Had Fun This Week!

Being blog mom for the week has been fun. With so many great people in the group, the chance doesn’t roll around often (which is great for busy, busy me!) and when it does, I’m both psyched for it and sometimes at a loss for words. Weird, huh?

But I’ve had fun this week, even though I’m still in recovery mode from RT. All this, and I managed to finish a short story requested by the editor of the upcoming Mammoth Book of Futuristic Romance. I’ll let you all know when that comes to fruition. For right now, I’m still basking in the release of WOLF HILLS last week and planning my writing schedule for the next six months or so. I’ve got a lot of writing ahead of me, so I’d better get started! LOL.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a little excerpt from my most recent installment in the Jit’suku Chronicles. Why? Because the short story I just finished was set in that world. 😉 Here’s a short excerpt from King of Cups, which is available now. And just so you know, I intend to have the next story in this series out this summer.

Excerpt from King of Cups (c) 2011 Bianca D’Arc

He walked with her toward the front door. “Do you need an escort home?”

“No, I have a securecart waiting for me.” She stopped as he unlocked the front portal. He stepped outside with her and handed her into the robotic unit that would drive her straight from the bar to her room without stopping. Once inside, she’d be safe from anyone who might otherwise try to waylay her.

She paused with her hand on the front panel. Once she closed it, the cart would lock down and start its journey through the darkened, late shift station night.

“I don’t think it’s going to be final, if it’s any consolation.” She was speaking in vague terms now that they were outside the secure zone of the bar.

“I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t say that eases my mind somewhat. Then again, past experience tells me that in these kinds of situations anything can happen.”

Alex leaned down and kissed her. It was a short kiss, but it was the first time he’d initiated any sort of intimacy with this woman. The one woman he wanted above all others. The one woman he could never have.

She was human. He wasn’t—not anymore. He’d volunteered for Enhancement. That meant he’d been changed forever. He’d promised himself when he’d made the decision to go ahead with the Enhancement that he’d never get involved seriously with a woman. The same treatment that made him a better soldier also took away his virility. Maybe that was the wrong word, he reflected as he looked at her beautiful face. He could still get it up. Della could make him hard with just a smile. His equipment still worked, but the Enhancement had made him sterile.

That would mean something to a woman. Especially a woman as soft, warm and loving as Della. She was the perfect woman for him and she was all wrong. He’d known it almost from the first time she had walked into his bar. She was the one. The only one for him.

The only one he’d never have.

But if he was going to face death with her by his side on the morrow, he thought he deserved just one little kiss. A dream of a kiss to live on should the worst happen tomorrow.

Stepping back, he closed the hatch of the securecart on her lovely, startled expression. The mechanism clicked into a locked position and the cart took off under its own power. He saw Della look back and he raised one hand in a subtle wave, saluting her as she drove off in the cart.

He’d see her tomorrow. Tonight he would live on dreams of her soft lips under his.

You can get King of Cups right now from Amazon, B&N, or for other formats, try Smashwords. Likewise, you can get the first story in the series, King of Swords in the same places. Enjoy!

Until next time… Happy reading! 🙂

One Response to “Had Fun This Week!”

  1. Good news that you’re planning another in this series for the summer! And yes, I AM stalking you B! LOL


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