Website Updates and a Bonus Hottie!

I shared some of this on Facebook last night, but figured I’d share it here too. I’ve FINALLY updated my website. It was a long time coming!

First, how about these covers? Sexy, huh? 😀

Breaking Brodix is the third book in my Blackwater series. It releases July 31st. And to read the first chapter you can check out my website here:

Desired is the print anthology of the Cape May series. This book won’t come out until April 2, 2013. Sorry, folks, it’s a long wait. I wish it was sooner. However, excerpts of all three Cape May stories can now be found here:

Also, now you can read the first chapter of Instructing Sarah. This is an older story of mine that I’m finally able to offer on Kindle. I’m afraid it isn’t going to be available on the Nook though. Kindle only.

Other website updates. You can read the first chapters of Vance’s Rules, Blackwater series, book 2. And Naked Games, Hard to Get series, book 3 here:

Oh, I’ve revamped my series page too. I’m hoping it’s easier to navigate and understand. What do you think? Better? Worse?

And to get an idea what I’m currently working on:

Last but not least, on my home page I’ve moved my newsletter sign up a little higher on the page so it’s easier to locate (see the right sidebar). Also on the home page I’ve added a link to my Pinterest page. If you’re on Pinterest feel free to follow me as I’m always posting new hotties to my board there.

So, I think that’s it. What do you think? Did I miss anything?

And here’s a hottie. Just because I like to make you ladies grin 😀

For more of this cutie check out my Gorgeous Men board on my Pinterest page:

Remember to keep those captions coming on my previous post. Winner to be announced on Saturday! (there’s a $25 Amazon GC waiting on one lucky winner!)

2 Responses to “Website Updates and a Bonus Hottie!”

  1. You can laugh but looking at covers like that….seriously makes me drool.

  2. flchen1 Says:

    Wow, Anne–you’ve been a busy bee! Yay for us! 😉

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