Sci-Fi Day!


For Sci-Fi Day I could go back to my Alliance Series, but I think I’ll go with a different one. It’s called Love by Design.

A Soldier can be programmed for war, but what about love?

Zeke Andrews and his band of soldiers volunteered to be experimented on by the government to help protect the world from an invading force of aliens.

Is there more to the programs implants than he thought?

An overwhelming urge fills his soul when he meets an intriguing woman.

Could it be science or love? Cassandra Dawson could have the answers. Is Zeke man enough to find them?

Excerpt From: Love by Design

From the Journal of Dr. Rae Roett

July 22, 2015

We made contact today. It’s only a matter of time before the aliens land on Earth. They call themselves the Raxioni and our correspondence indicates they are peaceful beings. When we sent out the feeler months ago, we didn’t think anyone would be listening. Bob and I were shocked when first contact was made and we discovered they spoke English. They seem as anxious to meet us as we are to meet them. I just wish there was a way to do more research on these beings. We have so many questions but, so far, not a lot of answers.

The contingency plan is in place in case things don’t go as expected. The research itself is light years ahead of its time, and the chance to experiment alone is worth the risk.

It’s been years in the making, but the time is finally here. We just needed an excuse to start, and what better reason than an alien race landing on our planet. The Sentry project is a go, and my colleagues have been interviewing candidates for months. We have a great batch of test subjects we’d like to have ready to go before the alien’s touchdown. The soldiers will never know the real reason we are starting this programme. For all they are concerned, they are doing it for their country. Uncle Sam is backing us, and what they don’t know won’t really hurt them. It will benefit them in the long run.

Our Plan B will be implemented, as well, because you can’t be too safe. It makes me a little nervous, but I want my daughters protected. I scheduled their procedure for tomorrow to hurry along the process. The other scientists will bring their children in as well. I can’t wait until the beings land. I hope they will be more forthcoming in the months ahead.

September 15, 2015

Things did not go as expected with the Raxioni. The situation started out peaceful enough, but some idiot soldier shot at them in a panic, and now, they have attacked Earth in full force. The Sentries are a go. We are calling them The Sentries of the Earth or SE for short. I’m just glad we’ve had them in training for a while. Most of the planet thinks the Sentries were formed because of the attack; we will continue to let them believe that. We always feared an attack would happen. Who knew it would be because of our own soldiers? The Raxioni will not listen to reason and plan to wipe out the humans to settle on our planet. We’ll never know if that was their plan all along, but at this point, I don’t care.

My daughters underwent their experiment, and everything appears to be normal. We won’t know more until we activate the chip. Cassandra seems resentful and unsure of what is really happening, but I will not risk their lives. This is for their own good.

We are in hiding now with the Sentries. We are trying to protect the human race, and nothing will get in the way.

Aside: One of the experiments that is working well is the tattoo warning system. I am shocked and amazed at the new discovery. It’s not science but magic. Once the Raxioni started to fight, the magic users approached the government to help. They call themselves Mages. Most of the group was sceptical at first, but I have an open mind and love what they are showing us. The hope is that we will win this fight. I want a chance to study these Mages once the war is over. They are fascinating creatures. Why didn’t we know about them before now? What else could be out there?

For now, each scientist is assigned a Mage to help experiment with the soldiers. I don’t care what it takes, my family will be safe, and if magic will do it, so be it. We weren’t sure how well it would stand up, but we have discovered magic does exist and with science to help we should have the threat taken care of soon.

You can buy this at Total e Bound or other 3rd party sites.

BIANCA D’ARC (on writing) & VALERIE TIBBS (on cover art)

Well, I already talked about my Resonance Mates series back on menage day, so I’m going to give you a little bit of a new series of novellas I’ve been working on. The Arcana series of novellas ties into my Jit’Suku Chronicles universe, which will eventually be a multi-generational saga about humanity’s struggle with a humanoid alien race called the jit’suku. The first two novellas in the Arcana series – KING OF SWORDS & KING OF CUPS – are already out and available in ebook formats. KING OF CLUBS & KING OF STARS will be out later this year. Once all four Kings are out, we’ll be putting them together into a single print volume, probably sometime later this year or early 2013.

I’m (Bianca) writing this post, but I want to give credit and kudos to International Heat member, Valerie Tibbs, who did the covers of both KING OF SWORDS and KING OF CUPS. Aren’t they awesome? 😀

Here’s a little more about KING OF CUPS:

Arcana, Book 2

Alexander is the proprietor of a working class bar called The Rabbit Hole. One of its best features, in his opinion is the petite woman who deals cards and sometimes foresees the future.

Della is an undercover operative working for the same intelligence service as Alexander, though he’s only just come to realize it. She follows her visions of the future, with her employers’ encouragement, to put her in the right places at the right times to do good for the human race. Lately, the right place has been in Alex’s bar and the right time is quickly approaching. It’ll be a turning point, both for her personally and for the warring races of humanity and jit’suku.

When the heir to the jit’suku empire is attacked, Della and Alex race to save him. Taken aboard the alien ship, Della and Alex must deal with a series of unforeseen events which put their lives and millions of humans and jit’suku in dire jeopardy. Can they find solutions for not only their people, but for themselves and the forbidden love they discover between them?


Alex didn’t have family. None that he was close to, anyway. He liked covert work and he even liked tending bar. It was a natural fit that he’d taken over the little establishment out on the galactic rim.

The Rim was where the real action was anyway. It was where he’d spent most of his youth as a grunt, fighting the jit’suku, a humanoid alien race from a neighboring galaxy bent on conquest of the Milky Way. His deeds on the Rim as a young grunt were what brought him to the attention of the special ops community and what earned him the invitation to volunteer for genetic Enhancement.

Enhanced soldiers were top secret but they did exist. Scientists had cooked up a genetic manipulation cocktail that changed them on a molecular level. Alex was so much more now than he had been before. He had sharper senses, stronger muscles and faster reflexes. He was a so-called super soldier, but he wasn’t, and never would be, king of anything.

That Della though, she would insist on tweaking him every few days with the nickname only she used for him. She’d sidle up behind him while he was working at the bar and utter some request or other in that sexy dark voice of hers, following up by calling him king in some way. Usually by calling him sire, or my liege with that little smile she reserved just for him.

It never failed to get a rise out of him. Just like Della never failed to provoke a rise further down on his anatomy. The woman was hot. Smoking hot, in fact.

She was also clairvoyant. Markedly so. It was a trait shared in her family, or so she had explained when her niece Adele had shown up a few months ago and helped stop a pirate takeover of the station.

Della still looked too young to be Adele’s auntie, but apparently she had an older sister who’d married young, so there were only a few years between lovely Della and her niece. After both women had seen visions of the pirate attack Alex had learned to respect their premonitions and warnings.

So when Della nearly fell off her chair one night right before closing time, he sat her down at a quiet booth where he could keep an eye on her and brought over a steaming cup of espresso. He knew from prior experience that the caffeine helped her recover after a strong premonition.

“Thanks.” Della gave him a tired smile as he put the tiny cup and saucer on the table in front of her.

He kept this special china especially for her use. Not that he’d admit it aloud. Showing a soft spot for anyone in his line of work was dangerous. He watched as she lifted the delicate cup and took a cautious sip of the hot beverage.

“You okay?”

“I will be in a minute.” She drank, closing her eyes as she breathed. Deep, calming breaths.

“Want to talk about it?”

“Not particularly, but we’re going to have to.” She sighed, displacing the fringe of her wispy bangs with the delicate puff of air. He always found the action endearingly feminine.

“I don’t know if I like the sound of that.”

Get your copy from: Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, or most ebook retailers.


I started with sci-fi. Before the shifters, the demons, the rom-coms, there was sex in space. So what better snippet to share than one from my very first published book ever, Shitfting Lust.

“Give me an excuse. Just one excuse to blow you to the Heavens.” — Raiven a’Tor, Last of the Terrans

Working as a body-decoy isn’t exactly the safest job in the six-systems, but Kyra Issarei, Chamelyon Shape-shifter, knows no other life. Until her heart is lost to the famous Raiven a’Tor, last of the Terrans and the most feared bounty hunter the six-systems has ever known.

Two solar years ago, Kyra fled from Raiven to save his life. Now held captive as a sexual pawn in an intergalactic battle for supremacy, Kyra hangs on the edge of madness. Sworn to avenge Raiven’s death, nothing will stop her spilling his murderer’s blood. Not the obsessed Murukhan Warlord, Mur’dek, who keeps her chained in his private chamber for his own gratification. Not even the residue psyches in her head fighting for dominance — psyches that want nothing more than for Kyra to succumb to their burning lust for sex and blood.

Yet everything is not how it seems. Because not even death itself can keep Raiven from his lover’s side. And pity anyone who tries to stop him.



Kyra Issarei traced her fingers lightly down the princess’s bare arms, the feather-light touch sending a ripple of excitement through her. It was always this way just before a shift. Her fingertips continued their journey of exploration, down long, smooth thighs to bent knees, then back up to a toned flat stomach where a sparkling moon-diamond studded the princess’s navel.

A shiver whispered down Kyra’s spine. Wait, she told herself softly. Wait. It will come. Her body responded with a throb of hot anticipation between her legs. Eager. Impatient.

She looked up into the princess’s beautiful face. Eyes the colour of blue ice regarded her. Warily. That wasn’t surprising. What she and the princess were about to do was the stuff of dreams. Legends.

“It will be fine,” she whispered, listening to her own voice, knowing in just a short moment it wouldn’t sound like hers anymore. “Relax.” Her fingertips worked their way to the princess’s collarbones, neck, temples. “I’m told it is very pleasurable. Like –” Kyra paused. She was about to say “an orgasm,” but the princess wouldn’t know what she meant by the comparison. The Princess of the Five Moon’s royal virginity was famed throughout the six systems. “– like slipping into a bath of Elixia Ambrosia,” she finished instead. Surely the princess would understand that comparison. Only royalty was permitted the sinfully exotic liquid.

Another hot pulse fluttered between her thighs, this time stronger. It’s coming. It’s closer.

“You understand what this means?” Kyra whispered, her question husky. She needed to ask. Before it was too late. “The High Priestess told you what I’m doing?”

“Yes.” The princess’s voice was just as husky. “Cy told me everything.”

“Good.” Kyra drew in a trembling breath, feeling the wave building. So close. She moved her hands quickly, burying them into the princess’s thick, silky hair, the midnight strands slipping between her fingers. The shift! The hot pulse between her thighs was almost unbearable. It had been so long. The shift! The shift! A sharp gasp burst from Kyra’s throat and she threw back her head, her neck and spine arching as the shift began. Oh, Gods of Kaius! The shift!

Faintly she heard the princess cry out, a sound ripe with pleasure and release that bounced around the cavernous Temple of Calis. That must be a first, Kyra thought vaguely. The shift was still occurring and during the change her mind was a tidal pool, filling her with the thoughts and dreams of her client in a rush of emotions and senses that left her gasping, panting and trembling.

Her muscles tensed as the shift rolled over her. Her flesh became liquid, hot and cold, burning, icy, as the change continued. Her limbs became longer, her breasts fuller, heavier, the nipples pinching into rock-hard nubs as the cold temple air kissed them. She rolled her neck, feeling long hair flowing from her close-cropped scalp feather across her bare butt, the sensation like the touch from a lover’s tongue. The end was near; Kyra could sense it in the almost desperate mounting of pleasure rolling through her. The best, however, was yet to come.

Here. I’m open.

She relaxed her mind, preparing for the most exciting but dangerous part of her job. Exquisite stabs of scorching heat burst through her as her mind filled with Princess Xia’s psyche — her id. Without it, the shift would fail and the client would die. Immediately and painfully.

The princess twisted into her personality, burying, seeking. Here she is. It was then, as a rush of hot, powerful lust flooded through her body, Kyra realised she’d been deceived.

She sucked in a breath, staring hard at the panting princess. How has she kept it a secret? Shaking, she removed her hands from the princess’s tousled hair, struggling to control her breaths as the new sensations of Xia’s psyche made themselves known in her mind. Her flesh.

“It’s done!” the princess gasped.

Yes, it was. Kyra looked down at her sweat-slicked body, seeing limbs bearing no resemblance to her own. Feeling a hunger craving to be filled swell in her gut. Her pussy.

“Oh, Gods, I’m free!” the princess cried, joy and elation in her voice as she leapt to her feet.

Kyra stared at the laughing woman. How has she kept such a sexual appetite a secret? “Princess?” She fought to ignore the want surging through her. “How?”

Xia turned, blue eyes no longer wary. Now they were supremely victorious. She knelt before Kyra, hands snaking out so her palms smoothed over Kyra’s swollen breasts. Her fingers pinched at Kyra’s tight nipples in quick, practiced movements, sending molten pleasure to her very core. Oh, Gods!

“Tell anyone, shape-shifter, and I will kill you,” Xia whispered savagely, twisting Kyra’s nipples painfully. A gasp of raw pleasure escaped Kyra’s throat and the princess smiled. “It feels good, doesn’t it? The High Priestess taught me everything.” Her fingers twisted and flicked again, sending another spasm of agonising pleasure through Kyra’s body, flooding her slick pussy with wet heat. “Everything.”

“But, you’re a virgin.” Kyra’s words were just a breath as she fought with the lust roaring through her. Commanding her. Trying to take over.

Fuck her. Lick her pussy. Suck her tits.

“Am I?” The princess raised one dark eyebrow. She leant closer, full open lips lightly brushing Kyra’s mouth. “You tell me, shape-shifter.”

Xia kissed her, tongue hot, wet and insistent. Licking. Flicking. Sharp teeth biting at her lips. The princess’s animal lust — now a powerfully undeniable part of her own consciousness — welled through Kyra, crashing over her. Fuck her, it demanded. She wants it. She wants it all the time. And now, so do you. Fuck her.

She reached out, knotting her fingers in the hair at Xia’s nape and jerking her mouth free of the sweet invasion. She glared at the princess. “This was not part of the deal.”

“What are you complaining about? You got paid.” Blue eyes regarded her. “Besides, I’m sure you’ll find it very… pleasurable. 

Kyra went for her gun. Then remembered she was naked. Curse it!

The princess laughed, the sound throaty and far from virginal. “It’s a shame I have to go. The situation is making me very horny. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fuck a shape-shifter.” Her eyes skimmed over Kyra. “Almost as much as I’ve wondered what it would be like to fuck myself.”

Kyra lunged for Xia’s throat just as a massive explosion shattered the serene stillness of the temple.

Xia stumbled, falling out of her grasp. “Thanks, shape-shifter.” Laughing, she grabbed Kyra’s long jacket from the nearby marble altar and slipped her naked body into the worn, black leather. “Give my fiancé a kiss from me.” She turned, and with only a few steps, disappeared into the darkness of the temple.

Kyra began to follow, but a deafening hollow boom filled the air, followed by a blinding green light. She flung herself to the ground, instantly recognising the cause of the explosion. Fuck! Sub-Alliotic bombs! Gods, no! The Murukhans!

Debris rained all around. Chunks of the temple smashed onto the marble floor. Kyra curled into a ball, doing all she could to protect her naked frame. Through the cacophony of destruction came the sound of trampling feet. Soldiers.

“Here. She’s here.” A harsh, guttural voice rose above the devastation. “I found the princess.”

Kyra raised her head, shielding her eyes against the falling rubble as she squinted toward the voice. Cold dread sank into the pit of her stomach at the sight of four heavily armed Murukhan soldiers running toward her.

Oh, Gods of Kaius. Help me.

Yet, even the sure knowledge of her fate did not stop the hot hunger sweeping through her, swelling her pussy and filling her with uncontrollable lust. She licked her lips. Males.

Buy the ebook now from Changeling PressAmazon Kindle,Barnes and NobleFictionwise.

13 Responses to “Sci-Fi Day!”

  1. Jambrea, we need more from Love by Design. What happens with the baby? What else did the mother do? I loved this book!

    I’ve read all the other books listed and really enjoyed them. Great choices to feature.

  2. Another great genre day. I’ve got all of these on my TBR now. I had no idea how many different genres all you ladies wrote in. It’s been a eye-opening week!

  3. kaylynd Says:

    I don’t read much Sci-Fi because it isn’t always well written but I know I wouldn’t have that problem with this group!! lol I added them to my TBR list.

  4. caitymack Says:

    Great selection of stories. I’ve only read Lexxie’s, Shifting Lust, and that story gets even hotter, lol.

  5. flchen1 Says:

    Ah, gotta LOVE sci-fi! These are fabulous excerpts, of course! Thanks for the peeks!k

  6. MicheleAnn Oboyle Says:

    great selection of stories i love to read especially books that has a good story lines in them

  7. Susan R Says:

    Ooh – some books I haven’t seen before! How did I miss some of these??!!

  8. Julianne Says:

    Beam me up Scotty! Those are great excerpts. I like to read a go sci-fi every now and then. I would definitley read these books.

  9. I have read quite a few Sci-fi stories during the last year and have really enjoyed them. Thanks so much for the excerpts.

  10. tazfl001 Says:

    Sci-Fi is my first love. Then I was introduced to romance/erotica. Put the two together and I’m in my happy place. 🙂

  11. Kris M. Says:

    Yay, sci-fi romance! I really enjoy sci-fi romance, it is just sometimes hard to find ones that are not cheesy. I will definitely be adding these to my tbb list 🙂 Thanks for the book recommendations!!

  12. This is my favorite day of all. Scifi is my very first love. 🙂

  13. Need to pick up Love By Design. These excerpts are killing my budget, y’all do realize that, right? Love y’all anyway!

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