Multicultural Day!


My Seeds of Dawn series could also be considered Multicultural! So…Here is a little on book 4. Origins.

Here is the series blub:

Centuries ago shifters were created to become guardians against the evils of the world. One fateful day a discarded vessel changed the very balance of the guardian’s existence. Evil is brought fourth and sides are chosen.

Fast forward to present day and the threat is back. Evil is once again filtering into the shifters world. It will take a pack descendent from teh original guardians to stand up and face the horror invading them. They must take a stand for something that has been forgotten over the years. They are about to get a very brutal reminder that could pull their world apart.

The Master Pack is in for a battle, but love may help them along the way as they fight for survival.

Here is a snippet from Origins. Book four!

Excerpt From: Origins


“Dji. This is our last night before we have to be responsible for everyone. I want to go for a walk. What could happen?” Zareb shrugged.

“I am not sure this is for the best, Zareb. We should sleep. Prepare for the ritual. I want to be fresh and alert.” Djimon looked around at the sleeping villagers, his face peaceful in the moonlight.

“We will be I promise. I want to show you something, that is all. Let us go. Please.” Zareb all but begged.

“As you wish, Zareb. Lead the way.” Djimon waved his hand for Zareb to start walking.

Zareb took his friend down the path he had found a fortnight ago where he’d found something buried just beneath the ground that sparkled and called to him. He’d been called away before he could explore it and Zareb wanted to see what it was and share it with his friend. The two of them would have to turn away from childish adventures soon and stand as protectors, but one more night exploring the jungle would not hurt anyone.

“Here it is. Remember when I told you I tripped over something? But we were too busy to come back to the spot? You have to see this. I bet it will shine in the moonlight. There. Can you see it? Can you hear it? It sings to me.” Zareb pointed to the ground.

It did not appear as if anyone had been to the spot as the ground looked undisturbed.

“What is it?”

“I’m not sure. Help me.”

The two knelt in the dirt and dug. It didn’t take long for the object to pull free. It did shine. Even through the dirt, something called to Zareb, told him to unfasten the lid. It had to be something special. He had never seen something so brilliant.

“We should take this to the elders. They will know what to do with it.”

“But it is mine, Dji.”

“Yours? No, this is something magical. Can you not feel the pull, my brother? This is not something to trifle with.”

“I said it is mine, Dji. You will turn it over to me at once.” Zareb did not care how childish he sounded. The object called to him. He must have it.

“Let us see what the elders say. They will commune with the Ancients. Then we will know what we must do. Do you not listen to your lessons? Evil is everywhere. Why do you think they choose guardians? It is the right thing to do. We both know it.”

He did know the right thing to do, but in this moment his heart and head were pulled in different directions.

“Yes, my brother. May I carry it?”

“I think the temptation is too much for you right now, Zareb. I will keep charge of it. If the elders say it is pure, I will turn it over to you.”

There was nothing for it. Zareb followed Dji’s lead back to their home.

* * * *

Africa—Present Day

Zareb shook himself from the past. He didn’t want to think of what had happened next. He had to keep Joy safe. He might have failed to protect his friend from the evils of the universe and the Vessel they’d found, but he would not fail his mate. His heart. His very soul.

The plane that would bring him home to the place where it had all begun shook and rattled before crashing into the jungle.

You can find the whole series at Total e Bound.


Trey stood inside the door listening as Joel insulted him and Ellie. Her heated defense of their relationship pleased him. The man had hurt her, but she wasn’t cowering, wasn’t backing down. She was fighting him tooth and nail, and letting her wage this battle on her own was exactly what she needed. At least, that’s what he told himself until Joel’s next words.

“I’m just saying,” Joel continued, “now we’re even. I screwed your boss, you fucked a black guy. You got your revenge, so let’s just move on.”

Trey erupted, swinging the front door open. He took one step onto the porch, ready to rip Ellie’s ex to shreds. He didn’t make it any farther than that before he witnessed Ellie taking a swing at Joel’s face. Her fist connected with the man’s jaw. Hard.

Trey took a perverse pleasure in watching Joel’s head whip around at the impact. Ellie punctuated the punch with a quick kick to Joel’s groin. The man went down like a sack of potatoes.

“Revenge? You think my relationship with Trey is based on revenge?” she screamed. “He’s a hundred times the man you could only wish to be and you aren’t fit to lick his boots. You’re a fucking deceitful, prejudiced shithead and you disgust me. Get off my porch!”

Joel cowered for a minute when it appeared Ellie might kick him again. Trey walked over and held her back.

“Bad form to kick a man when he’s down, even if he does deserve it,” Trey muttered in her ear, wondering if he’d ever seen anything more beautiful than Ellie right now.

“You’re right,” she said. “Get up, Joel. I want to kick you again.”

Joel crawled to the edge of the porch and limped down the stairs, never taking his eyes off Ellie. Trey could almost sympathize with the pain the man must be in. She’d nailed him pretty hard in the nuts. He’d be feeling the effects of that blow for at least a few days.

“Crazy bitch,” Joel muttered loud enough for them to hear as he got to his car.

Ellie started to go after him, but Trey tightened his grip, keeping her on the porch.

“That asshole,” she said, her voice trembling with anger.

Trey watched Joel peel tires as he left, then he grinned. “That was fucking awesome.”

His words, laced with pride and amazement, deflated her fury.

“Yeah, well.” She shrugged off his praise, then lifted her arm. “I hurt my hand.”

He lifted her knuckles to his lips and kissed them. “Come on. We’ll go inside and get some ice.”

They walked to the kitchen together and Trey bid her to sit as he grabbed a towel to make a homemade ice pack. Sitting next to her, he placed her hand, palm down, on the table and laid the ice on top. “I think we’re going to have to change your nickname from Hottie to Slugger.”

She laughed. “I’ll stick with Hottie if it’s all the same to you. Think I’m hanging up my boxing gloves.”

Trey considered Joel’s comments and hoped she wouldn’t be called on to come out swinging again. “You know, we’ve never discussed the race issue.”

“That’s because it isn’t an issue. I love you. Not the color of your skin.”

He felt the same way. “That doesn’t mean other people won’t make comments. What about your family?”

“They’ve met you and they like you.” She rolled her eyes and grinned. “My mom thinks you’re hot.”

Trey chuckled. “My mom thinks you’re too skinny.”

Ellie made a silly face. “Oh my. Maybe we do have an issue after all.”

Slam Dunk is available at Samhain, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo and All Romance Ebooks.


Anne Rainey

My story in the anthology Some Like it Rough could be considered multicultural, because my hero is a sexy dark-haired Italian. I hope you enjoy the excerpt. 🙂

Cherry on Top


Dante has a thing for cherries…ripe, juicy luscious cherries!

Workaholic Dante Ricci doesn’t have time for women, but when he sprawls across Cherry Du Bois’ massage table and she sinks her talented fingers into his flesh, he wants nothing more than to taste the sweetness, savor the juice and see just how ripe she is for his brand of loving.

Newly divorced Cherry DuBois finds herself on her own and desperate to make her massage therapy business a success. Just as things start to go her way though, she finds herself spending a wild weekend with a man too gorgeous for his own good. If just thinking about Dante sets her panties on fire, an entire weekend is sure to be explosive!

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The hot water jets massaged and soothed her muscles, bringing her fully awake. “I’m so not a morning person,” Cherry muttered to herself as she slapped a hand against the tile wall of the shower to keep herself upright.

As the heat continued to do its job, Cherry grabbed her pink puff and spurted some bath gel onto it. She ran the sponge over her arms and shoulders, down her ribcage, then dipped it between her thighs. The instant the soft sponge touched her clit an image sprang to mind.

Dante Ricci. The man who haunted her dreams and drove her crazy with his intense blue eyes and dark good looks. They’d never shared more than a few hellos and yet she always had the impression he saw right through her, as if reading her thoughts. He was a dangerous man to any woman, but that didn’t stop her from wanting him. Craving him. His sculpted body, square jaw and sensual mouth were pure sin. Fantasy material for certain. And she’d had plenty of fantasies over the last four months since moving to Zanesville, Ohio.

Cherry dropped the sponge and grabbed the removable showerhead from the hook on the wall, then ran it over her body. She closed her eyes and let her mind conjure up an image of Dante, nude, kneeling in front of her, taking her clit between his teeth, licking and suckling her pussy.

She drifted the pounding streams over her breasts, increasing her pleasure, then down to the juncture of her thighs. She gasped and flung her head back when the water hit her throbbing center. Each nerve ending came alive. She imagined Dante’s fingers plunging deep inside her aching hot core as she stroked and petted her glistening pussy, her body convulsing. She laid her head back against the shower wall and lifted her foot to the ledge, exposing her flesh, then dipped two fingers deep as the water teased her clit.

Cherry trembled with anticipation, her entire body alive with sensation. She squirmed against the onslaught, as she envisioned Dante’s mesmerizing gaze, dark, tousled hair and powerful body. Her lower body started a sweet rhythm that drew a whimper out of her. Cherry pulled her fingers free and cupped her left breast, squeezing and massaging with the sort of force she imagined Dante using. She pinched her own nipple, torturing herself further. As she slid the water jets over the inside of her thigh, coaxing a moan from deep inside Cherry’s chest, her soft, wet pussy throbbing and aching for release, then back to her clit again. The swollen mass of nerve endings pulsed as wicked images of Dante fondling her, licking her to completion, drove her over the edge. She slammed her palm against the wall and rode out the climax, shouting Dante’s name as she came.

Cherry placed the shower head back on the hook and took a moment to catch her breath,  legs shaking, her body still pulsing with little aftershocks. It wasn’t the first time she’d started her day this way, and it wouldn’t be the last. She wished she had the nerve to approach the sexy owner of the business next to her massage therapy center. One of these days maybe it really would be him in this shower with her.

“Yeah, and I’ll suddenly sprout wings and fly.” Whom was she kidding? She was too damn shy to approach a man like Ricci! Thanks to her jerk of an ex-husband, she was just way too unsure of her own appeal.

She finished washing and turned the water off, then forced herself to forget about things that could never be, and concentrated on the task at hand, which was making Serene Comfort a success. She had clients coming in who needed her to be in top form and she refused to let them down. Word of mouth was a powerful promotional tool and Cherry hoped the more people who left her center happy, the more business she’d have. She wouldn’t let anyone derail her from making her business a success.


“There, that’s the last box. Now it’s official.”

“You’ve been doing business for two months and now it’s official?”

Cherry laughed. “Wade, it’s never official until the last box is unpacked. Surely you knew that.”

Wade picked up another donut and took a large bite, then mumbled, “By your way of thinking I’ve yet to be moved into my apartment and I’ve been there for three years.”

“You just don’t understand the female mind.”

“And no man ever will, baby.”

Cherry stopped and stared at her friend. He’d been there for her through it all. The divorce, the tears, and the worry of what she was going to do with the rest of her life. He’d never once complained. Heck, she still wouldn’t have the shop if it weren’t for him. He’d been the one to show her the empty space, then he’d helped her set up the loan at the bank. She owed him so much. Tears welled in her eyes. “I can never repay you for everything you’ve done for me these last four month.”

Wade’s head shot up. It was always like that with him. He picked up on the slightest hint of sadness. She’d never quite understood how he could read her so well.

When he placed the chocolate iced donut back in the container and strode across the room, she knew what was coming and welcomed it. His big strong arms wrapped around her shoulders and pulled her against him in a tight embrace. “You don’t worry about repaying me. I’m just glad we found this building so cheap. It worked out perfectly.”

“Yes. It was the first good thing to happen since Brody decided I was in the way of his happiness.”

“Brody is a bastard. He’s out of your life and if you ask me you’re better off.”

“Thanks, Wade. It’s odd, but I do feel like there’s been a weight lifted. It’s scary to think I could spend three years with a man and not really know him for the snake he is.”

“Just remember, not all men are like Brody. There’s a gem out there for you, I know it.”

“My white knight,” she murmured.

“Damn straight.”

The bells on the door chimed and she stepped out of Wade’s arms to see who it could be, she didn’t have another appointment for an hour. When Cherry saw the man filling the doorway, she cringed. Dante Ricci from the financial consulting business next door and if the scrunched brows were any indication, he wasn’t any happier to see her than she was him. Her morning foray in the shower sprung to mind and her cheeks heated. Dante’s mouth curved, as if he knew her naughty little secret. Damn annoying man.

She stiffened her spine. “Can I help you?”

“I’m here to schedule an appointment.”

Her eyes shot wide. “You are?”

He stepped forward. “Got a problem with that, Ms. Dubois?”

She had to step back. It was pure suicide to stand so close to a man like Dante. He exuded power and masculinity. Cherry wanted nothing to do with either. At least that’s what she kept chanting to overactive libido.

“I’m booked up today.”

“I’m free tomorrow,” he countered.

On shaky legs, she walked around the counter and grabbed her appointment book from the shelf underneath. When she flipped it open and realized she had a slot open at the end of the day the following evening she winced. “I can fit you in at five, does that work?”

“Great. See you then.”

He started to leave and for a moment she was distracted by the way his black suit pants stretched over his tight buttocks. My god he was delicious to look at! The bells on the door brought her out of her lustful musings. “Wait! I need to know how long you want. I offer a half hour, forty-five minute and one hour massage.”

His gaze moved south, had Cherry not been watching him so closely she would have missed the quick peek at her cleavage. “Definitely an hour,” he growled, then he walked out.

“Wow,” she breathed.

Wade snapped his fingers in front of her face. “Earth to Cherry.”

“He’s really…something.”

“He wants you. Bad.”

Cherry’s cheeks heated, again she thought of her little masturbation session that morning. “He wants a massage bad, not me.”

Wade tapped her nose and murmured, “No, babe, he wants you. The massage is a ruse.”

She frowned. “In that case, maybe I should cancel the appointment. It’s not appropriate.”

“Listen to yourself. Not appropriate? You aren’t married anymore and you did nothing wrong by giving him an appointment. If things get hot and heavy, you’ll handle it.”

“You have more confidence in me than I do, Wade, because I’m not sure that man can even be handled.”

Wade laughed and grabbed his bottle of apple juice. “Trust me, with a body like yours, you’ll handle Dante Ricci just fine.”

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our Multicultural Day. We’d love to hear what you think about multicultural romance so leave us a comment. Plus someone will win a download of one of our featured books. 🙂


13 Responses to “Multicultural Day!”

  1. tazfl001 Says:

    Jambrea you are such a tease letting me hang like that. I will admit I haven’t got to book 4. Will fix this shortly.
    Mari love that scene. Makes me chuckle every time.
    Anne there is no doubt I enjoyed the excerpt. 🙂

  2. Great excerpts. I have two of the three, looks like I need to go shopping.

  3. I really need to stop coming here before I go to work!! But I can’t help it. The excerpts are just too good to pass up!

    I never really think of a book in term of multicultural. It never crosses my mind. I look at the character development, the plot, and flow of the story. I have read a few that would be in the multicultural category and loved them as I would any other book.


  4. I love these books. Watching the different cultures mesh together. Thanks for the great excerpts!

  5. I guess I don’t view a book multicultural. It is just another book to me. I did LOVE Slam Dunk! Jambrea I will be looking into that series!!

  6. I haven’t read any of theses books, the genre days are so eye opening! I enjoy multicultural books, beause often (like Mari’s blurb pointed out) there are more issues to deal with, and I like watching how characters deal with them.

  7. MicheleAnn Oboyle Says:

    this is cool that there are multiculyural roamnce books out there and it would be fun to read one

  8. Julianne Says:

    I usually don’t pay attention to whether the book is multicultural or not. It’s the storyline and how the characters inner act with each other that draws me.

  9. June M. Says:

    I generally don’t pay much attention to the cultures of characters unless the book includes rituals, traditions, etc.
    I do love to learn about different cultures and traditions that they have.

  10. flchen1 Says:

    I guess like other commmenters, I don’t often focus on the ethnicity of the characters unless it plays a big role in the plot. I do enjoy all kinds of characters and stories though, so I’m definitely a fan of multiculturalism 🙂

  11. Katherine Says:

    I enjoy multicultural books – I do pay attention to the race and gender of the characters because those differences can make for good conflict that helps the characters grow.

    Jambrea – good excerpt! This sounds like a good series.

    Mari – I read Happy Hour and really like it. I’ve had Power Play and Rough Cut on my TBR for too long – must fix that!

    Anne – I’ve read 6 of your books but not this one. I’ve added it to my TBR.

  12. I never really paid attention to the ethnicity of Jambrea’s characters in the Seeds of Dawn series-loved them all, and just saw them all as people. I have Mari’s book in the TBR mountain, and now have added the antho with Anne’s book to the wish list.

  13. Courtney S Says:

    These sound soo good!

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