Which way is up?

The last few months have been chaotic to say the least. I swear I feel like I’ve been in the spin cycle of the washing machine. It’s not quite a week since I returned from the US. Mr.C and I had a great holiday and of course we squeezed in the Romantic Times Convention too. Okay, fine, the holiday was squeezed in around RT. 🙂 Still, we had a blast and we’re both still struggling to recover, what with time zones, late nights, excessive eating and drinking…… Anyway, a quick post today. I’m sharing some snaps of our adventure.

Navy Pier. Do we look cold? We should, the wind blowing in off the water was like ice!

The bean. I think. Who knows. We did venture a little closer….

Mmmm….not sure I’d want to stare up into that after a few drinks. 😆

The most bizarre car park I’ve ever seen!

*sigh* Searching through our pix makes me want to go back. 😦

Rhian Cahill


5 Responses to “Which way is up?”

  1. Rhian,

    I hope you and your hubby had a great time in Chicago. The last picture is Marina Towers and above the parking garage are residences. It is interesting and a little scary the first time you park.

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  3. Wow …just lQQking at that car garage makes me dizzy…:D..! Trips R so much fun …((sigh))..I hope U had a nice time..my youngest daughter..(Jalana..17 yrs.old) just got back from a wk. long trip with her school from JAPAN..OOOH my word it blew her mind…My baby will NEVER be the same..She speaks Japanese, takes it N high school lives ,eats ,cooks& breathes the Japanese culture..((giggle))..! She’s seen ,experience sooo many amazing things..yeppp..I’m a pround Mom…:D I luvvv vacation pix..they make me dream & feel the impossible..((sigh))thanQ

  4. I missed the BEAN!! looks like it was a great time

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