A ‘Caption This’ Contest!

Is anyone here on Pinterest? I’ve just started using it and decided it’s WAY freaking addicting.  LOL! A few minutes on there can so easily turn into hours! No lie! Anyway, this image below is one I’ve ‘repinned’ on there. There’s just something about it that makes me curious. What are they to each other? What are they saying? This is where you come in. hehe!

For a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate, I want you to give me a caption for this image. It can be romantic, serious, funny, ridiculous, hot, XXX erotic, whatever. Put your caption idea in a comment and you’re entered to win. I’ll pick a winner on Saturday and post it RIGHT HERE on the blog! So, get your thinking caps on and tell me what this picture means to YOU. 🙂

Also, if you’re on Pinterest follow me: http://pinterest.com/annerainey11/

16 Responses to “A ‘Caption This’ Contest!”

  1. melanie gordon Says:

    Loves beginning

  2. felinewyvern Says:

    Soldier’s Leave Taking

  3. Hot guy, moon light, hearts beating and the smell of large animal sh**, how romantic.

  4. Kandis Johnson Says:

    “Don’t move, hold me closer…..your zipper is caught on my dress.”

  5. When you are with the right person the surrounding takes a backseat.

  6. Sometimes love is really all you need.

    I loved this movie by the way! Water For Elephants that is.

  7. kaylynd Says:

    He is thinking “I love being tall I can see down her dress” lol

  8. MicheleAnn Oboyle Says:

    what a couple feels like when they are inlove and i loved this movie water for elephants and i even loved the book angelwolfmystic@yahoo.com

  9. ellaapplebyart Says:

    Hot blonde, me, dark….
    are we done yet?


  10. Laurel Skoog Says:

    ‘I wonder if I can blame the slippery dress when I slide my hand down and grab her ass?’

  11. flchen1 Says:

    Hey, you’re right–your fabric softener *does* work better than mine!

    Seriously, that’s a lovely photo–I imagine at least one of them is wondering how quickly those pesky layers of fabric can be removed… 🙂

  12. Anne Rainey Says:

    You guys are SO good at this! I love all these captions! 😀

  13. lori meehan Says:

    There is nothing I want more at this moment than th be inside you.

  14. June M. Says:

    She is thinking “I got all dressed up for this date and he shows up dressed like this?”

  15. Mary Preston Says:

    Forget the elephant, it’s all me!!

  16. Shannon MacDonnell Says:

    “Hank you have a lose thread on your sleeve and I think you just danced me into elephant dung…great and those were my favorite pair of shoes!”

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