Never Say Never

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Have you ever said, “I would NEVER do that”…and then you find yourself doing it? Like I swore I’d never eat sushi. Wrong. I swore I’d never get a piercing anywhere other than my ear lobes. Wrong. I once said I’d never get a tattoo. I still don’t have one, but now I’ve changed that never to something a little wishy-washier and open to the possibility. When my daughter was younger I bought a pair of pointy toed stiletto shoes which she thought were the ugliest thing she’d ever seen. She said, “I’ll never wear shoes like that!” And I said, “Speak into this microphone, darling, so I can record that, because I guarantee you one day you will definitely wear shoes like this!”  (I was right.)

Juniper Bell and I both have new releases out this week which feature characters who make that vow…I will never…

In Juniper’s Beautiful Obsession, Jack Cartwright has put his wild sexual side firmly in the past so he can focus on his graduate studies. All he wants is to finish his thesis. He would never get involved with a student…

In my book One Man Advantage, Nicole Lambert has just been humiliated in front of the entire world because of her dating history. She will never get involved with another hockey player…

Of course those words come back to bite them in the *ahem* buttocks…Here are a couple of short excerpts:

Beautiful Obsession:

A flash of clear gray shone in a sea of jeans and many shades of black—like the first wink of a star in a familiar night sky. Eyes. Gorgeous, mysterious eyes that sent a shaft of shocking lust straight to Jack’s groin. Squinting, he searched for those remarkable eyes again but the students had shifted position and that compelling moonbeam glance was gone.

Jack shook it off as a silly hallucination and joined the cafeteria line. He tuned out the din of “what’s your major, what’d you do over the summer” chatter. Delving back into the question of Spartan law that had come up during a stubborn chapter of his thesis, he barely noticed what food the server handed him. It wasn’t until he scanned the crowded tables to find a seat that he saw her again. Her face came into sudden, stunning focus, like a camera snap-zooming on the most interesting image in the room.

Those eyes. Secretive, misty-gray, one slightly more tilted than the other, as if an artist had deliberately included a flaw to distract from her oval-faced, Madonna-like perfection. Her hair was a dark spill down her back, with a careless pin holding it away from her face. She wore a white, sleeveless blouse that revealed arms that were slim to the point of thinness. Her pale skin stood out among the students sunburned from their summer breaks. Her lips were far too full for her mouth, almost embarrassingly generous and erotic. One corner of her mouth curled inward, as if it had a scar. She sat close to the guy beside her and looked nervously around the dining hall with its arched windows and wall sconces. Her friend was big, brawny, walnut-haired, silent. His fork looked as if it might break in his hand.

They must be new to Adams House. Sophomores or transfers from another house. Boyfriend and girlfriend, no doubt.

His cock surged. He fiddled with his tray as he ruthlessly willed away his erection. He’d gotten used to burying his sexual needs under research and grades and thesis chapters. His life was about graduate school now, not sex.

He forced himself to look away, spotted another graduate student waving him over, and brushed past the girl’s table. Damn if he was going to let a sexy student get to him. He knew better than that.

(Cue the music: Dunh dunh dunh!) And from One Man Advantage:

His eyes warmed as he studied her, gaze again tracking over her body. The way he looked at her made her bones melt, made her feel like he knew every kinky thing she liked to do in bed. Heat flashed beneath her skin at his sexy perusal.

“You almost look like her sister.”

Nicole blinked. She’d never heard that before. Yes, they were both blonde and similar height, but Taylor was elegant and feminine, where Nicole was athletic and still felt like the tomboy she’d been as a kid. Huh. Must be the new highlights and clothes. “We’re not sisters,” she said. Once again her gaze dropped to his remarkable chest and abs.

“I told you who I am,” he said with a slow smile. “Are you going to tell me your name?”

“Oh.” She bit her lip. “Do I have to?” Damn, that was the wrong thing to say.

He grinned and leaned one shoulder against the wall. “No. But it’d be nice to know what to call you. Other than…hot.”

Every nerve ending in her body went on high alert and her nipples hardened. Sacrament! This was just cruel!

Merde, she was a hockey whore. She closed her eyes against the wave of intense attraction she felt for this guy. She didn’t even know him. All she knew was he was a hockey player, for god’s sake, and she wanted to lick him.

Wanna take a chance to win a copy of either BREAKAWAY or FACEOFF from Kelly Jamieson and your choice of a backlist from Juniper Bell? It’s easy! Simply leave a comment answering the following question: What kinds of things have you done that you said you’d never do?

Juniper Bell is a multi-published, bestselling author of erotic romance. She lives with her husband in a cabin in Alaska with sporadic running water and a spectacular view of glaciers. She wound up in the frozen north after leaving her career as a stressed-out Los Angeles TV writer. Luckily, her love for writing survived the move, and she soon discovered a surefire way of heating up those long winter nights. She publishes with Samhain and Ellora’s Cave. When she isn’t writing naughty or shoveling snow, she’s dreaming of the day she can move to Hawaii. Visit her website at, her blog at, friend her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

Kelly Jamieson is a best-selling author of over twenty romance novels and novellas.  Her writing has been described as “emotionally complex”, “sweet and satisfying” and “blisteringly sexy”. Where you can find Kelly:





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19 Responses to “Never Say Never”

  1. So many things to choose from, let’s see. Well, I once said I would never allow my hair to be cut short, and that was wrong. Wrong because I did, and wrong because it looked like crap. But the biggie would have to be when I said I would never have children. Oops. But in my defense, birth control pills weren’t as reliable back then. And once you have one, you might as well have two.


  2. Be JUST like my mom! ;p That’s probably the biggest 😉 And well, let’s just say the jury’s still out on scads of other things… I do remember one of the silliest–I used to ONLY read contemporaries… now wasn’t that just the most ridiculous choice ever? I took little peek at a historical one day, and then it was a wildly slippery slope 🙂 My TBR can attest to that!

    Love the sounds of your “I’ll NEVER” characters, Juniper and Kelly! (No need to include me for Breakaway or Faceoff, Kelly–happily those are on my TBR!)

  3. kellyjamieson Says:

    Hi Donna! I do believe I may have said that “I’ll never have kids” thing too…oops.

    Hugs Fedora thanks so much!

  4. edenbradley Says:

    Oh, you do NOT want me to spill that here! Just coming by to say how awesome you two are!
    Eden/Eve 🙂

  5. wolphcall Says:

    I think the biggest one I said was I would NEVER be like my mother. Now I keep saying the same things to my kids that she said to me.


  6. kellyjamieson Says:

    Yeah, that I’ll never be like my mother can come back to bit you too, huh.

  7. caitymack Says:

    Well a couple of things come to mind. I said I would never go sky diving, and went on a tandem jump on my 30th birthday (only once, though, lol). Also when my hair was still my natural color, I said I would go gray gracefully. Not! Once the time came, I just had couldn’t do it. I come by that naturally, since my Mom, who is 80, still covers the gray.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

    • kellyjamieson Says:

      Hi Caity! That reminds me of another thing I say I’ll never do: go gray. Never. (check with me when I’m 90 and in the nursing home LOL)

  8. Congrats ladies on the new releases! I said I would never get a tattoo, I now have 2 and am in the process of designing the third! Said I would never have kids and now I have 2. Never say never is right!

  9. kellyjamieson Says:

    Oooh Shari I didn’t know you have tattoos… 🙂

  10. Katherine Says:

    Kelly, Juniper. -. Both of your new books sound hot and, well let’s just say I want to read them!

    Oh there are so many things I swore I’d never do! Most recently. Was after years of saying we’d never buy a minivan…we bought one. Sigh. And it is awesome having so much space. But still, a minivan?!?!?!

  11. kellyjamieson Says:

    Ah the minivan…yes I think I said never to one of those too, and of course we bought one when we had kids!

  12. I guess I’ve said I would never put myself in a situation where I would end up regretting my actions. It’s obvious that we do make mistakes every once in a while.

  13. kellyjamieson Says:

    Hi Jane! Yep that does happen doesn’t it!

    And I think that’s why my heroine Nicole and Juniper’s hero Jack are so understandable – they say that…but then they’ve made a mistake.

  14. WOW!! The infamous, “I will never…” line. Oh the many times I have said that….In college, I know I said, “I’ll never drink like that again.” That lasted a whole 3 days, then Thursday came and it was time to party again. Now that I am much older, I really don’t drink like that. LOL
    After my divorce from my first husband, I said, “I’ll never marry again.” Now I am happily married to my “real” husband! Glad I didn’t stick with that one!

    Congrats on you releases!! I need to pick these up! Summer break is coming in 19 days. I wll be doing LOTS of catch up reading.

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  15. ahem, I said I was never going to have sex with someone I didn’t know.

    aliasgirl at libero dot it

  16. juniperbell Says:

    Thanks to everyone who shared their “Never Say Never” stories! The winner is …. JANE! Jane, please email me at and Kelly and I will get you set up with some prizes! Yay!

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