Australia Day!


Did you all know I was an Aussie? Have I mentioned it before? (Hee hee hee) Oh golly, which book do I pick? Hmmm, I’m going to go with Tropical Sin. Why? It’s set in a lush tropical island resort in Australia, has a fiesty Australian heroine and two very sexy Australian heroes.

It takes more than a rock star to rock your world. Sometimes you need a friend.

McKenzie Wood is Australia’s star gossip mag journalist, and she’s just spied the story of a lifetime: rumor-shrouded rock star, Nick Blackthorne—who thinks he’s incognito at Bandicoot Cove resort. The word is Nick’s a sex addict about to come out of the closet, and who better to lure Nick out than her BFF, Aiden Rogers—a pulse-poundingly gorgeous firefighter who is always there when she needs him, no matter the challenge.

Aiden admits it’s pretty damned pathetic that he can rush into burning buildings, but not have the guts to tell McKenzie he’s in love with her. No way can he tell his best friend he’d like to do some seriously sinful things to her, especially since she’s never shown one iota of sexual interest.

Nick looks forward to some “unfamous” downtime in his home country. He’s surprised to find his creative muse stirred—more like brought to rigid attention—by a couple so sexy that all he can think about is the three of them. Together.

Three bodies move together as one, and the music becomes a smoldering beat that rivals the island’s heat. When the truth inevitably comes out, the heat might be enough to save three souls…or end up just another sinner’s lament.

Warning: One plus one plus one equals OMG sex, are-you-freaking-kidding-me orgasms and some serious mind-blowing climaxes.


“Holy shit!” McKenzie Wood grabbed at her best friend’s sleeve, almost yanking Aidan off his seat and into her lap. “Did you see who that was?”

She swiveled in her own seat, trying like hell to catch a glimpse of the tall-dark-and-freaking-gorgeous man through the restaurant’s crowd.

Aidan, bless his little cotton socks—well, not that little, since the guy had size thirteen feet—didn’t smack her back. Instead, her best friend since she was fourteen disengaged his shirt sleeve from her fist, righted himself on his chair and turned to look in the general direction she was gawking.

“Hugh Jackman?” he guessed, his deep voice rumbling with mirth. “Russell Crowe? Russell Brand? Brandon Routh?” He shot her a sideward glance, a grin pulling at the corners of his mouth. “Care to throw me a bone here, Mack, ’cause I haven’t got a bloody clue.”

McKenzie twisted back to him and gave him a wide grin. “Nick Blackthorne.”

Aidan’s mouth fell open. He smacked his palms to the sides of his face, his green eyes wide. “No!” he burst out. “Nick Blackthorne? The Nick Blackthorne?”

McKenzie whacked the back of her right hand against his chest, hiding her grunt of pain under a scowl of exasperation. Damn it, the man’s chest was harder than concrete. “Yeah, yeah, yeah—” she rolled her eyes, “—funny bastard, aren’t you? The last time anyone saw Nick Blackthorne, he was supposedly checking into a sex rehab clinic in Germany for being an addict.”

Aidan cocked an eyebrow. “Sex addict? The guy’s a bloody rock star. The biggest rock star this country has produced. Isn’t he meant to have sex with just about everything in a dress that throws herself at him?”

“No, no, no, no.” McKenzie shook her head. “God, don’t you actually read the rags I write for? He supposedly checked into a sex rehab center because he can’t stop having sex with men.”

Aidan studied her for a long second. Followed by another one.

She sat and waited for him to say something, her hands on his knees, her gaze holding his.

Finally, he shrugged. “Well, to each his own.”

McKenzie leaned closer to him. “You’re missing the point, Rogers. If Nick Blackthorne is here, when everyone thinks he’s in Germany, I could get the scoop.”

“The scoop?”

She grinned, squirming closer to the edge of her seat. “The scoop.”

Aidan let out a sharp breath, turning back to their table and reaching for his beer. “McKenzie,” he said, his voice level, “we are at the soft opening of your friend’s resort. If you go all tabloid-journalist and stalk a guest, Kylie will kill you. Then I will have to explain to Mason why I let his twin sister get killed. And then Mason will probably try to punch me.”

“And what would you do in return?”

Aidan gave her a steady sideward glance. “Depends. Do you like your twin today or not?”

McKenzie thought about that question for a moment, struggling to keep her face composed. Aidan always, always seemed to make her want to grin, even when he was telling her she was being horrible. Prick. “Better not punch him back,” she answered. “He did, after all, pay for the flights up here.”

“Good point.” Aidan took a mouthful of beer before picking up his fork and stabbing at the lobster bisque on his plate. “Although I coulda done without the blackmail to help clean that boat of his he just bought with Trent. Seriously, if Trent wanted to sail up the Australian coastline, how come I get stuck with scraping the barnacles off the hull of the damn rust bucket?”

“’Cause you lost that stupid bet at the airport about whose bag was the lightest—his or yours, remember?” McKenzie offered, picking up her own fork. She had to hand it to Kylie; the girl knew how to throw a party, and the soft opening hadn’t even started yet. Lobster for brunch? Bring it on. “Oh, and you can hold your breath the longest?”

Aidan snorted again, the sound making her grin wider. “Next time Kylie launches a resort opening, I want it to be in the Outback.” He took another mouthful of beer. “Or the Snowies.”

Buy the ebook now from Samhain PublishingAmazon,Barnes and NobleSony Reader StoreBook Depository


Did you all know I was an Aussie? Have I mentioned it before? Er, okay. So I’m only half Aussie. The other half of me is South African. (The full blooded Aussies think I talk funny, but honestly? Wait til you hear them!) The half of me that’s Aussie is the one that comes out when I write, because Aussie men inspire romance. C’mon, who else would tell the woman he loves, the woman who is dressed to the nines and has never looked more beautiful in her life, that she doesn’t look half bad? (See, ya gotta love an Aussie hero!)

So, back to the task at hand? Here’s a blurb and excerpt from my May release, Office Affair. The book is set in Sydney, mostly in an office block in the city. (Oh, and did you know it’s the unofficial sequel to Island Idyll?) (PS – please note the spelling of the word ARSE! Usually I spell it ASS, but for this book, and its prequel, I used the Aussie spelling.)

All work and no play? Not for this girl. Not anymore.

Melissa Sparks has had enough. Enough of being an overachiever, enough of having no social life, enough of being lonely. Just this once she wants a change. Something different. Something that looks very much like her business associate, Ben Cowley.

Ben is all alone in the deserted offices of Preston Elks. He’s gorgeous, he’s single and he’s been her secret fantasy for the last two years. It’s a split-second decision, but there’s no going back.

When Ben looks up from his desk, the last thing he expects to see is his too-serious, straight-laced colleague stripping naked. It’s been a year since his last relationship ended, and though he’s still picking up the pieces, Melissa throws his carefully balanced world off its axis. So does her offer: a brief affair, no strings attached.

Right about the time he realizes a simple affair will never be enough, she’s back in professional mode—and clearly as distant as ever. Now it’s up to him to show her that what they have is no fluke…and he’ll do whatever it takes to convince her. Even if it means inviting another man into their bed.

Product Warnings: This book contains a man haunted by his past decisions, a woman determined to succeed, sex hot enough to steam up every office window on the block, and a voyeur who gets off watching those windows steam up.

“It’s the middle of the day, sweetness. A long way away from ten o’clock.” He lifted his arse up off the chair, so when she tugged on his pants and boxers, she met with no obstruction. His cock popped up to greet her watering mouth.

“Very good, Cowley.” She nodded her approval and folded one hand around his balls and the other around his erection. “You worked that out so quickly. I can see you must have shined in your math classes at school.”

“Sarcasm, Mel?”

“Desire, Cowley.”

“For math?”

“For a taste of you.”

His cock jerked in her hand. “Carry on speaking like this, and you won’t just get a taste. You’ll get a mouthful.”

“Exactly what I’d hoped for.”

A bead of moisture trickled from the slit of his cock. “Anyone could walk in.”

“The door’s locked.”

“Anyone can hear.”

“Stop speaking and there won’t be anything to hear.”

Ben shut up. And then groaned low in his throat as she took him into her mouth, one rigid inch at a time.

“Not gonna last, sweetness,” he warned. “Been waiting almost a week to come inside you again.”

She didn’t answer. Couldn’t. Not with her mouth as full as it was. She dove into the task at hand, giving it her everything.

It didn’t take long. Minutes maybe, before Ben’s moans filled her ears, before his hands clasped her head and held her face still while he thrust gently into her mouth.

She sensed the restraint in his movements. Knew he held back, restricting his thrusts for fear of choking her.

She was having none of it. He’d given her everything sexually up until now, held back nothing. He’d wrought orgasms from her with his mouth and his hands and his cock. It was only fair she give him back just as much.

She opened her mouth wider, and the next time he thrust inside, she caught his dick and swallowed.

“Holy fucking hell.”

His shout was gratifying, although Melissa feared for just a second it would attract attention.

Then he pulled back and thrust again, and she forgot about the attention and focused on his cock. On the way it slid further and further down her throat. On the way his flavor exploded over her taste buds, salty, musky. He tasted like pure, unadulterated man.

She focused on the way his low groans filled the office, and how his thrusts intensified. Focused on keeping her cheeks hollowed, sucking him when he drove in and caressing him as he pulled out.

“Gonna come, sweetness.” He clutched her face tighter, thrust faster. His voice was hoarse, and when she peeked up at his face, his eyes were closed, his head thrown back.

She sucked harder.

“Love…coming inside you,” he rasped. “Ahh… Fuck!”

The words stopped, just like that. His cock pulsed in her mouth. Once, twice, and a burst of slippery fluid slid down her throat. Then another. She held off while she could, letting his orgasm flow, letting the pleasure take him, but when come began to spill from her lips, and she had no choice, she swallowed. Once.

Ben cried out and jerked. Another burst of fluid filled her mouth. God, she’d wanted a taste and he was providing her with a healthy one. A delicious one.

He pulsed once more in her mouth, and the rush of fluid trickled away to nothing. The next time she swallowed, he pulled away from her.

“Too….sensitive,” he gasped as she let his cock go.

Melissa leaned back on her haunches and watched as he struggled to catch his breath.

He watched her right back. Watched her wipe her lips with her thumb and forefinger, scooping off any come that had slipped out while he exploded and then lick those same fingers clean.

“Ya did that in broad daylight,” he commented raggedly.

“Appears so.”

“With the entire office right on the other side of the door.”

Melissa nodded. “I did.”

“Know what I reckon, sweetness?” Ben’s eyes were glazed, his chest heaving.

“Nope. Tell me.” She licked her lips, tasted his cock again, his desire and his passion.

“I reckon I’m falling in love with you.”

Melissa tried to respond. God help her, she tried. But she couldn’t. She just sat where she was, speechless. Her mouth gaped open, and she stared at Ben.

“Nah, scratch that. I reckon I fell in love with you the first time you walked into my office and let your hair down.” He nodded. “No doubt about it. That’s the exact moment I fell in love with you.”

Office Affair releases on the 1st of May, but is available for pre-order now at Samhain, Amazon and B&N.


Ssshhhh…..I’m cheating. I’m going to give you two snippets. 🙂 I figure that evens things out seeing how us Aussies are out-numbered. lol

Doing Logan is a hot quick friends to lovers story. Enjoy!

Logan has been in love with Meredith for as long as he can remember. Seeing her with another had been its own brand of torture, but now that she’s free nothing can stop him from claiming what is rightfully his—the woman he loves.

The magnetism of Logan has never been lost on Meredith, but crossing the line between friend and lover scares her, even after dumping her slimeball ex. When Logan kisses her, an attraction like she’s never known ignites, sweeping her into an affair she can’t walk away from.

As Logan fights to win her heart, Meredith wages a battle of her own. She must admit her interest stretches way beyond merely doing Logan.


Meredith knew it was now or never and she really didn’t want it to be the latter. Taking a deep breath, she licked her lips and mentally crossed her fingers.

“Would you like to come in for coffee?” A rush of air left her chest and she sagged back against her seat.

He didn’t answer—didn’t move—and Meredith feared she’d just made a complete fool of herself. Embarrassment bloomed and flooded her cheeks with warmth. She reached for the door handle, ready to bolt inside and hide until he drove away, but a hand on her arm stopped her before she could pop the latch.

“Look at me, Meredith.” His voice was scratchy, like gravel under boots.

His hand tugged her arm until she turned to face him. What she saw in his eyes sent her pulse racing and heat flaring in her belly.

“If I come in there, it won’t be for coffee. I’m too old for games so I’ll tell it to you straight. I want you. I’ve always wanted you.” He leaned closer. “And if I come in for coffee I’ll have you.”

Hot breath fanned over her lips and Meredith couldn’t stop her tongue from slipping out to taste it. Logan made a strangled sound before his lips touched hers—a feather-like brush of flesh on flesh. He jerked back and let go of her arm. His pupils were so dilated there was no trace of their creamy brown color. She sat frozen in place, hypnotized by the look of want in his eyes.

With jerky movements, she yanked on the door handle and pushed it open, her gaze still locked with his. She swung her legs out of the low sports car until her sandals hit the ground. Not once did she look away. Feet firmly planted on the curb she stared at him for what seemed like hours but could only be seconds.

Meredith turned and pushed herself out of the seat. The black car so low to the ground she had to bend almost double to peer back inside.

“So, are you coming?”

Logan’s nostrils flared as he sucked in a breath. Naked lust burned in his eyes and she was pleased he hadn’t missed her blatant double entendre. Straightening, she stepped back and closed the door. Unable to wait and see what he would do, Meredith headed up her front walk. The rumble of the engine behind her died and her heart skipped a beat before powering back at double speed. Gulping hard, she made her way to the door, one hand frantically searching for her keys in the bottom of her purse.

She fumbled the key in the lock as Logan joined her on the porch. The lock clicked and the door swung inward. They were a step apart as they passed the threshold. Meredith pulled the key free and tossed the key ring and her purse on the small entry table. With one hand on the door she turned and closed it.


There was no time to wonder what Logan was apologizing for. Her back hit the wall and his mouth slanted over hers. This kiss was nothing like the one in the car. Hot lashes of his tongue had her opening to him. He swept inside, touching, tasting, devouring. Wet velvet ribbons unfurled inside her and rolled out until every inch of her melted against his hard body. With lips, tongue and teeth he ate at her. Consumed her in a fiery lip-lock that incinerated all memory of previous kisses.

Her fingers curled over his shoulders, nails digging in as she held on for the ride of her life. His hands weren’t idle either. With a skill that terrified and thrilled her in equal measure, Logan undid the buttons on her blouse, each one popping free with ease under his masterful fingers. Would he play her so easily? He sucked her tongue into his mouth at the same time his fingers found one pebbled nipple and tugged. Sharp darts of pleasure filled her. Each zeroing in on sensitive nerves and exploding into a need that clawed at her.

He pushed his hips into hers and ground his erection against her mound. Moisture filled her panties—slick and hot, it coated her pussy. She hooked one leg around his thigh and tilted her pelvis, dragged her clit along his length. Her hips bucked in desperation as her orgasm approached with frightening speed.

Logan tore his mouth from hers. Panting for breath, her head fell back to rest on the wall behind her. He continued to tug at her nipple—when he’d pulled her breast from her bra cup she didn’t know. She’d never been this close to orgasm without prolonged foreplay. Before now it had usually been her own hand finishing what Dirk couldn’t. Logan’s lips traveled down her chest and sucked a taut bud into his mouth and all thought of the past disintegrated.

Their hips thrust faster, Logan’s hand and mouth pulled harder and Meredith lost touch with reality. Her head thrashed and her body buckled as the orgasm rolled over her. Being pressed between Logan and the wall was the only thing that kept her from crumpling to the floor. Stars burst in front of her eyes and her mind spun like she rode a merry-go-round. Muscles tight with tension suddenly gave way and she slumped into Logan’s embrace.

With ease he lifted her off her feet and cradled her in his arms. Her head rested on his shoulder and she struggled to raise her heavy eyelids. The rock and roll of his steps made it more enticing to lay her head down and sleep but a small part of her mind still worked and she dredged up enough energy to speak.

“Bedroom. Last. On right.”

He turned sideways to enter her room. Dropping her on the bed, he came down on top of her. Meredith forced her eyelids to open and found herself staring into Logan’s heated gaze.

“Before we go any further you have to know, this isn’t a one-time deal. We do this and it’s the start of something. I won’t be your rebound guy. I’ll be the only guy.”

AVAILABLE FROM: Ellora’s CaveAmazonBarnes & NobleAll Romance eBooks

All Of You is the hot tale of a young man determined to prove he’s more than old enough.

Claire Jones never dreamed the fantasies she’d been having about the young guy next door would ever become reality but after a push from her best friend and one encounter involving dirty laundry she’s getting more reality than one woman should be allowed. But with reality comes emotion and Claire finds herself falling deeper and deeper under Ryan’s spell.
Ryan Doherty wants in Claire’s pants but he soon discovers hot sex isn’t all he’s after. She makes him happy in a way nothing and no one else ever has and if he has to use their amazing chemistry to stay in her life he will. Because having more of Claire isn’t an option. It’s the only choice.
Can Ryan and Claire bridge the age gap to find the love of a life time or will what others think destroy the best thing either of them has ever found?


“You’re thinking too much.”
Startled, Claire spun around and found Ryan leaning against the doorframe. He’d pulled on his briefs, but the shorts and shirt were nowhere to be seen. Her gaze was drawn to his bronzed chest and ripped stomach. Her mouth watered, and her fingers itched to trace the contours of every muscle. The arousal still simmering in her belly began to bubble. Harsh, shallow breaths puffed in and out of her lungs. She licked her lips, her tongue sweeping over the parched flesh.
A growl vibrated Ryan’s chest, and Claire dragged her gaze up to meet his. The hunger was back, swirling in his eyes. He pushed off the wall and took two steps, bringing his body flush with hers. Heat radiated off him, surrounded her, and soaked into her pores, traveling along nerve endings and focusing in her core. Without thought, she leaned forward, her silk covered breasts brushing his pecs. Her nipples puckered and sent sharp pulses of delight through the swollen globes.
His mouth crashed down on hers. Tongues stabbed out, pushed, and probed in a wet slide of frenzied need. She moaned into his mouth and absorbed Ryan’s answering groan as he took the kiss deeper. Breathing no longer mattered. The need to have him inside her, to be inside him, consumed her. Her knees went weak—whether lack of oxygen or his ravaging kiss, Claire didn’t know—but she leaned into him, letting his heat and strength surround her.
Ryan tore his mouth from hers, panting against her cheek as he held her close. His heart pounded beneath his hard chest. The throbbing beat echoed in her breasts, vibrated along her ribs and fell in sync with hers. Claire trembled in his arms, her whole body alive with arousal even after the mind-blowing orgasms. She tried to gather her wits, tried to pull herself together and think.
“Damn. You burn me up when I touch you,” he said.
His whispered words only made it harder to clear her head. The gravelly tone of his voice, filled with need and awe, skittered down her spine to tingle in the pit of her belly.
“I want to be inside you so bad I hurt.”
Oh, God. The man was turning her to putty with his words.
“Want to feel the tight fist of your cunt wrapped around my cock.”
She melted into him, thrust her pelvis against his to grind her clit on the length trapped between them. Claire’s pussy clenched, moisture flowed from her coating her folds, and she moaned.
“Yeah, do that again.” He gripped her hips, pulled her onto him. “Are you wet for me, Claire? Does your cunt weep for my cock?”
His words sent electric darts shooting into her womb, little arrows that found their mark, setting off flutters that spread out to her clit. Her muscles constricted, expelling more fluid from her core, and Claire rubbed harder on his erection. The silk barrier of her robe slipped and slid on the cream coating her sex.
He moaned into the curve of her neck as her damp folds rode his cock. “Damn, baby,” he said.
His hot breath burst across her skin, sending shivers racing off in every direction.
“I need to be inside you,” Ryan groaned.
“Oh, God. Yes.” Claire’s pussy clenched as she imagined him thrusting inside her.
Harsh breathing filled her ear a second before Ryan rimmed the shell with his tongue. “Condom,” he said. “Do you have any?”
Condom. Yes, she had some. Claire nodded.
“Where?” Ryan wrapped one hand around the nape of her neck, his fingers weaving into her hair. “Where, Claire?” he growled.
Their hips thrashed, pleasure turning her thoughts to mush.
“Where?” He followed his demand with a bite to her earlobe, the sting of pain snapping her out of her lust-filled daze.
“Upstairs.” The word was a bare whisper on a puff of air.
Ryan pulled back, separated their bodies, and left her chilled with a protest on her lips. The words died a quick death when Claire’s world turned upside down. He placed his shoulder on her stomach and lifted her into a classic fireman’s hold. Arms clasped around her legs, he spun on his feet and strode from the room. She grabbed his hips to keep from bouncing uncontrollably.
In large, sure steps he left the kitchen and headed for the stairs. Claire’s only view was the floor beneath Ryan’s feet, strong muscular legs, and his gorgeous ass. The flex and pull of muscles in his back rolled against her breasts, the movements teasing her erect nipples. Her fingers twitched with the urge to squeeze the taut cheeks bobbing up and down below her. The fabric of his briefs stretched across his flesh and gave her an almost perfect display. The only thing better would be if he was naked.
Too occupied with Ryan’s ass, Claire didn’t know they’d reached her bedroom until he flipped her onto the bed and came down on top of her. He caged her with his body, his weight a welcome pressure easing her deep into the soft bedding.
For a second she couldn’t think what he was talking about, but when he thrust his hips, his hard cock reminded her why they’d come upstairs. She tilted her chin to the right. “Top drawer.”
“Don’t move.”

AVAILABLE FROM: Noble RomanceAmazonBarnes & NobleAll Romance eBooks


We hope you’ve enjoyed Australia Day. We’d love to hear what you think about Aussie romance, so leave us a comment. Plus someone will win a download/arc of one of our featured books.


24 Responses to “Australia Day!”

  1. flchen1 Says:

    Love, LOVE Australian books AND Australian writers 😉 You and your stories ROCK!!

  2. I have a fair share of IH Australian books in my collection (ebooks and print). 🙂 Stories are awesome!

  3. wolphcall Says:

    I love Aussie authors & their books. All of these books are on my TBR list. Of course, all of you gals are on my auto buy list.

  4. Jess, I can not wait for May. Office Affair has been on my radar since you started talking about it. Lexxie I love you and Rhian, I loved Doing Logan. I haven’t read All of You and I love cougar stories.

    Yall have fun at RT and Lexxie get better.


  5. I love authors and stories from Australia. With the age of social media and the internet is it amazing to see where so many authors hail from. I never would have known about the authors or their stories if it wasn’t for blogging, fb, twitter, etc…..And many of the authors I love are from Australia!! WOW!!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  6. Love the Aussie books and authors especially you gals whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person. All of you ROCK!!! I can’t wait to read Office Affair since I’ve already read the other ones 😊

  7. kaylynd Says:

    I’m shamed to admit… I haven’t read many Aussie books but that will change ASAP. I added the books to my TBR list, and now which one to pick first…..

  8. Hi

    I love a good romance and Aussie men make a great hero. I have a few Aussie romance books and would love to read more.

    Thanks for the chance.


  9. I adore aussie stories and heroes – I love the slang and lingo – I can’t wait to read these stories!

  10. I love Aussie stories they are fun!!!! The lingo is so much fun too. Holy Hell Jess I was not wanting that office interlude to end.

  11. I love it more than just about anything when an author spells ARSE properly! Unless you’re American an “ass” is a donkey! I don’t want to read about sexy donkeys, or the hero screwing the heroine’s donkey!
    I find it a little sad that Australian and British teenagers today are all starting to use the American spelling.

    So if anyone has written a book with an ARSE in it, tell me. I promise to buy it!

  12. StacieD Says:

    I have read several romances set in Australia. It is one of the few countries I haven’t visited but would really love to. I like to get a glimpse of other locations through books.

  13. Katherine Says:

    I love Aussie romances! We went to Oz for our honeymoon and I’ve had a soft spot for the country and culture ever since. If only it wasn’t such a long and expensive flight! I want so much to go back.

  14. Loved Aussie day- that is one place i really want to visit. I bought the cougar story by Rhian Cahill- I amnaughtythat way. I enjoyed the tour.

  15. Barbara Says:

    I agree with Suzanne! Aussie day was AWESOME! I too, would LOVE to visit there someday…if money weren’t an issue…I’d be there…yesterday!

  16. caitymack Says:

    Yes, we kinda knew you gals were Aussies, lol. Love all the words you pepper your stories with. That is the closest I will ever come to an Aussie bloke, and I love the lingo.

  17. Ahhhh I so love our Aussie family! You ladies are all automatic buys from me, and I can’t wait for these delicious books 😀

  18. I haven’t read many, but I do love Aussie stories.

  19. Julianne Says:

    Holy cow, I wouldn’t mind doing Logan either. 🙂
    So is there a trip involved here too? LOL!!
    I haven’t read many aussie stories, but the one I did read, was great fun to read all the aussie terms. Fantastic excerpts. See ya all later, mateys.

  20. Love Aussie books and their authors 🙂
    Great excerpts.Really looking forward to Office Affair.

  21. June M. Says:

    I am so jealous of all the Aussie authors! Not only do you live in a beautiful country, but you have great talent and I am sure endless inspiration from the beautiful place you call home.

  22. the only one I’m missing here is Jess’ book-but it is on my wish list and will be bought next payday! Love the Aussies!!

  23. Courtney S Says:

    Wow! These sound hawt!
    *adds book to her TBR list*

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