RT – Day Two

I hope I’ve got this right and it really is my turn to blog today. I’m a little confused because I got up at 5:30 in the monring, intending to cheer on fellow IH’ers, Jayne Rylon and Lexxie Couper, who we thought were going to be interviewed on CNBC. Instead, they ended up as background – talking to a shirtless cover model guy, no less – while the reporter talked about “erotica” sales. Hmm.

Was it worth getting up at the crack of dawn? Yeah, actually, any time spent hanging out with the IH gals is worth that! But the CNBC thing was a little disappointing, though Jayne figured prominently in the background. You can watch the clip here: CNBC at RT 2012

It always intrigues me how people who don’t read romance perceive us. To be honest, as Jayne commented, it makes it look like all we do at cons is stand around talking to half naked guys. FAR from it! Today I got to hang with some awesome readers and writers at Club RT and will be going back there later this afternoon.

It’s also all about the SWAG. 😉 I’ve refilled my little spot on Promo Alley about a dozen times and I’m almost out of the imprinted markers I bought for this year’s event. Ack! I was afraid I’d brought too many (about 500-600 or so), but really, I should’ve brought MORE!!!

One new thing for me this year is I’ve been Tweeting a bit from the conference. I just got an iPhone about 2 days before leaving for the con and I’m still learning how to use it, but it’s a lot of fun and I’ll try to get one of the more techie gals to teach me how to Tweet photos, if possible. So follow me on Twitter if you want – I’m @biancadarc.

Today I have a full schedule of events. I’ll be heading down to the Kensington mixer in a few minutes and then there’s a return to Club RT to chat with readers. Then a few panels and workshops, maybe. Then the Samhain Stampede party and the Scottish Fairy Ball tonight, which should be a hoot! I’ll try to remember to take some pics there that I can post here or on my personal blog (not sure where).

I think it’s my week to be Blog Mother when we get back from RT, so I’ll “see” you all then! Especially since Lexxie and I are sharing a release date – we both have books coming out on April 17th!!! 🙂

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