RT-Jambi Style

So I left Thursday night to drive to Chicago. Went right after work. A few hours before I was going to leave I get an email from Mari asking if I’d left yet.  I was still at my day job. Mari was happy because she ordered me to help with the event IH was doing at RT. It’s called Red Hot Pictionary. I was nervous. I mean…I’d have to stand in front of a group of people and I THOUGHT I might have to read from my own story and Mari would have let me keep thinking that. *Glare* but I was told that the readers would be doing that. *whew* Then I had to find 60 promo items. Everything else was packed so I rushed home. Got PMan ready to go, grabbed my items and hit the road.

It was a three hour drive. Not too bad at all. Not much traffic either–well until I got into Chicago. Ugh. lol BUT…guess what. I DIDN’T get lost. Those who know me, know what a big deal that is. ROFL! I got a Babs. Or as you might know the…a Garmin. Love that thing.

Got to the hotel was tackle hugged by Lila. Jayne and Mari took me up to the room. Mari was kind enough to share her bed. The next day I went to register and ran into Damon Suede, Sheri, GeGe and Kitty. Rae was there too. Woot. As I’m getting ready to get my badge I see a BIG poster that had Lexxie’s name on it. Totally cool. A call came in and finally V was there too so I got her badge and met her up in the room. We had a little time for breakfast and a chat before Pictionary.

And…OMG…pictionary was SO funny. The pictures that were draw….LOVED them. It went over really well and we all had such a great time. Lunch was next and I had an awesome turkey burger! Then we went to the RT awards where Jayne WON! The next big thing on my day was the Total e Bound party. I love my publisher. They took us to an Italian restaurant. Food was great and I got to meet Nichelle Gregory and what a wonderful woman she is. I hope to see her again at another convention.

After dinner I want to a paranormal speakeasy party. I had SO much fun and Lexxie was a great zombie. She even scared the waitress. I partook in a few drinks and some great conversation and then my Friday was over.

Saturday was the big book signing. I waited in a LONG line for…um…I think two hours. Yeah…I might have gotten the time wrong because my computer was still on Indiana time and Chicago is an hour behind. I did meet a pirate. ROFL! After they opened the doors it didn’t take too long to get in. I got a nice photo of Jayne with her award.

Got more books then I really needed…but…BOOK! lol Ran them up to my room and had a wonderful lunch. After lunch was the Military mixer and what a wonderful thing that was. They had a barbershop quartet and honored veterans. Very nice. I really enjoyed it.

The Fan-Tastic party was next just a quick little meet and greet with authors. They had the new Anne Rice book in the bags they gave out and as luck would have have it…Anne Rice was there to SIGN! And I was lucky enough to get in line in time to get her autograph. And yes…that IS my book she is signing.

After that we went to get dressed up for our Princess Party and pizza. It was Lexxie’s birthday!! What a blast that was! We talked for hours until it was time for bed.

Sunday was up early and had breakfast with the whole gang and chatted some more until it was time to leave. I was sad to go. I had SO much fun and met a LOT of great people. I might do it again next year…maybe the whole week…could actually go as an author this time…

Thank you to every one and until next time.

Jayne at the book signing

The lines to get into the book signing.

Getting ready for the TeB dinner and the RT Awards

At the Military Mixer

Barbershop Quartet at Military Mixer

Speakeasy Party

Weird light by the elevators

Me ready to be a Princess



8 Responses to “RT-Jambi Style”

  1. Looks like a great time JambiJo! Glad ya didna get lost. *grin* It really looks like you and the gang had fun….Wish I coulda been there….*sigh* Oh well! I live, vicariously, thru ya’ll. *grin*

    your fan,

  2. We did have fun! I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. 🙂

  3. Glad you had a good time – sounds like fun was had by all.
    And I LOVE the red shoes – very sexy!!

  4. Thank you! 🙂 I didn’t have them on for too long. ROFL!

  5. Leona Jayne Says:

    Soumds like a hoot! You look so cute in those new clothes…we need to shop more often!

  6. Thanks Jayne! 🙂 I love my new clothes. 🙂 And…I am starting to like shopping. 🙂

  7. aaww you look so awesome with Jayne and V, love love that pic. I can’t wait to see you, so glad you had so much fun.

  8. Jambrea,

    It was super cool meeting you too! I was sooo nervous and I was happy to be seated next to such a sweetheart! I hope to come to RT next year. 😉

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