Romantic Comedy Day

Hehe, haha, welcome to Romantic Comedy day!

Monsters in Hollywood Series by Lila Dubois

I never really set out to write romantic comedy, but my friends and I are ridiculous, so the Monsters in Hollywood series, which has settings and characters fairly close to my own life, reflects that ridiculous.

Runako has good reason to distrust humans. His sister’s murder taught him it’s safer to keep his Monster form under wraps. Now comes word that a woman is making a movie that will supposedly “help” his people. He’s not sure about that, but one thing is sure…Margo is too beautiful to be ignored.

Presented with the opportunity to use his people’s Captive Caves—a secluded mountain fortress designed to hold hapless, tasty humans prisoner—Runako knows exactly whom he wants to star in his ultimate fantasy.

Margo knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. At least where her career is concerned. Runako is just the kind of bad boy with whom she’d like to heat up her nights. In a land of skinny blondes, though, a hottie like him would never notice her lush, Latin curves.

No one is more surprised when she finds out his version of “wooing” includes kidnapping. Forced to stand before him in chains, her paper-thin confidence is burning up fast in the heat of his desire. And when it turns out she can identify his sister’s murderers, they both must decide where their loyalties lie…

Here’s an excerpt:

“I’m here for you,” he replied.

Margo looked up, slowly. He was here for her? That sounded so dirty. Tramp, she accused herself.

“What do you want with me?” Margo asked, voice gone husky.

“With you? I would like to have sex with you.”

Yes, please! Still, meeting a dark parking lot was hardly romantic. Where was the wine, the chocolates? Okay she’d settle for a vodka shot and tacos, but it was the principle of the thing.

“So you’re here to…what?” she asked, grunting as she redoubled her efforts to pry his fingers away.

“I’m going to kidnap you.”

Margo laughed. “Nice one.”

Runako didn’t laugh.

“Let me go,” Margo demanded, a bit worried. She might have to punch him again.


“I said let me go.”

“But I want you. And you are not strong enough to free yourself.”

“I said. Let. Me. Go. Déjeme ir.”

“I am taking you away.”

“Like hell. Where?”

“To the Captive Caves.”

“The Captive… Oh hell no. What kind of dumb-ass idea is this?”

ISBN 978-1-60504-670-9

Buy from Samhain Publishing, Buy for Kindle from Amazon, Buy for Nook from B&N, Buy in Print

Aparently I’m quite funny. At least that’s the message I’m taking from all the people that laugh at me constantly. This is a snippet from my dragon-shifter tale, How to Love you Dragon (which is the first book in the Fire Mate series. Other books include/will include Ty the Sexy Dragon, Crouching Tigress Horny Dragon and Enter the Dragon. And nope, I don’t think there’s anything funny about those titles at all *grin*)

Fire Mate, Book Two

Yorick “Rick” Hayes takes only two things seriously—his work as a veterinarian and the seduction of lovely ladies. He’s unprepared for the lovely lady police officer who pulls him over for speeding, however. Inexplicable, overwhelming lust threatens to make him do something stupid—like try to seduce her on the side of the road. Throw in sudden flashes of past life memories and Rick is confused, monumentally horny and borderline obsessed with his sexy, no-nonsense cop.

For nearly half a century, Officer Kenna Mackay has denied her dragon side. Her twin sister was betrayed by her mate, and Kenna refuses to risk the same fate—until she makes eye contact with Rick. Her dragon awakens with a vengeance, the mating fire claiming both woman and beast. Hard. Hot. Unstoppable. And exquisitely arousing. The dragon wants her Fire Mate—now.

But history could repeat itself when that mate turns out to be a Druid; one who may have done something bad to dragon-kind in his past life. Something very, very bad indeed.


Yorick “Rick” Hayes knew he was in trouble when the cop didn’t smile back. She was a very sexy cop, with a very sexy mouth, a very sexy throat, very sexy long blonde hair in a very sexy ponytail, and a very sexy body, all wrapped up in a very sexy, authoritarian cop’s uniform—complete with a not-so-sexy but very authoritarian gun on her very sexy hip.

If he weren’t three points away from losing his driver’s license altogether, he’d consider throwing caution to the wind and flirting his arse off. The trouble was, he was three points away from losing his license altogether—three points now hanging perilously in the balance, thanks to his rather childish desire to drive faster than the posted speed limit. And a veterinarian without a license was a veterinarian who couldn’t get to emergencies. Of which there were many, considering Rick was the only vet in North Shore Sydney who specialized in reptiles.

Who knew so many people in the snobby end of the city owned lizards? Not Rick. Not until he’d settled in Sydney and opened his own veterinary practice after finishing his degree. Then it was call-out after call-out after call-out. And so many were for reptiles, he’d seriously started to wonder if he was being pranked by his cousin—she of the Komodo dragon obsession. He wasn’t.

The snobby end of the city just seemed to have more pet lizards and snakes per head than the rest of Sydney, which, considering most pet lizards and snakes cost a small fortune to procure, made sense in a bizarrely financial way. Have ridiculous amounts of money, will spend it.

The snobby end of the city also had its fair share of pet dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, parakeets and hamsters, so on the whole, Rick was kept busy doing what he loved most—caring for sick and injured animals.

Well, loved almost the most. Loving very fine ladies was what he really loved the most. Ladies like the very fine, very sexy lady cop waiting for him to produce his license.

He stared at her from his place behind the steering wheel of his dilapidated pickup, unable to ignore the delicate subtlety of her top lip and the wicked fullness of her bottom. It was a very kissable mouth. It went perfectly with all her other verys.

Maybe if he smiled again?

He did.

She didn’t.

“You do realize,” she said, her voice smooth and throaty and far too no-nonsense, “you were driving ten kilometers over the limit?” Her sunglasses reflected Rick’s face like a bowed mirror.

Refusing to admit defeat, he smiled one more time, putting all his not inconsiderable, roguish, cheeky charm into it. “And who would have thought this old thing,” he patted the side of his door with his palm, “had it in her?”

His far too no-nonsense, very sexy authoritarian police officer didn’t react. Or respond.

Damn. Maybe he was losing his touch?


The one word command, spoken with a slight American accent, of all things, sent a ribbon of equal parts nervousness and excitement twisting through Rick’s belly. The reaction was odd, he had to admit. He got why he was aroused—the cop was sexy, as he’d already noted, her body lush and firm in all the right places, her legs long, her hips curved, her breasts full, and the accent just topped it off—but didn’t understand why his body seemed to be thrumming with what he could only describe as nervous energy. Getting a speeding ticket wasn’t the reason, either. He’d received enough of those to know how that felt. No, this was different. This was…


He blinked, the cop’s growled order jerking him back from the weird introspective moment. When in the hell did he get introspective?

Mirrored sunglasses regarded him.

Rick frowned, suddenly feeling flustered. “Err…”

With an exasperated sigh, the cop bent at the waist, raised one hand and removed her sunglasses, staring him hard in the face.

Fuck, he wished she hadn’t.

Her eyes were green. The greenest green eyes he’d ever seen. Thick, honey-blonde lashes and a smidgen of dark brown eyeliner only made them appear greener. They were stunning and mesmerizing and his dick stood instantly at attention.

But not just his dick. It was like every single cell in his body zeroed in on every single cell in hers. The urge to open his door, bury his fingers in her hair, bury his face in the side of her neck and breathe, just breathe, was so overwhelming, he found his hand on the door handle before he could blink.

What the hell?

Jerking his hand back to the steering wheel, Rick stared at the cop, his breath caught in his throat, his cock ramrod straight, his heart smashing against his breastbone.

What in the hell was going on?

The cop looked at him, green eyes holding his stare with unwavering intensity. And then he noticed the slightest shift in her body, and his stomach rolled. She was reaching for her gun.

Oh crap.

“License!” he burst out, squirming in his seat in an attempt to snare his wallet from his back pocket. “Yes, license.”

The cop’s stare dropped to his lap, no doubt to make sure he wasn’t going to produce something nefarious, like his own weapon, and Rick had to bite back a groan. There wasn’t a hope in hell she would miss the wood he was sporting. Not with the way he was thrusting his hips upward in his so-far-utterly-futile attempt to retrieve his wallet. Bloody hell, since when was it so hard to pull a folded rectangle of leather from a pocket?

“Err…” The ridiculous sound vibrated in his throat, his focus fixed firmly on her face as he fought with his wallet. He writhed a bit to the left in an attempt to make more space between his arse and the car seat. Of course, that meant his bloody inconvenient erection whacked against the bottom of the steering wheel. He hissed in a sharp breath.

“Are you okay, sir?”

Her question didn’t help. Damn it, the sound of her voice was like some sort of aural Viagra. His dick got harder, his heart beat faster and that urge to crawl from his truck and…and…do things to her got way urgent. Wickedly horny things. Downright filthy things. Things like lick her cunt until she came on his face…things like bend her over the bonnet of his truck and bury himself up to the balls in her sodden sex…things like riding her back as she soared above the clouds in—

Rick blinked. Above the clouds? Ride her back? What the fuck?

He squirmed some more in his seat, flashing her an apologetic smile. “Just…let me…I can’t seem to get…”

Damn it, why was she still looking at his crotch? It wasn’t helping. Not one little bit.

“I think you’d better get out of your vehicle, sir.”

Rick froze. His heart smashed into his throat. Out of the vehicle? Fuck no. No no no.

“Err…I don’t think—”

The cop’s green stare slid back to his face, her expression unreadable. “Out of the vehicle, sir. Now.”

Buy the eBook now from Ellora’s Cave Amazon and Barnes and Noble
I love books that make me laugh and I typically try to include humor in most of my books. Some stories more than others. There are two books I’ve written that I consider to be my “funniest” and I was torn by what to include here. Saturday Night Special was the runner-up, but today I’m going to share a bit from Assume the Positions.

“Look at me, Rachel,” he said as she felt his gaze bore through the top of her head.

“I am,” she said, her eyes remaining locked in place, several inches below his chin.

He reached down and gently forced her head back with firm fingers at her jaw. She took a deep breath and faced him. His head was cocked to the side, his lips painfully close to hers. An impractical woman would lean forward and initiate a kiss. A woman without any common sense would rise up on her tiptoes, close the gap separating them and take a nice, long taste of him. An adventurous woman—

Her mouth stroked his briefly and her mind struggled to understand how she’d gotten close enough for that touch. Had she moved?

Her lips brushed his again, but rather than move away, she continued to push closer.

Oh shit.

She was kissing Ethan. Her brain kicked into high gear.

Red alert! Abort! Abort!

Her practical side was practically screaming for her body to step away from the hot man. But apparently her body had its own agenda.

His fingers moved from her chin and along her cheek, taking up residence in her hair. His hand pulled her closer and he deepened the kiss, forcing her lips open with his, exploring her mouth with his tongue.

Holy crap. He was kissing her back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and struggled not to moan when his other hand traveled up and down her back, rubbing delicious patterns through her shirt that made her want to purr like a kitten.

They continued to kiss, but Rachel’s racing mind kept fighting for the control her body had seized.

This is wrong. He’s so far out of your league I’m not sure you can consider yourselves inhabitants of the same planet. He’s a patient.

The last thought jarred her enough that she pushed away abruptly.

“Shit,” Ethan muttered when she struggled out of his embrace. “I was wondering when that head of yours was going to get in the way.”

“What?” she asked.

“You think too much,” he replied.

“That’s not true. I just don’t think it’s professional for me to be kissing you in the clinic.”

He grinned. “But it would be okay if you kissed me outside? The door’s right there. Let’s go.”

“It’s not professional, period. I shouldn’t have— It was wrong of me to—”

“Kiss me?” he supplied, and she could see he was enjoying her predicament far too much.

“Yes,” she hissed.

“Did that overactive brain of yours happen to notice that I was kissing you back?”

Oh, her brain noticed—it just didn’t want her to be happy. Meanwhile, every other major organ and nerve in her body was singing—big time. Her nipples were cutting through the satin material of her bra, her stomach was still doing happy flip-flops and she was noticing regions south of her waist reappearing after deserting her years ago.

She shrugged. Seemed like the easiest thing to do.

“Why wasn’t my name on your list?” he asked.

She burst into laughter.

“I’m serious,” he persisted when she continued to chuckle.

“You sound as if you’re hurt by the omission,” she said. “Is this some male ego switch I’ve triggered? I would think you’d be relieved. You don’t have to worry about some sex-starved divorcee setting her sights on you. Trying to lure you into her lair.” She raised her hands in a claw-like fashion and made a scary face.

He didn’t smile at her joke, so she lowered her hands and shook her head. “I like you, Ethan. You’ve become a good friend these past couple of months and I wouldn’t dream of annoying you like that.”

“Annoying me? You think I’m not attracted to you? Sexually?” he asked, setting off her laughter again.

“Oh damn, now that is funny,” she said between giggles. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to say it. You’re hot, Ethan. Super hot. And about a decade younger than me.”

“I thought that was the point of this challenge of yours,” he argued.

“Well, let’s just say there’re younger men and then there’re younger men. In the world of women like me, you fall into the untouchable category.”

He nodded, but she could see he didn’t like her answer. “I didn’t see that ‘untouchable’ thing holding you back a few minutes ago.”

She sobered up at his scowling face. “As I said, I shouldn’t have done that.”

He was silent for several uncomfortable moments and she wished she could read his mind. “I’ve screwed up everything tonight, Ethan,” she added, desperate to fill the void. “Can we just start this whole PT session over? I’ll even let you sneak in and scare me again.”

His face cleared suddenly and his cocky grin returned. She took a deep breath of relief—until his next words knocked it out of her again.

“Put my name on your list,” he demanded. “The top of your list. And then mark out every name under it. You’re going to follow through on that dare…with me.”

Assume the Positions is available at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Sony, Barnes and Noble and All Romance Ebooks.
For Romantic comedy day, I didn’t really have a choice. I had to show you an excerpt from my first book, Photo Opportunity.  I adore the hero from the book, Daniel Tanner. His antics and his determination to get his woman will have you smiling often and chuckling out loud at times. When I wrote this scene I was giggling myself silly. 😉

Can friends become lovers…can lovers remain friends?

(A prequel to “Ask Adam”)

Daniel Tanner’s through with being loved like the proverbial brother. He intends to make his best friend, Amy Morgan, blaze with the same desire he feels for her. The plan? Initiate a series of escapades that will have Amy falling into his arms—and into his bed.

When her trusted buddy suddenly turns up the heat, Amy finds it impossible to resist his sexy advances. But as his best friend, she knows a thing or two about Daniel. While he may be charming and gorgeous, he’s also commitment phobic.

If she trusts her heart to him, she’s sure he’ll leave it—and their friendship—shattered in a million pieces.

Product Warnings: Contains smoking hot love scenes between two best friends who can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.

“Who was that?”

“Your sister.” She turned around. “She wanted—” Her tongue hit the floor, making intelligible speech pretty much impossible.

He stood before her wearing nothing but a white towel. It was wrapped low around his hips, the color accentuating his tanned skin. Below it, beads of water clung to the golden hairs curling on his long, muscular legs.

Water ran in tiny rivulets from his shoulders down his chest. Mesmerized, she watched a drop trickle over his nipple and slide down his hard, flat stomach only to disappear into the towel. Warm heat hummed in her belly and she repressed the urge to quench her sudden thirst by catching one of those droplets with her tongue.

God. He looked good enough to eat.

Desire shot through her. She wanted him. Wanted to run her hands over his wet torso, rip the towel from around his waist and devour him in all his naked, very male glory.

“Like what you see?”

“Huh?” She jerked her gaze up to meet Daniel’s and saw amusement dancing in his eyes.

“Just asking if you like what you see.”

Shit! She was ogling him and he had busted her.

What was she supposed to say? She loved what she saw? So much so she was almost as wet as he was? Not likely.

“I was looking to see if your, um…bruises were more visible than earlier.” To reinforce her point, she lowered her gaze to his knees. The only problem was that her downward gaze snagged on the towel. Was it just her imagination or was there a bulge there? Did he have an erection, or was it just the way his towel hung against his hips?

“Are they?”

It certainly looked like an erection to her. “Are they what?”

“More visible now?”

“Huh?” It was most definitely an erection. A substantial one at that, given the way the towel just moved.

“The bruises, Morgan, can you see them now?”

“What bruises?” He was hard. That meant he was aroused. And if she was aroused and he was aroused, then—

She heard him chuckle. “A little distracted, are we?”

Bruises. Damn, they were talking about his bruises. Focus. She looked him dead in the eye and lied. “Not distracted, no. Just trying to make a point. I can’t see any bruising.” Well, at least that part was true. “Not on your shoulder or your knee. I’m sorry.” She shrugged. “They’re just not there.”

He said nothing, raising his eyebrow instead. Her gaze hadn’t taken in either knee or shoulder. The lift of his brow told her he knew exactly what she was thinking. But how could he not? Her tongue was still plastered to the floor. “You gonna stand there dripping all over the carpet? Or are you going to get dressed?”

“That depends.” He didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get his clothes on.

“On what?”

“On you.”

“On me?”

“Yes. On you. Do you want me to get dressed?”

Hell, no! “What kind of a question is that?”

“A logical one. I saw you watching me. You just don’t seem particularly eager for me to put my clothes on. In fact—” again with the infuriating dimple, “—you seem to have developed a certain affinity for my towel.”

It wasn’t the damn towel she had an affinity for. If he could just lose the towel, she’d be happy.

No. She wouldn’t.

“Yeah, Dan. What can I say? I’ve fallen for the towel. I’ve always been a sucker for a good towel.”

Daniel looked surprised. “You have? Well, I tell you what. I’m a nice guy and I’d hate to get in the way of you getting what you want. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m gonna go get dressed and I’m gonna leave you with my towel so the two of you can have a few minutes alone to get acquainted.”

Ever so casually, he pulled the terry cloth from around his waist and handed it to a dumbfounded Amy.

“It’s a little wet,” he said apologetically and shrugged. “Sorry.”

Amy was sure she’d have responded appropriately if she hadn’t been so busy confirming her erection suspicions. The man had the granddaddy of all hard-ons.

“Wet?” she muttered. Forget the towel. The wettest thing in the room right now was her. She wished she had a pair of super-industrial-strength panties, because the longer she stared at Daniel’s cock, the wetter she got.

Well, don’t stare, then.

Easy for you to say.

Lift your eyes upwards, to his face.

I swear, I’m trying. It’s just not working.

Daniel saved her from further self-debate. “I’ll be back in five, Morgan. Enjoy getting to know the towel.”

He turned around and sauntered off to his room, leaving the towel dangling uselessly in her hand.

Phot0 Opportunity is available from Samhain, Kindle, B&N or your fave ebookstore.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our Romantic Comedy Day. We’d love to hear what you think about romantic comedy so leave us a comment. Plus someone will win a download of one of our featured books. 🙂

12 Responses to “Romantic Comedy Day”

  1. Assume the Positions was one of the first Mari books I ever read and I still giggle when I read it. Rachel was real and funny.

    Photo Op was funny, too.

    I love rom com books. 🙂


  2. I adore a good rom-com! Lila’s Monsters in Hollywood series were the first ones of hers I read and I really loved them, especially Runako’s book. I haven’t read the other three, though, so I’m going to have to rectify that immediately! Thanks for the excerpts.

  3. I love some comedy mixed in with my romance. Two of the books on today’s blog are on my to buy list. I really need to find away to either read faster, write reviews faster or make the day longer. Unfortunately, I don’t see any of those things happening.

  4. I love rom-com. I actually appreciate a little humor in all the stories I read, whether rom-com or not–sometimes a little humor helps lighten a story before it becomes a little TOO heavy/dark. All of you balance it well–the funny with the serious 🙂

  5. caitymack Says:

    A sense of humor is one of my favorite characteristics in a sexy man, and I think that laughing together with someone you love, is just the best.

    You ladies have figured out the magic of romance and laughter, and I love all these stories.

  6. Katherine Says:

    I adore witty, humourous dialogue. It makes me v happy. Laughing out loud while reading? That is the sign of a good romantic comedy. Definitely what I’m in the mood for some days. I alternate my romangst with humour.

  7. I enjoy reading romantic comedies.I love the banter between H/h.
    Loved the excerpts.Thanks for sharing.

  8. I like reading books with a little bit of humor mixed in. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that was just a comedy. Some wit, some fun, some banter back and forth, something that makes you smile on the inside or chuckle out loud.

  9. I adore a romance that can make me keep a smile and always makes me laugh. I really enjoy those and always look forward to reading that book again. 🙂

  10. I love comedy especially in romance. Laughter is a necessity of life. I have 3 of these books and LOVE them all. I’ll have to check out the other.

  11. Oh Mari Carr you know Riley and Aaron are my favorite romantic comedy couple!!

    I also realized that I am apparently a huge fan of romantic comedies. Loved these excerpts and cannot wait to get Photo Opportunity and How to Love your Dragon. Mari Carr, I think I’ve read them all! 😉

  12. […] Tibbs More fun stuff on the International Heat blog today! Romantic Comedies! Romantic Comedy Day Hehe, haha, welcome to Romantic Comedy day! Monsters in Hollywood […]

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