Are You Ready to be Rocked? Love’s Rhythm Available Now!

Finally, after all the touring, all the song writing, Nick is ready for you to take home. That’s right,Love’s Rhythm is AVAILABLE NOW!

“Love’s Rhythm was such a perfectly fantastic read that the first night I picked up the story I couldn’t put the book down.” Maldivian Book Reviewer’s Realm of Romance 

“Ms. Couper gives the reader an epic tale of everlasting love! She has the ability to blend passionate sex and heartfelt story like a master!  Love’s Rhythm is an absolute Recommended Read!” Joyfully Reviewed

His music moves the world. Can his love move her heart?

Nick Blackthorne knows all about words of love. They’re the reason he’s the world’s biggest rock star. The irony? He turned his back on love a long time ago, lured away by the trappings of fame.

An invitation to a friend’s wedding is a stark reminder of how meaningless his life has become. When he enters that church, there’s only one woman he wants on his arm—the one he walked out on a lifetime ago. But first he has to find her, even if all she accepts from him is an apology.

Kindergarten teacher Lauren Robbins once had what every woman on the planet desires. Nick. Their passion was explosive, their romance the stuff of songs…and it took fifteen years to get over him. Then out of the blue Nick turns up at her door, and all those years denying her ache for him are shattered with a single, smoldering kiss.

But molten passion can’t hide the secret she’s kept for all these years. Because it’s not justher heart on the line anymore…and not just her life that’ll be rocked by the revelation.

Product Warnings
Remember your first crush on a rock star? Now add smoldering sex, a raw and undeniable passion, soul-shattering orgasms. And secrets… 

A Naughty Excerpt

He shook his head. “Who’s Josh? Is he your boyfriend?”


Lauren lifted her chin. “If he was? Would you go away then? Leave Murriundah?”


His smile grew more crooked. “No.”


“So what difference does it make if he is my boyfriend?”


Nick took a step toward hers. “The difference is whether I have to compete with someone or not?”


Lauren’s heart slammed harder into her already tight throat. “Compete?”


“For you, Lauren.” His grey eyes seemed to glint, as if the hottest of fires suddenly burned in their depths. “I came back to say sorry for fucking up, sorry for walking away from you, from us, sorry for tearing out your heart. I came back to apologise and invite you to a wedding. To share a moment of pure happiness with the only person I have ever been truly happy with, and then you kissed me.”


She stared at him. “And?” The word was barely a whispered breath.


“And then you asked for more, and I knew I had more to give you. So much more. I have more to give you, Lauren. I have fifteen years of more to give you, if you’ll let me, and then a whole lot more.”


“No.” She shook her head. The ridiculousness of the situation struck her. Here she was standing in her best friend’s bedroom wearing only a shirt and underpants as the world’s biggest rock star told her quite clearly he wanted her. Again. The world’s biggest rock star who could have anyone he wanted, who had women and men throw themselves at him on a daily basis, wanted her.


Say yes.


She shook her head again. “No.”


“No you won’t let me, or no, you won’t tell me who Josh is.”




He took another step toward her. “Lauren, please.”


She stared at him, eyebrows knotting. “Nick, do you have any idea what you did to me fifteen years ago?”


“I think I do. And I want to show you how fucking sorry I am.”


“I can’t let you do that.” She caught her bottom lip with her teeth, hugging herself. “I barely survived the last time you left. Now, it’s not just…” She bit on her lip again. “I’m just a school teacher in a small town that doesn’t have a single set of traffic lights, and I like that. You’re Nick Blackthorne. You date royalty and fly in private jets and have women send you their worn underwear. You’re talking about competing, Nick? I can’t compete with that. I can’t and I won’t. It’s not fair to me, and it’s not fair to Josh.”


Nick’s eyes flared that same black heat. “He’s a lucky guy, this Josh.”


Lauren swallowed. “I like to think so.”


“But tell me, Lauren,” he murmured. “Does he make you feel like this?” He destroyed the distance between them in one step to capture her mouth with his.

The kiss was deep and thorough and utterly possessive. It claimed her lips and rendered her knees weak. His hands cupped her face, his fingertips coming to rest on her temples, his thumbs stroking her cheekbones. His tongue delved into her mouth, seeking hers. Finding it, mating with it. She wanted to stop him, she knew she should—it was insane to let him kiss her like this—but the second the notion of pulling away entered her mind it was washed away by the waves of desire and need Nick’s kiss sent surging through her.


She moaned, surrendering herself to that desire. For a moment, just a moment. Surely she could allow herself one more moment?


Nick moaned back, a raw sound so full of want her head swum. His heat seeped into her, his body hard and lean against her. So hard. All of him.


She shifted, rolling her hips. His erection pressed to her belly, and not for the first time in her life of being kissed by him, she wished she was taller. She wished she was his height so her sex could align with his. She needed to feel its long, thick length on her mons. Just for one moment…


“Fuck, I love kissing you.” Nick’s groan, uttered against her lips, sent ripples of tight heat into her core. “It’s like kissing a horny angel.”


His tongue swiped over hers before she could respond. Or maybe she did? Maybe the whimper in her throat and the thrust of her hips harder to his body was her response? She wasn’t sure anymore. Wasn’t even sure what she’d been doing before this kiss. Her mind didn’t seem to be hers anymore. It was lost to the pleasure welling inside her. All due to Nick’s lips, Nick’s tongue, Nick’s kiss. Her blood roared in her ears and her pussy throbbed. She slid her hands up his torso, the sculpted muscles beneath her palms tensing at her touch. She liked that. Liked the effect she had on him. She skimmed her fingertips over his nipples, her sex squeezing as they puckered into tighter points under the material of his shirt.

His shirt. Lord, why hadn’t she removed his shirt along with his jacket? Just to be sure he hadn’t been bruised when he hit the ground back at school? If she’d removed his shirt her skin could be touching his skin now. In fact, she should remove her own shirt. Share her body heat with him. Let her warmth heal him. Let her body soothe the pain she’d caused him. It was only right.


She tried to pull away, tried to disengage herself from the kiss. The need to strip naked was too powerful to ignore, but Nick wouldn’t let her. His hands raked down her back, his arms cinching around her, as if he feared she was going somewhere. Ha! She wasn’t going anywhere. Why would she, when Nick was kissing her with such ruthless abandon and greed? When his erection ground against her belly, an undeniable testament to his desire for her? She moaned again, her innermost muscles clenching, wanting that which her body and her heart remembered all too easily—Nick inside her, possessing her. Filling her.


Fucking her.


Making love to her.


Like he used to. 


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  1. Julianne Says:

    Congrats on release day, Lexxie!!
    Whoop, whoop!!!

  2. Oh, heck yeah!!! Congrats on new release! 😃

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