Yeah, OK, so I got nothing much to talk about this week.  So I’m doing random topics!  LOL 

Today let’s chat about hotties.  TV hotties?  Movie hotties?  Sports hotties?  Who are your favorite hotties? You all know my undying love for Nathan Fillion and Christian Kane, but I’ve discovered a couple more.

Anyone watch Heart of Dixie? This guy, Scott Porter, plays George. Isn’t he just adorable?  Yummy.


What about White Collar? Matt Bomer is so hot!


What about you guys? Any favorites? Someone you just discovered?  Or maybe a long time crush?

7 Responses to “Hotties”

  1. You had me at Matt Bomer. I love that show. Never miss it. Don’t forget Nathan but then again, you wouldn’t. LOL!


  2. Delish! For TV, I adore Taylor Kinney (he was in Vampire Diaries as Mason), he’s got the most incredible tattoo on his back. And for sports, I have to go with the major hottie Kayne Lawton of the Goldcoast Titans….just….wow. And movie-wise, I’m all about Tom Hardy in (among other things) Warrior and This Means War.

    I like your choices. Nothing better than opening an email and seeing some great looking men!

  3. I watch Hart of Dixie and I adore Scott Porter 🙂 Loved him since Friday Night lights. Matt Bomer is a great looking guy too. Good choices!

  4. michelleboone Says:

    Let’s see. There are soo many hotties. Like Jason Mamoa. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Vin Diesel. Yep I love the tall dark and handsome ones. But then there are the ones with a voice that just makes ya melt. Like Liam Neison or Trace Adkins. Then there’s this hot chic that’s just “sexy baby” and her name is Valerie Tibbs. Yep the list could go on, but I’ll stop there;)))

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