was his lie that landed him in this mess, not Caleb.

“I’ll leave you guys alone.” Caleb walked to the opposite end of the bar and began serving up more drinks.

“Why did you lie?” Jacob asked quietly.

“Tonight was your night, Jake. I didn’t want to take that away from you.”

“Do you honestly think I’d begrudge you your miracle, your happiness? This is what you’ve worked for, Rod. I don’t see how you being cleared to return toNew Yorkwould take away from the party.”

“Don’t you?” It was a pointed question and as close as Rodney had ever come to calling Jacob on the carpet about his feelings. Rodney wasn’t blind and he wasn’t stupid.

Jacob cleared his throat, then looked away. He faced the makeshift dance floor, careful to avoid looking at him. “I have no hold on you.”

Rodney chuckled mirthlessly. “God. I wish that was true.”

Jacob’s gaze flew back to his. “What’s that mean?”

Rodney didn’t reply. Instead, he leaned forward and placed his lips on Jacob’s. They’d been together, in each other’s faces for six months, and never once had Rodney given in to his desire to kiss Jacob.

The moment they touched, every suspicion he’d harbored about his feelings for Jacob crashed in on him and he knew he’d been right to fight the attraction. He also knew this kiss was fucking up all that restraint. It was too late now.

And…you know me…I love contests, prizes, and COMMENTS, so I think we need a SNEAK PEEK WEEK contest. Leave a comment and have your name thrown in the hat for an autographed print book and some other goodies I might have laying around the house. 

Today’s question: Which Just Because cover is your fave and why?

33 Responses to “Sneak Peek Week”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME – I can totally picture myself between the two lovlies!!!

  2. kaylynd Says:

    My favorite is Because of You. It just feels so intimate and pulls you in. Can’t wait for the new book!

  3. Because You Love Me – three’s never a crowd with those two hotties! Yummy! And can’t wait for the new one and all your upcoming titles. Best Wishes!

  4. wolphcall Says:

    Because of You is my favorite cover. It’s feels like you are being allowed to see a special moment between two people who are intensely in love.

  5. Because you love me. Because I’m always up for twice the fun!

  6. Vanessa DeJesus Says:

    Oooh that’s hard.. I love the latest one, how the guy is giving you that smoldering look but I also like the cover from Because You Loved Me.. I mean who wouldn’t want to be the filling in a hottie sandwich!

  7. Melinda Stevens Says:

    Mmmm another series to go read!!!! I love the “Because You Love Me” cover but then I do love a good ménage!!!!!

  8. passion4stampin Says:

    Damn that’s a tough decision but I’d have to say “Because You Love Me”. I mean a girl between two totally hot guys…whew!!

  9. Linda Jude Says:

    Because you love me is my favorite cover.. Just love the passion it demonstrates.. Very hot just like your books!! Can’t wait for the 29th!!!!

  10. You mean I have to choose 1 ?!?! They are all awesome. I think Because You Love Me is so hot!! I would love to be between those two hotties! YUM!

  11. Janet Bailey Says:

    Because of You shows such a deep connection between them.

  12. Hmm…I’m going to say Because It’s True. I love when a person is fighting it so hard they almost don’t see it happen at all. And you did a great job on your first m/m! 🙂


  13. I like Because It’s True because it’s sexy and hot. One guy looks sexy & rugged with intense eyes and the other one is looking down to hide his true feelings. How can they resist each other? LOL

  14. Teresa Rojas Says:

    I like BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME!! Totally hot

  15. Because you love me. Who would not to be in between two hot guys

  16. Monique Ito Says:

    Because It’s True. The cover pulls you in. With the two men, the police badge and the Title you want to read it to find out what is going to happen before you even read the back cover. I loved all the books. I might like the cover more to because I want Jacob story since the first book, Thank you for writing his story,

  17. Hi
    I like Because Of You the best.

    Thanks for the chance.

  18. reginamayross Says:

    Because You Love Me is my fav cause it has a woman in between two hot guys 🙂

  19. Because of you, because I believe it was the first Mari Carr book I read and I loved it so I have to get all your books as soon as I can afford them I can’t put them down until I run out of pages.

  20. Ashley Says:

    Because It’s True but they are all HOT!!

  21. caitymack Says:

    Because You Love Me. Since I am a sucker for a sexy menage, and she looks so in the moment.

  22. elaing8 Says:

    Thanks for sharing the excerpt.Sounds like another great book.
    Because You Love Me is my favorite.I love the blue.And that is one lucky girl between those two hot guys 🙂

  23. mathlady68 Says:

    I love Because You Love me. The color drew my eye and then the picture just begged to be looked at again!

  24. Joanne B Says:

    I’m going to say Because You Love Me. There’s two hot guys and I so could picture myself in between them.

  25. Because You Love Me is my favorite cover because I dream of being the filling in that sandwich!

  26. Tanja H Says:

    Because It’s True. The cover is quiet but it speaks to me. I see love, confusion and a quiet acceptance.

  27. I like the cover for Because It’s True-the intensity of the one with the hesitancy of the second is just so great.

  28. I would have to go with Because You Love Me cover because I really want to be the girl in the middle, LOL.

  29. Because of you is my favorite cover in this series, I love the look on their faces.

  30. Susan R Says:

    Because You Love Me – because the passion of the book really comes through on the cover.

  31. flchen1 Says:

    That’s one beautiful line up, Mari–you’ve really been blessed with some amazing covers 🙂

    That said, Because of You is still my favorite–it’s captures a moment of intimacy that I really like. I love that it reveals a quiet depth to the connection between Jessie and Caleb.

  32. StacieD Says:

    Because You Love Me is my favorite. The blue is gorgeous.

  33. Katherine Says:

    Because You Love Me is definitely my fav. Smoking hot!

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